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48 percent of Americans don’t think college grads have the skills to get a job

Unemployed college graduates "Hire Me"Students walking across the stage at graduation this spring probably feel like they can conquer the world, but a majority of Americans aren’t nearly as enthused about their capabilities.

As a new Rasmussen Reports poll reveals, only 27 percent of Americans say that college graduates have the skills they need to get jobs and 48 percent say they don’t have the necessary skills. The remaining 25 percent weren’t sure. But when 59 percent of Americans also believe a college education is “very important” for getting a job, that’s not good news.

At least those polled had more faith in college graduates than those who simply had a high school diploma. Only 21 percent of Americans said those kids had the skills needed to acquire jobs.

But when there are so few jobs to begin with — and youth unemployment was at 11.1 percent in April — Americans also don’t think the prospects are very good for this year’s graduates. A whopping 88 percent of those polled said it will be difficult for the class of 2013 to find jobs after graduation.

Women, Democrats and adults with children at home were most likely to say college students are equipped with the necessary skills to get jobs.

The Rasmussen poll of 1,000 American adults was conducted on May 2 and 3. The margin of error is +/- 3 percentage points.

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