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Holder says AP probe handled by deputy after he recused himself

Eric HolderFOX NEWS — Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday that his deputy “ultimately authorized the subpoena” to secretly obtain phone records from The Associated Press, and said he had recused himself early on in the related investigation into leaks of sensitive information that “put the American people at risk.”

Word that Deputy Attorney General James Cole is directing the FBI probe came as the White House expressed confidence in Holder and the department following revelations that it had seized phone records involving as many as 20 AP reporters and editors in an effort to find out who leaked confidential information to it. Republicans pointed to the incident in renewing calls for Holder’s resignation.

Holder said Tuesday that the leak in question, which the AP has suggested involved a foiled terror attack originating in Yemen, was “very, very serious,” but declined to elaborate. He said it was among the most serious he’d seen in his career and that it “required very aggressive action.”

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