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[WATCH] Undercover video shows ‘Obamaphones’ given away to pay for drugs, shoes

Barack Obama phoneNeed some heroin? No problem, just sell your ‘Obamaphone.’

Shocking footage from conservative activist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas reveals vendors giving away ‘Obamaphones’ to recipients who willingly admitted they were selling them for drugs and other goods.

The Federal Communications Commission offers these free cell phones to low-income Americans as part of the Lifeline Project, a program that cost $2.19 billion in 2012.

In the video, one undercover actor walks up to a StandUP Wireless location — where phones are distributed — in Philadelphia to collect his ‘Obamaphone’ so he can turn around and sell it for drugs.

“Once you guys give me this phone, it’s my phone?”  the actor asked the worker. “I can, like, sell it and stuff?”

“Whatever you want to do with it,” the man replied.

“So I’m [going to] get some money for heroin,” he told the worker.

“Hey, I don’t judge,” said the employee, handing over the cell phone.

Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) has been fighting to eliminate these free cell phones, but his plan to attach it to the Farm Bill failed this month.

“The free government cell phones issue just keeps getting more outrageous,” Vitter told Mail Online. “This phone program has expanded far beyond its original intent, and having Washington force people to pay for free cell phones for others is offensive enough, but the waste, fraud and abuse is beyond words.”

Watch the shocking footage below.

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