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Kansas elementary school teacher arrested for carrying unloaded gun on school property

gunGun-toting teachers better stay far away from this school.

A Kansas elementary school teacher, Daniel Nagel, was arrested earlier this week for possession of an unloaded firearm while on the grounds of White Elementary School in Wichita, Kansas. Police officers took the 31-year-old physical education teacher away in handcuffs as students, parents and teachers looked on.

Nagel has since been suspended with pay by the school district.

According to CBS Wichita, one of Nagel’s family members said he brought the gun to school to help protect his students and had no intention of hurting them. While Nagel does have a concealed carry permit for his firearm, schools are considered to be gun-free zones in the state of Kansas.

Only law enforcement officers are allowed to carry a firearm on school property in the state of Kansas. Earlier this year, however, the state legislature passed a law that allows school districts the authority to appoint one staff member to carry a gun on campus as well. Nagel’s school district has yet to act on the new law, and the entire school board is heavily against the idea of a school employee carrying a gun.

“It’s up to the school district to decide if they wish to do that,” Wichita Police Department Lieutenant Randy Reynolds told Red Alert Politics. Reynolds didn’t elaborate further on Nagel’s case.

Possession of a firearm in Kansas is considered to be a misdemeanor, and the first time penalty for that offense is a fine of $50.

In the meantime, watch the original report from ABC affiliate KAKE below.

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