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One chart to demonstrate just how bad Obama’s week really was

Millions of words have been written about President Obama this week, and most of them have been negative. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at this chart.

These are the topics that were most strongly linked with Obama on May 15-16. The bubbles are sized by volume and shaded to show positive (green) or negative (red) association. The largest and darkest red bubbles are about Benghazi, the AP probe and the IRS scandal. Only entitlements have a positive association for the President.

The chart was created by  TargetPoint, a Republican consulting firm. Their National Dialogue Monitor “tracks every time a politician, celebrity, organization, issue or corporation is mentioned across all media channels – television, radio, newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, and social networks – measuring the associated volume, tone and topics of each tracked entity.”

Talk about a rough couple of days for the President.

Obamawatch topic association diagram

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