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Howard Dean modernizes the ‘Dean Scream’

Howard Dean angryIt’s been almost a solid decade since Howard Dean “Yeaahhhh-ed” himself out of the presidential race, but last week, the former Vermont governor brought the “Dean Scream” back to life.

Dean lent his voice to Bill de Blasio, a candidate for New York City mayor, by appearing at a fundraiser last Thursday.

“What I realized when I was getting up here tonight, taking off my coat, that this shirt, which is kind of wrinkled and all that…the reason it’s wrinkled is it’s 10 years old, this was the shirt I was wearing when I gave the scream speech in Iowa,” Dean began.

“So we’re going to Brooklyn, and then we’re going to the Bronx, and then we’re going to Staten Island, and then we’re going to go to Manhattan and then all the way to Gracie Mansion,” he shouted, reenacting–though in a more subtle fashion–his famous gaffe.

Watch the “Dean Scream” then and now below.

“Dean Scream” circa 2013

“Dean Scream” circa 2004

(h/t @PoliticsRadio)

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