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MSNBC’s Al Sharpton convinced Benghazi, IRS scandals are overhyped by GOPers who can’t “scandal the truth”

Al SharptonSomeone please give The Rev. Al Sharpton a debriefing on the events of the past few weeks, where employees at the Internal Revenue Service and State Department admitted to partaking in their respective scandals, because he’s still convinced that both controversies are just being overhyped by Republicans who aren’t able to “scandal the truth.”

“Republicans are obsessed with the IRS and Benghazi and a host of other conspiracy theories, but the president and the American people know what’s really important,” Sharpton said on his MSNBC show “Politics Nation” Wednesday.

The Obama administration has come under intense scrutiny in past weeks after it was revealed that the IRS had been improperly targeting conservative organizations, applying extra scrutiny to their tax filings and even holding up applications for nonprofit status in some cases. The same day, it was revealed that the White House had altered several of its talking points on the terrorist attack at the Libyan Embassy in Benghazi back in September 2012, which resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

Unfortunately, Sharpton’s not alone in this belief. Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff is convinced it’s just a big hoopla over nothing as well.

“We heard testimony yet again from the intelligence community today that there was no political spin, no bias, no effort to protect Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama…that the talking points were written by the intelligence community, there were revisions made under the supervising capability of the CIA and other intelligence agencies for legitimate, non-political reasons,” the California lawmaker told Sharpton. “So if anyone was still interested, once again debunk the whole idea that these were spun somehow and made very clear that this was an intelligence community-driven process.”

Sharpton also had his pal at MSNBC, analyst Karen Finney, confirm for the American people that the ‘Culture of Intimidation’ Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) hinted at on “Meet the Press” last Sunday is far less worse than the Tom Delay/Jack Abramoff scandal back in 2005-2006.

“It’s so offensive, because clearly what they’re trying to do is link this all together, and by innuendo, make it seem as though this ‘Culture of Intimidation’ culture, they’re trying to even still ‘Culture of Corruption”… I would remind you that in 2005-2006 – because I was at the DNC at the time, I know this – we talked about a ‘Culture of Corruption,’ but we were talking about [former House Majority Leader] Tom Delay and his pay-to-play system which got in the way of the people’s business,” Karen Finney told the Rev. “When we were talking about a ‘Culture of Corruption,’ there really were links to the White House. There really were crimes being committed.”

Arguably the worst part, however, was when Sharpton and Schiff attempted to argue that Republicans don’t have any evidence tying Obama and his administration to the two scandals – since copies of emails and real apologizes from employees aren’t enough proof in their minds!

“That’s exactly right…They don’t have any evidence and they don’t have anyone whose even come forward to say ‘Oh yes, the White House instructed that we do this or we felt pressure to do that’,” Schiff said. “Even what we’ve gathered so far from the IRS isn’t suggesting any kind of direction from the White House or any ‘Culture of Intimidation’, which just seems ludicrous.”

“But it doesn’t matter anymore,” he added. “Here on the Hill it’s become such an antipathy toward the president that they’re willing to level any accusation, no matter how little or no proof whatsoever…it’s just now part of this institution which is tragic.”

Watch Sharpton’s denial segment in full below.



  1. Roger says:

    Here is another who made his money by extorting and cheating people out of their by playing his race cards I’m still waiting for him and Jesse Jackson to publicly apologize for the Tawana Brawley scandle of their . Oh the blacks were all ready to riot all over Va. then ! Like the Duke University Lacross team a few yrs after but they cover that up like Obama I don’t understand how this gethoo thug eveb is allowed on T.V he is a cheat and liar and his side Kick Chris Mathewes is just Nucking Futs crazy
    The old race card has about lost its bang I question everything one of them tell me this POS sharpton and his cohorts all of them can go to hell ..have a read,,20099354,00.html

    1. Roger says:

      Oh forgot the lies they can cover up and not tell you .Sharpton moves his lips he is lying short and simple .

  2. ronnie says:

    Sharpton is a liar, a serial liar like Obama, he would not tell the truth if his life depended on it. Even my dog knows Obama covered up Benghazi, and the White house is attached to the IRS SCANDAL. The Justice departments scandal is just another cover up. Sharpton needs to shut up and stop lying but MSMBC is glad to let him lie.

  3. sda53 says:

    We will not let Benghazi go without accountability! Americans were left to die to protect obama’s illegal activities. He might as well have beaten, tourtured and muredered them himself for his actions led to their demise. The IRS should not even exist for we should pay our taxes to our states as it was set up. We must shut down Washington and revamp. They threathen to shut down on us now so we need to do it for them. The IRS and Fed need to be shut down so we can get forensic accountants in to see how much has been stolen. The Fed is printing daily to make our dollar worthless and fund obama’s agenda of destruction. We are beyond broke people. Cut all government created entities to have funds to pay the debt of the corrupt before we no longer own our country! Where is the loyalty to America? Do we have no men to organize our states to take our tax money? We need a leader who will help us control and downsize government. God Bless America.

  4. Rich Grise says:

    Al Sharpton is a crook.

  5. Deb says:

    Wow, where were all these angry conservatives when 9/11 happened? Funny how at that point we weren’t supposed to be playing the “blame game.” Not to mention there were dozens of people who died in embassy attacks during the Bush administration. The truth is you lot don’t give a damn about these people, you’ll just seize on anything to go after Obama.

    Speaking of taxes, the Bush administration also used the IRS to go after liberal groups. To quote Dole, where’s the outrage? Again, it’s all about talking points and winning a fight with you people. Absolutely disgusting.

    The real issues of substance today are the use of drones, the unraveling of our economy due to chronic poverty, and the unsustainable nature of our current approach to security, energy, and international politics. As a person of conscience I say that both parties are to blame, but so are the American people. As long as my fellow citizens are content with endless bickering and game-playing then this country will continue to fall from grace. But you people would rather win an argument than provide for the future, so here we are.

    1. Rich Grise says:

      So howcome you and your liberal buddies weren’t all over Bush? Just because the liberals don’t have the wherewithal to go after wrongdoers doesn’t mean the conservatives and other patriots don’t have any integrity.

  6. Roger says:

    Hell Myself and all I know would have already turned the M/East into a sheet of glass and gone after Bin laden and any and all of the leaders just as we did Tojo in Japan.. Had my way Nam would have not lasted 10 yrs and cost all of those lives . Political wars should never fought either you go to war or stay home its not a softball or soccer game. Its real soldiers and civilians die thats war look at all who died in Germany and Britain in the 1940’s both civilian and military .
    I’d just let all know if you come looking to kill be ready to be killed or Kilt as Obama calls it . At least the Brits are getting their house in order and calling them what they are as a religion , unless things change fast its coming to a town near you ..

    As for the use of drones LOL I’d use them and Tomahawks F-22 F18’s F16’s hell I dig up the old Tom Cats and roll out the B-52’s again let the entire world know we are serious .

    As for the Muslims when these fools start attacking people on a public street and chopping off their heads off for all to see I say water boarding is child’s play I’d pull, a few pages form the Japs and N. Koreans and Vietnamese torture book’s that were used on many U.S troops over the yrs to to get the Info I wanted to ward off more deaths to Christan civilians .. This is now fast becoming a country of wimps and they have to understand these people only respect power and strength and we now do not display either of these the guy Obama still will not call it what it is to this day he dances around it as he does not want to upset Muslims and loose their Votes..

    Then as for dozens of people who died in embassy attacks during the Bush administration what country did these attacks occur ? Iraq mostly and where we were at war then a war approved my Senate Vote Unlike all the people Clinton had killed on his watch un-approved by anyone , war is hell and alls fair how many died in embassy attacks under Clinton ? The 9/11 attacks can be laid right at his door anyways but you never heard Bush crying like a baby blaming The Clinton’s , he just rebuilt the military that Clinton rapped to make his bottom line look better and turned a blind eye to Bin Laden and hoped he would fade away .
    But they smelled his weakness like lions feeding on a wilder-beats herd . They can smell cowardice and weakness , hell look at all those who died in the bombings of the trade towers in the mid 90’s one death was to damn many .. not to mention the USS Cole where a good friend of mine lost his 19 yr old son not a damn thing was done on that act of war.. For the USS Cole attack I’d would have unleashed hell on the entire area and had the Israelis helping to clean it up so all could sleep at night . We know that 3:00 AM call will not get answered don’t we .. Good thing this was not Pearl Harbor Japs would be running the country west of the Mississippi Germans would rule the east side

    As for the Poverty hell this is the only nation I know of were the poor people are fat and have cell phones drive new cars and have money deposited to their Gov. supplied debit accounts and able to get Flat screen H.D T.V and cable to buy and guns and drugs . I never saw a over weight Vietnamese pheasant never .. They used there children to fertilize the rice paddy’s and to pull plows when they could not afford Water Buffalo and worried more about their Buffalo then they did their children if they lucky or rich enough to had have one their chickens ran a close second to the Oxen. . I say you on the welfare dole you get drug tested monthly or you get a job or you loose weight people as your poor butt is off the free ride wagon here the USA poor people have as of yet have never stood next to poverty since Roosevelt came to power .. in the 1932 I think it was .. Poor in this country chose to set on their Butts and be poor ( Until Obama killed off the damn jobs with taxes) and wait until Obamacare kicks in you have yet to see unemployment But I never had a problem finding work in my life it may not have been what I wanted to work at or paid as much as my trade but it fed my family if I worked long enough Hrs during the Carter yrs..

    Also I’m not aware of any other legitimate lies or scandals on the Bush administration and his IRS and don’t get me wrong Bush did stuff I did not agree with but I do know he was under a anti consecrative microscope for his entire time and some big time news people made up many lies and many lost their jobs and respect as journalist . CBS ABC NBC all even ( PBS well you knew they where what they are..

    As for this Bush IRS and or spying on civilian’s wheres your proof ? I do recall a scandal and had there been the liberal doves would have kicked a real Sh** storm and one did die on the propagandist liberal grape vine and it was called California gate or San-Francisco gate ? back in 2003 or 04 ? But as Cary said thats an old story .. It was some church there using the pulpit to preach political anti-war liberal B/S and was investigate for doing so as thats a violation of the Tax exempt law and then the Pastor or what ever he was in that sort of church and all the church elders all refused to turn over any records and they lost their Exempt status .
    Again show me some proof that the Bush administration also used the IRS to go after liberal groups Where’s the beef ? Where is OBAMA ? Oh did I just date my self ?

    1. Rich Grise says:

      There is no Constitutional authorization for mass murder.

      1. sda53 says:

        Is there a constitutional law covering obama for murdering Americans in Benghazi? He did this to protect jihad and his smuggling of military equipment and guns to them. Now he is planning his summer vacation in Martha’s Vineyard with his family. He does not have to be held accountable for his actions against us as a people? Who will be next? The jihad training on our soil our government allowed for obama’s private militia is constitutional? Supplied with the stockpiled ammo and guns? To use against who? Fema camps and coffins at the ready to use for who? Me? You? Our family? Our Congress when is ready to force us under UN rule???? Sharia law for all? This will be our future and the Constitution will be a thing of our history books.

        1. Rich Grise says:

          “Is there a constitutional law covering Obama for murdering Americans in Benghazi? ” Hell, no, and that’s precisely what shows that the barstid is a traitor.

  7. Rich Grise says:

    Apparently Roger wants the US to commit mass murder.

    How sad.

    1. sda53 says:

      No he just wants justice and accountability like the rest of us. This means honesty and integrity. Americans have been murdered! What if it were your son? They were not killed in war. They were murdered by a stand down order to let jihad get weapons obama and hilary set up for them. Did not want witnesses left to rat them out. IRS is unconstitution and it and the Fed need to be shut down for they are corrupt. Do you even know how much the Fed prints daily per obama? He is breaking our country and most of it goes out of country to our enemies. Schools in Kenya given billions when our schools are hurting and teachers cut? We must not allow them to go unpunished. We the people must demand justice!!!!! I say cut the money and get forensic accounts on the IRS and Fed and see how much has been stolen from us.

      1. Wallace says:

        Maybe if the GOP onstructionist and sequesterers did not want to stop the progress of the country and realize that they LOST the election and are about to loose the next 20yrs, the teachers would be on the job, bridges would not be falling and children dying. The President will come out ahead no matter how much they keep it up because the GOP and Tea Beggers days are numbered.

        1. sda53 says:

          No we the people will not let obama get away with murdering Americans. obama’s days are numbered. He is just too arrogant to realize it. He has sent our money out of country hand over fist since day one. That is what the huge unConstitutional stimulous was all about. He is a foreigner and must be removed. He has shown one too many times he has no loyalty to America or her people.

        2. Rich Grise says:

          Typical socialist. Your socialistic policies fail, bankrupting the country in question as is inevitable with socialism, and you blame the ones who were trying to stop the insanity in the first place. Your golden boy has had NINE YEARS to fix the damage caused by Bush, and all he has done is make things worse.

          1. sda53 says:

            Thank you. The progressive crap is just a misleading catch phrase used to fool the weak minded. Wallace is drunk on the koolaid.

  8. Wallace says:

    Rightees, it is a lot of Poop about nothing.