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Millennials suffering as part-time workers at all-time high according to June jobs report

We the people need jobsThe month of June didn’t just usher in the summer heat this year – it also brought with it the highest number of part-time workers in history, including Millennials, according to the June 2013 jobs report published by Generation Opportunity, a non-partisan organization that advocates for economic freedom for young people.

“Part-time jobs rose to about 28,059,000 people – which is the highest in U.S. history – this month,” Generation Opportunity Communications Director David Pasch told Red Alert Politics.

He added that among those 28 million Americans are people who have collected wages for working as little an an hour during the month of June, including college students on summer break who are struggling to find seasonal work because of the poor economy. In May, Rasmussen Reports found that 80 percent of Americans believed it will be difficult for college students to find summer jobs this year.

“What you’re probably seeing here, particularly among young workers, is a lot of people are coming back from school for summer vacation and they’re getting part-time, weekend jobs or typical summer work, which isn’t really helping with their careers,” Pasch said.

Generation Opportunity also found that the overall unemployment level among Millennials rose 1.1 percent this past month to 12.7 percent, with an additional 1.77 million young Americans completely leaving the workforce because of the lack of jobs available to them.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced Friday that the unemployment rate among all adults remained stagnant at 7.6 percent in June despite adding 195,000 jobs to the nation’s economy.

“Although the 195 number may look good to some people, I personally still think that’s way too low,” Pasch told RAP. “We need to be creating 200-300,000 jobs each month at the minimum to cut back on unemployment” in the U.S.

Pasch isn’t alone. Generation Opportunity President Evan Feinberg believes that young Americans truly know better than to believe that the economy’s improving.

“The White House will undoubtedly try to spin this morning’s jobs report as evidence that their policies of higher taxes and unsustainable deficits are actually creating more opportunities – young people know better,” Feinberg said in a press release.  “Young people are finding fewer opportunities and are being saddled with the costs of our country’s unsustainable deficits.”

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