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Two Colo. politicians to face recall elections over gun control laws

AR-15 gunTwo Colorado state senators are in the fight of their political lives this September as a result of their support for stricter gun control in the Centennial state.

Voters will decide if they want to recall state Senate President John Morse (D-Colo. Springs) and state Sen. Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) on September 10, according to an executive order signed Thursday by the state’s Democratic governor, John Hickenlooper.

The decision came after a Denver District Court judge ruled against Morse’s and Giron’s attempt to block the recall.

Both senators voted in favor of the state’s new gun control laws, including universal background checks and limits on the number of rounds magazines can hold, which took effect July 1.

The effort to conduct the recall elections, which began in May, was led by the National Rifle Association, who were able to collect 2,648 signatures in Giron’s district and 10,137 in Morse’s, according to a CNN report.

The organizers also sought to recall two other Democratic state senators but failed to collect enough signatures in time.

While Morse has remained reserved about the upcoming election, Giron has already spoken out about her next election, posting on her Facebook page “whether it’s an election in September or next year, I’m ready!!! Are you with me?”

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