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NRA, Bass Pro Shops to open new National Sporting Arms Museum in Missouri

NRA logo The Second Amendment is alive and thriving in Springfield, Mo., which just happens to also be the home of the new National Sporting Arms Museum.

The museum, which is co-sponsored by the National Rifle Association and sporting goods supplier Bass Pro Shops, allows visitors the opportunity to view historic guns and learn how hunting and sport shooting has developed throughout America’s history. 

“This impressive collection is the result of nearly a decade of work by the National Rifle Association of America and Bass Pro Shops,” the website for the new museum notes. “In the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum, you’ll be able to see almost 1,000 incredible sporting artifacts from the 1600s to modern day, including some of the finest and most historically significant firearms from the NRA Museum Collection.”

The museum is located inside Bass Pro Shops’ Springfield store and will be open seven days a week starting August 2. It is also free of charge to visitors.

According to the website, the NRA and Bass Pro Shops have been in the process of amassing the guns and rifles that will be displayed in the museum for more than a decade. Featured exhibits at the museum will include “Elegant Arms,” which features high-end case and engraved guns from the late 1800s and early 1900s, and “Guns of the Texas Rangers.”

In total, the museum will display more than $20 million in historic firearms, according to the website. Among the firearms that will be on display are President Grover Cleveland’s 8 ga. Colt shotgun, Napoleon’s double barrel flintlock fowler and guns owned by female sharpshooter Annie Oakley.

“This museum promises to showcase a sporting arms collection the world has never seen,” NRA Museum Director Jim Supica told The Daily Caller.

In addition, the  museum will include an exhibit on guns used by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, the famed expeditioners who spent more than two years exploring newly acquired American territory left of the Mississippi River following the Louisiana Purchase.

This is the second such museum created by the NRA. The nation’s largest pro-Second Amendment organization opened its first museum of historical guns – the National Firearm Museum – at its Fairfax, Va. headquarters in 1998.


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