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NAACP President offers bizarre reason for abolishing Voter ID laws: Transgenders

NAACP logoNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) President Benjamin Jealous threw out a bizarre, new reason Friday for Voter ID laws to be banned in the U.S. – transgenders.

Yes, you read that correctly.

At a Netroots Nation panel Friday on “voting rights,” Jealous argued that in addition to all the other reasons he thinks Americans shouldn’t have to show a photo ID when voting, Voter ID laws should be abolished because they put transgender Americans at a disadvantage.

“As many people know, I have an adopted brother who’s transgender and he typically doesn’t dress the way he does when he hangs out in the Tenderloin when he goes to a government office,” Jealous said, referencing a notorious LGBT community in San Francisco. “And so if you show his ID you know and he would hold it up to his face, it looks like two different people.”

Using that logic, transgender Americans also shouldn’t have to use an ID to get on planes, buy liquor or perform any other activity that legally requires people to prove their identity.

Considering that only .23 percent of Americans identify themselves as transgender, according to a 2011 study by UCLA, which was the most recent research published on this issue, the ‘but but transgenders’ argument is as statistically insignificant as it is illogical.

Looks like Lefties need to keep searching for new excuses to stop voter fraud measures like Voter ID laws from being enacted. Because arguing that making life easier for the 700,000 transgenders in America should take precedence over making sure the 11 million illegal immigrants in America can’t vote isn’t much better than progressives’ previous argument that Voter ID laws disproportionately hinder minorities from voting. And we all know that argument is working so well for them.

Laura Byrne contributed to this report.

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