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Sen. Ted Cruz’s solution to the IRS: Abolish it

Ted CruzThe Internal Revenue Service was being dragged through the mud this week, after it came to light that agency had been targeting conservative groups. But Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has a solution to make the scandal all go away: abolish the IRS.

Cruz took to Twitter this week, calling for the IRS to be abolished and for the tax code to be simplified, calling for “fairer” and “flatter” taxes.

A few people on Twitter noted that Cruz’s idea sounded a lot like the “Flat Tax” system proposed by fellow Republican and Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

The Senator first tweeted about the scandal on May 10, the day the agency apologized for targeting Tea Party groups — and he’s been tweeting about it ever since.

Many on Twitter seemed to agree with the Texas Republican, calling for Flat Tax or Fair Tax. Some argued for a consumption tax. But more than 6,000 people retweeted Cruz’s “fairer” and “flatter” tweeter, agreeing that somehow that system needs to be changed — even if no one can agree on how.

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