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[WATCH] Bill Maher slams Dr. Ben Carson, calling him a ‘drooling idiot’

Bill MaherNever one to miss an opportunity to bash the Right, Bill Maher set his sights on Dr. Ben Carson, calling him a “drooling idiot” and “Tea Party dumba**” on his show, Real Time With Bill Maher.

During the HBO show’s “New Rules” segment, Maher discussed Dr. Eben Alexander — who recently published a book detailing what he said was a trip to heaven — and compared him to famed pediatric neurosurgeon, Carson.

“Dr. Alexander isn’t even the only brilliant brain surgeon who’s also a drooling idiot. Dr. Ben Carson is the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins and the first doctor to separate conjoined twins at the head,” Maher said.

He then went on to slam the conservative’s beliefs on homosexuality and religions, calling him a dumba**.

“He’s half brilliant brain surgeon, half Tea Party dumba**. He doesn’t just operate on conjoined twins, he is one,” Maher said.

Check out the Maher’s comments, courtesy of Newsbusters.

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