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Know a young conservative who should be on Red Alert's 2015 '30 Under 30' List? Nominate them by May 29.

Photos from Red Alert’s second annual “30 under 30″ celebration

On Monday night, Red Alert Politics celebrated the release of its second annual “30 under 30″ list and the anticipated relaunch of the popular “Yeas and Nays” column.

30 under 30 party

 Honorees past and present, members of the media and friends of the Red Alert gathered at LivingSocial’s Penn Quarter event space in Washington, D.C. to toast young conservatives and celebrate Red Alert’s success.

30 under 30 9

30 under 30 5

The Red Alert Team would like to thank every one who came out in support of the publication.

Thank you to the Washington Examiner’s Graeme Jennings,’s Daniel Swartz and Bisnow’s Alfredo Flores for shooting photos of the event!

Red Alert Staff 30 under 30 party

Francesca Nikki 30 under 30 party

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30 under 30 7

30 under 30 8

30  under 30 13

Rebekah Johansen, Jonathan Bydlak 30 under 30

Evan Feinberg 30 under 30

30 under 30 12

30 under 30party

30 under 30 party 10

30 under 30 party 12






Anti-Stephanopoulos artwork invades NYC

Posters depicting ABC News anchor George Stephanopolous and a smiling Hillary Clinton with the words "PayPal" and "Donate" written on them have been popping up close to the studio where ABC shoots Good Morning America.

Rubio gets first celeb endorsement

The Florida senator and official GOP candidate for president has just received a big celebrity endorsement from Rick Harrison of the popular show "Pawn Stars," according to a report in the Las Vegas Sun.

Snoop Dogg endorses Hillary Clinton

Snoop Dogg became the latest rapper to endorse the Democratic presidential candidate during his appearance on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" over the weekend.

John Oliver shocked by House NSA reform

John Oliver was shocked to hear that the House recently passed NSA reform.

Introducing the 2016 SNL primary

The weekend comedy show has been skewering candidates for president left and right -- some more than others -- so much so that we thought it a good idea to track the program's focus on specific candidates.


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Ben Carson wins Oklahoma SRLC straw poll

Dr. Ben Carson emerged victorious in Saturday’s straw poll at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma.

Rand Paul vs. Christie and Walker on NSA

The Senate's fight over reauthorizing the Patriot Act has become a battleground for likely GOP presidential candidates.

Are LinkedIn users ready for Hillary?

The presidential hopeful announced her arrival to the professional social networking site on Thursday with a post listing “Four Ways to Jump-Start Small Business.”

Clinton Foundation got $26M in undisclosed payments

The Clinton Foundation on Thursday made public that it received up to $26.4 million in previously undisclosed payments from corporations, universities, and even foreign sources, according to the Washington Post.

Clinton got now-classified Benghazi info on email

WASHINGTON (AP) Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton received information on her private email server about the deadly attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi that has now been classified.


NSA claims to be shutting down bulk surveillance

With key Patriot Act provisions soon expiring, and no legislative extension in sight, the question now becomes: will the NSA actually shut down their metadata program?

George W. volunteered to officiate a gay wedding

This year, journalists have been asking practically every Republican candidate whether they would attend a gay wedding—and have received a wide variety of answers.

Lindsey Graham rolls eyes during Rand Paul speech

Lindsey Graham's eyeballs practically fell out of his sockets when Rand Paul rose to speak against the NSA Friday night.

Professor: Americans can't handle owning guns

In an op-ed for The Dallas Morning News, Prof. John Traphagan, who teaches religious studies and anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin, demands that Americans give up gun ownership after several tragic, high-profile shootings that have taken place recently.

Obama: Climate change is a security 'threat'

Obama spoke of global warming's looming threat during his commencement address to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, Wednesday.