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7 signs you’re not prepared for the real world

Unemployed college graduates "Hire Me"Just because you’ve walked across the stage at graduation and received your diploma doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to enter the real world.

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports study, a whopping 48 percent of all Americans believe that recent college grads don’t have the skills needed to get a job post-graduation.

Not sure if your degree has prepared you for life beyond the classroom? Here are some signs that it hasn’t or you’re clearly not using it properly.

1. Waking up at 9:00am when your job began at 8:30am

You got the job, which is a task in itself in the current job market. Don’t screw it up by forgetting to set your alarm.

2. Wearing your whiskey cologne from the night before

Nothing’s wrong with having a little fun, but don’t overdo it. If you’re going to go out on a weeknight, make sure you get home with enough time to sleep off your inebriated state, and for everyone’s sake, shower away that stale whiskey scent in the morning.

3. Complaining about the long, hard hours

With the unemployment rate for 18- to 29-year-olds in April at 11.1 percent, you should be happy you have a job in the first place.

4. Making directions instead of taking them

The last thing a boss wants to hear is that you know better than they do. Remember, they hold the power to fire you. Plus, they probably do know more than you do if they’re the boss, so accept that your college degree hasn’t made you all-knowing and follow directions.

5. Dressing like you did when you were still in college

Society came up with the dress codes “business, business casual and business formal” for a reason – jeans and a hoodie aren’t going to crack it in most workplaces. Part of being professional is looking the part. Time to buy some suits!

6. Using social media to complain about boss

Odds are, your boss has a social media account – or knows people who do. They may also have access to software, like FireMe, which can track your own social media accounts. Therefore, using social media to vent about how your boss is a jerk and doesn’t give you the time of day probably isn’t the best idea.

7. Sleeping with your co-workers, or worse, your boss

If you haven’t already learned this lesson from Hollywood, you probably never will.

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