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Rodman headed back to North Korea because “Obama can’t do s**t”

Dennis RodmanDennis Rodman is headed back to North Korea because, in the former NBA star’s opinion, the President hasn’t been able to accomplish much.

“Obama can’t do s**t,” Rodman told a TMZ cameraman.

The former basketball player said he will return to North Korea on August 1 and will talk to leader Kim Jong-un about getting U.S. citizen Kenneth Bae released. Bae was imprisioned by the North Korean government and sentenced to 15 years hard labor.

“I’m gonna try to get the guy out,” he said.

“We can talk about that when I get over there,” he added, admitting it will be difficult and that he’s not a diplomat.

Rodman also tweeted about Bae earlier this week.

The TMZ cameraman also asked if Rodman had been debriefed by the U.S. government since he returned from North Korea after his trip in the end of February. The NBA great said there hadn’t been a need for it.

“I don’t do politics,” he said. “He’s my friend. That’s about it.”

Rodman also admitted he has been communicating with the dictator “through his people” since his visit and that no one else would be coming with him on his August trip.

Watch the video below:

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