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Holder Pledges Shifts on Media

Eric HolderTHE WALL STREET JOURNAL – Attorney General Eric Holder told news editors in a private meeting Thursday that he is committed to changing Justice Department guidelines on investigations involving journalists, in the wake of recent controversies over the seizure of reporters’ phone and email records.

Mr. Holder and aides said they were open to changing the guidelines the department uses to broaden the circle of officials who have to agree that subpoenas are justified as a last resort. The officials also said they were open to annual reviews with news organizations, according to a Wall Street Journal editor who attended the meeting.

The department’s guidelines haven’t been revised in more than two decades, and the officials said they needed to be updated to deal with significant changes in news gathering that have occurred in that time.

Mr. Holder asked news executives to speak with him in the wake of two controversial leak investigations of the Associated Press and Fox News in which reporters’ phone records were seized. Some news organizations declined to attend the meeting, citing the original ground rules indicating the conversation would be off the record. Those ground rules were later adjusted.

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