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Obama struggling to win over Millennials with his gun control, healthcare policies

MillenialsMillennials may believe in Obama’s gun control and healthcare policies, but that doesn’t mean they approve of his handling of the issues.

Fifty-six percent of young Americans disapprove of the president’s handling of gun violence, something that has dominated the political landscape in Washington, D.C. over the past few months, according to a new study released this week by the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The number is even higher – 59 percent – among Millennials with at least a Bachelor’s degree.  These findings are aligned with those from a new Quinnipiac study, which found that 50 percent of Millennials disapprove of the president’s gun control policies.

Yet more Millennials support increased gun control measures than not. The Harvard study found that 49 percent of young Americans believe that the nation’s gun control laws should be made stricter, while only 35 percent of them believe they should be made less strict. The study found that 41 percent of young Americans support a full-on assault weapons ban, while only 32 percent oppose. Four in ten Americans also percent support a ban on high-capacity magazines, while 29 percent oppose it and 15 percent believe they should be kept the same.

On the issue of healthcare, 53 percent of Millennials disapprove of President Obama’s handling of healthcare policy, while 45 percent approve. Millennials are often cited as one of the groups who benefits from the president’s Affordable Care Act, as it guarantees them health insurance coverage under their parents plans through the age of 26. At the same time, only 27 percent of Millennials believe that basic health insurance is not a right for all people, and that the government should provide it if someone has no means of paying for it – compared to the 42 percent who believe it is a right.

According to Quinnipiac, Millennials are the only age group that Obama has an overall approval rating greater than 50 percent. Perhaps their discontent with the president over his handling of gun policy and healthcare will become his Achilles’ heel, and finally give the GOP with the inroads it needs to gain ground with America’s youth.

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