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New ‘Funny or Die’ video spoofs Veronica Mars, Garden State Kickstarter campaigns

Funny or Die kickstarter screenshotFresh off the success of the Kickstarter campaigns for the “Veronica Mars” and “Garden State 2” movies, two actors have launched their own spoof campaign – to get Hollywood stars to pay for them to watch their films.

That’s the premise of a new “Funny or Die” skit featuring struggling actors Luke Barnett and Tanner Thomason.

“We think it’s so great of the celebrities who’ve reached out to their loyal fan base to fund their passion projects, instead of using the mountains of money they made while their shows were on the air and in syndication!” Barnett and Thomason wrote on their Kickstarter page. “We think it’s time for the sell-ebrities to give back a little, and pay us to go watch their movies and do cool stuff!”

Like the “Veronica Mars” and “Garden State 2” Kickstarter projects, Barnett and Thomason are offering various rewards to those celebs who donate to the campaign. For $7.00, a celeb can get “verbal confirmation, to a stranger, of how rad the Veronica Mars movie was,” or for $100.00 the pair will “treat ourselves to a steak dinner, luke will instagram it, and @TannerThomason will live tweet it! Then we’ll go watch your movie, at night, which will probably make us like it even more, plus we’ll say something nice about it on facebook AND twitter.”

Ultimately the pair hope to raise $34.00, presumably enough for two tickets, a large popcorn and a couple sodas at the theater. But if they managed to make more than that, well, let’s just say they wouldn’t mind “buying 15 pizzas just to see how many I can eat during an episode of ‘The Family Guy’,” entering a grilled cheese competition, or buying a Porsche.

Sadly, their Kickstarter campaign isn’t live – otherwise it would be interesting to see if any celebs actually bite the bullet and donate to the campaign!

You can watch Barnett’s and Thomason’s skit below:


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