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‘Daily Show’ co-creator uses Oklahoma tornado to ridicule conservatives

Lizz Winstead, Daily Show creator

This is a prime example of one of those moments when you should think before you tweet.

Even a natural disaster so tragic as the massive tornado which claimed at least 20 lives in Oklahoma and left a path of damage for 20 miles didn’t stop “The Daily Show” co-creator Lizz Winstead from taking to Twitter to make inappropriately timed political jokes.

Winstead made a jab at conservatives on Monday, claiming that since the tornado was in Oklahoma — a historically red state — it was targeting conservatives.

Lizz Winstead Oklahoma tornado tweet

The comedian deleted the tweet but not before Twitchy caught it. Winstead also sent several more tweets comparing the tornado to the scandal surrounding Benghazi.

Eventually Winstead apologized for her original tweet, but still defended it, claiming that all she was innocently doing was combining “news stories to point out hypocrisy,” referring to the scandals plaguing the Obama administration, which the White House and liberals call ‘Republican politicization.’

Fans of Winstead ought not to worry, however, as the comedian attempted to hastily redeem herself on Twitter later on in the evening. Winstead quickly tweeted out disaster relief links as well as became self-deprecating, responding to one follower that it was okay to call her out. “I’m was an idiot,” she wrote in a reply to author Jonah Goldberg and one of his followers.

Despite the enormous amount of backlash Winstead suffered because of her insensitive tweet, not all conservatives condemned the 51-year-old comedian.

This wasn’t the first time Winstead has criticized conservatives, albeit it was the first time she used a natural disaster to aid her ungracefully formed point.

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