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Texas state Senator: Gov. Rick Perry is “confused” about popularity of 20-week abortion ban

Gov. Rick PerryThere’s an easy explanation for Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s support of a 20-week abortion ban in his state — he’s “confused.” Or at least that’s how state Sen. Leticia Van De Putte explains it.

Van De Putte (D-San Antonio) appeared on MSNBC‘s ‘All In with Chris Hayes‘ on Thursday night, where she discussed the pro-abortion filibuster conducted by fellow state Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth). Host Chris Hayes asked Van De Putte to explain why the Republican Governor thought the additional abortion regulation had the support of the people.

“Well, you know Governor Perry,” she responded. “Bless his heart. As you know, sometimes he can forget really important things and he can get confused about very important current events.”

Van De Putte then said polling showed Texans want their state government to focus on other “important” issues, such as education and jobs, instead of “divisive issues” like abortion. And while abortion understandably isn’t the biggest issue for Texans — especially with the economy struggling under Obama — polling reveals that 62 percent of Texans do support the ban. And when the issue is polled nationally, Americans as a whole also support it.

While admitting that Texas is a “red state,” Van De Putte also called out the Republicans for redistricting and only caring about voters who participate in GOP primaries, while ignoring the voices of other Texans.

Clearly Van De Putte is the one who’s “confused” if she thinks Perry — or any other politician — wouldn’t propose legislation backed by the base that elected him. Even President Obama claims he has a mandate from the American people who elected him.

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