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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer defends use of the phrase “illegal immigrant”

Jan BrewerThe Associated Press struck the phrase “illegal immigrant” from its vocabulary, but don’t expect Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to do the same.

Brewer, a Republican who has been serving as governor since 2009, defended her use of the word during an interview with ABC News Senior National Correspondant Jim Avila, posted on Monday.

“To me, they’re illegal immigrants,” she told Avila, when he pressed her on why she still uses the term that many publications are dropping.

“When you break the law, you’re doing something illegal, that makes you an illegal,” she added. “So they are an illegal immigrant.”

When Avila called her use of the phrase “offensive to some people,” Brewer remained firm in her convictions.

“Well I’m sorry, but I believe that if you break the law and you’re an illegal immigrant and you’re in this country illegally, you are an illegal immigrant,” she said.

She added that the term “illegal immigrant” was considered politically correct for years, but now suddenly people want to change it. Brewer also expressed that illegal immigrants are people, but that the law must be followed, for the safety of Arizonans.

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