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Are you a conservative single who’s ready to mingle? Consider moving to one of these states

RedStateDateDating can be difficult once you’re out of college and do not have a plethora of clubs and events at your fingertips at which you are likely to meet a cute guy or girl who shares your passions.

Sometimes, you’ll get lucky on a post-college outing and your date will start rambling on about limited government, free markets and individual responsibility, but chances are if you live in certain states like New York or California that single girl you met at the supermarket doesn’t share your political views, right? You could be wrong about that.

RedStateDate, an online dating site for conservatives that has been active for about seven months, shared its users’ demographic information exclusively with Red Alert Politics, and conservatives looking for love may be surprised to find that the list of states the dating site’s most conservative users hailed from weren’t necessarily the states that politicos would expect to find their political match.

On a scale of 100  to 1, with 100 being the most conservative, the following 10 states boasted the most ideologically conservative users.


1. West Virginia (77.02)

West Virginia State Flag

2. Alabama (76.16)

Alabama State Flag

3. Nebraska (76.15)

Nebraska State Flag

4. Alaska (75.57)

Alaska State Flag

5. Kentucky (74.92)

Kentucky State FLag

6. Arkansas (74.71)

Arkansas State Flag

7. Ohio (74. 41)

Ohio State Flag

8. Oklahoma (74.26)

Oklahoma State Flag

9. Tennessee (74.08)

Tennessee State Flag

10. North Carolina (73.79)

North Carolina State Flag

We also got the run-down on users’ habits from BlueStateDate, the liberal version of the dating site. Here are the Top 10 states where singles ranked in as most liberal, with 100 being most liberal and 0 being least liberal.

1. Tennessee (78.82)

2. Wisconsin (77.96)

3. Indiana (77)

4. North Carolina (76.53)

5. Oregon (75.73)

6. Arizona (75.52)

7. Pennsylvania (75.31)

8. Maryland (75.11)

9. Illinois (74.53)

10. Ohio (74.17)

As for the highest concentration of conservative users on the site, Washington DC Metro Area rang in at #1 (no surprise), followed by, New York City, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Columbus, Ohio, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Boston and Austin.

The largest concentration of liberal users was also Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Austin, but unlike conservatives, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Denver and Saint Louis attracted a large number of single liberals. So if you’re a single conservative living in the Denver metro area and you’re having problems finding your “running mate,” as RedStateDate likes to say, perhaps you should move! Pack your bags and get out of Colorado or whatever left leaning city you may reside in and try your luck somewhere else.

Women may have an easier time finding their gun toting running mate in these areas as males outnumber females 62 percent to 38 percent on the site. About 45 percent of the site’s users are between 18 and 29, with a median age of 35 (but age is just a number anyway, right?).

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