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FAU student to police: Allen West making me “feel in danger at school”

Allen West in front of American flagA student at Florida Atlantic University filed a complaint with the local police, alleging that former Florida Congressman Allen West made her “feel in danger at school, ” after he pleaded with students to stop bothering his wife when she’s on campus.

“As students, we deserve to feel safe exercising our First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble and express our grievances with the University,” Stephanie Rosendorf of the Florida College Democrats wrote in the complaint obtained by The Raw Story. “These days you never know if a threat on social media is to be taken lightly, and in this case it certainly should not be. Allen West is making me feel in danger at school.”

West wrote a Facebook post directed towards students at the university who have allegedly harassed and stalked his wife, a FAU Board of Trustees member.  In his post, the former Congressman said that students “will face” him if they continue to harass his wife.

His wife, Angela, told the Palm Beach Post that last month some angry students stormed into her office demanding that she turn down a $6 million donation from a private prison contractor to build a new stadium. The company, GEO, eventually took back its offer after a student group called The Stop Owlcatraz Coalition protested the company.

According to the Post, it was when she asked them to leave her office that one student fired back “Oh, you think you’re as tough as your husband.” Another told West, who is black, to stop trying to “bring back Jim Crow.”

Unsurprisingly, the coalition’s side of the story is a little different.

“She agreed to a March 18 meeting at her Raymond James office in Fort Lauderdale,” the group’s statement read. “At that meeting, Angela became rude and aggressive and students walked out of the meeting as she began yelling at them.”

They also demanded that the school administration issue “Allen West a restraining order barring him from all FAU campuses.”

As of Thursday afternoon, the former Florida congressman’s warning to FAU students still stands.



  1. GregB says:

    The guy is protecting his wife. I would do the same in his circumstance.

    1. Wallace says:

      I guess he was protecting her when he made her go down on him too. The guy is a nut case and the University needs to be rid of him and her. any woman who would go through sexual abuse for a man is a poor role model for students.

      1. LiberalNonSense says:

        Wallace, you are a buffoon. You also have no integrity to lie as you have.

        1. orrsra says:

          Wallace is intellectually challenged. His role model would be whom BO.

          1. Bo says:

            Oralsucker. Eat my shorts!!!!

      2. Keith says:

        Your comments are pure speculation.

      3. Mike says:

        Sounds like a hateful racist remark. You should be ashamed. Col West wants to ensure his wife is safe ….and losers like you don’t think that a black man can speak out and ask for a civil atmosphere where she works. You must be part of the KKK that would argue with a man trying to protect his wife. Any your sexual innuendo suggests that you are probably racists sexual deviant!

        1. orrsra says:

          Amen this Wallace person does not need his 15 minutes

      4. Steve says:

        Wow, Wallace, but aren’t you a study in chemical brain activity. Unless you are peeking in their windows at night, what source do you have that anything you said about their intimate activities is true? Your blather sounds like typical far left crap. You can’t argue on the merits or facts, so you attack the person with some inane conspiracy. What grade are you in?

        Incidentally, I served with him. He is a warrior, not a nut. But to you, that probably makes me a nut too. You’re welcome for my service. It allows you to spout off with your raving idiocy.

        1. Jim says:

          Steve, thank you for your service. I’m sure you are more of a man then Wallace could ever dream about. He’s probably someone like Michael Moore’s little brother or something. Typical lib, when they have no legitimate arguement or discussion for their side they make up slanderous ideas all on their own. What a moron!!!!!!!! I say Colonel Allen West for president!!!!!!

      5. Danielle says:

        Didn’t realize you had keys to their bedroom, considering you have this first hand knowledge and all…

      6. Linda says:

        Wallace: You are the nutcase for making such a ridiculous post. Imagine your wife being harassed. What would you do? Would you tell her to suck it up buttercup and just take it?? I wish these damn kids would get some integrity and morals and grow the hell up already!

      7. Chris says:

        When did the sexual abuse happen? Never heard about that.

      8. Chris says:

        Not sure where you people get your info from, I guess PMSNBC.

      9. Kat O'Boyle says:

        What? What are you saying? You have hidden camaras in his bedroom? Never heard this one before!

      10. bruce says:

        its ok as long as its not your family you have a right to your veiws i dont have to like them but i should repect them no one has the right to bully you for your beleifs rember that work both ways

      11. rightwingnut says:

        Wallace is a giant douchbag, lying liberal piece of shit. That’s what libtards do, they LIE LIE LIE.

        1. Wallace says:

          Definitely reflective of a rightwingnut!!! LMAO !!

      12. Wallace it’s left wing nuts like you that give liberalism validity..I don’t know what your IQ is but please stop before you show us what it really is……..

      13. Donald Tracy says:

        Wallace, YOU should not be allowed out in public without Adult Supervision. You are so stupid you would probably hurt yourself.

    2. rebecca says:

      Absolutely – these students are going about this in the wrong way. You do not have to be so forceful & threatening – just have a discussion!
      Allen West is one of the most ethical & fair people that I know. Prove that he is corrupt! Above all, he would not waste government funds like the Dems do & take advantage of.

    3. Beverly says:

      Good for you! Liberals crybabies dish it out and cant take it back. Gotta run to police

    4. MIke says:

      You kids are so indoctrinated that you are becoming idiots. Get a freekin’ life! If you feel scared over something like this, STAY AT HOME!

  2. GodofHellfire says:

    Damn Communists. This is what they tried to do to Governor Sarah Palin.

  3. Ken says:

    It is my opinion that Mrs. West should keep a voice activated recorder with her at all times. IMHO the under-educated miss-informed young jassacks who claim that their 1st amendment rights are being violated are the first to bray like jackasses whenever any starts saying something that contrdicts their narrow minded, tunnel visioned view on the world. In short, I have made up my mind. Quit trying to confuse me with the facts. As far as the bubblehead who feels unsafe on campus, maybe she should as I am sure that it is a gun-free, target rich environmet just waiting for a madman. BTW. Alan WEst is probably one of the most level headed men I have ever read about. THe thing about dumbazzes making threats against others, is that sometimes the person threatened will take steps to prevent harm from coming to them or theirs.

    1. Perrianne Bates says:

      I have ALWAYS had my First Amendment Rights but my parents also taught me to have respect. There are ways to express yourself without bordering on lawlessness. These students should be suspended from ANY University. THEY ARE STUDENTS ! THEY DON’T OWN OR RUN THE OPERATION…OH wait…..that’s what our institutions of higher learning have evolved into. Really, really sad.

  4. Bo says:

    Another congressman above the law. Sounds to me his wife was going to take a bribe for a contract. What’s new, these corrupt congressman and his wife are up to no good. They think they have more power than the law allows. They need to be jailed for there corruption and waste of government funds. Don’t they realize we are on to their corrupt ways and have had enough. We don’t think of highly of them as they think. We have no respect for these fools. Vote him out. Good bye jerks.

    1. LearnedOne says:

      OK Bo – first of all learn modern history.. Adam West was cheated out of a second term by the Democrats… he took the high road and did not sue for a legal recount to correct the many anomalies from St. Lucie County…

      His wife wasn’t taking a bribe. His wife secured a sponsorship for a football stadium to keep the students and taxpayers from footing the bill.

      Of course the students tell a different story. That’s the What’s-her-name Shultz mantra… spin it to win it…

      If you threaten me or my family, you will deal with me. If that makes you feel ‘unsafe’ then don’t threaten my wife.

      1. Bo says:

        No he surely doesn’t make me feel unsafe and I never have threatened his wife nor would I. I haven’t met nor heard of an honest congressman yet. I don’t believe one of those liars.

    2. jerry says:

      Sounds to me like you are just a liberal useful idiot however to me your just useless.

    3. oB says:

      You’re an idiot Bo… Reading comprehension is key. ‘ former Florida Congressman Allen West ‘

    4. Glenda says:

      The article states the students stormed her office demanding she turn down a donation. If it was an underhanded, sneaking acceptance of a bribe I highly doubt the campus would have been made aware of it. And how is Allen West stepping up to the plate to protect someone he loves placing him above the law? Have you no one you would do the same for?

      1. Bo says:

        Yes I would stick up for my wife, however I wouldn’t threaten anyone. I don’t give a dam, I don’t trust any congressman. Our choice of votes are always the lesser of two evils. I’m sick of corrupt government. As long as your happy with your choice that’s great. I’m entitled to my opinions.

    5. Huckleberry says:

      Your ignorance is showing. vote him out of what? He doesn’t hold office. He’s a private citizen. If you want to stop corruption start with the shifty potus, it all trickles down from him.

      1. Bo says:

        Hell excuse me! I didn’t get the whole story. However I never heard of a public official that actually joins congress etc that doesn’t have a personal adgenda to get rich off thier position. Ok vote him out the state then. Hell I don’t know.

    6. Mike says:

      That’s a lot of conjecture. Do you have any proof of your accusations? Maybe you should take some grammar lessons too. You might be taken more seriously.
      Again, I’d love to read anything that substantiates your accusations.

    7. H. Charles Campbell says:

      Bo-Didly Tell me how you can vote out a former Florida Congressman and out of what?????

    8. Bo Sucks says:

      I think you must be thinking of some democrat congressperson. Bo is an idiot!!

    9. Steve says:

      Bo – learn to write properly and people might take you seriously. Until you do that you come across as nothing but a petulant child. You don’t like Col. West’s politics, or probably the fact that he was in the Army, so you become indignant and trump up all manner of nonsense. Why not go downstairs and ask your mom to fix you some dinner…you’re probably not good at much else.

    10. Sally says:

      2 things Bo: it’s their and he lost (was stolen due to fraud) in the last election. You should not be able to cast a vote for anything or anyone. FOOL

    11. dave d says:

      He is not a congressman anymore. If you’re going to comment on current events, it is always best to stay current.

    12. LiberalNonSense says:

      No Bo, his wife was not taking any bribes. But I wonder about your integrity. The good Mr. West and Mrs. West are not corrupt. You are getting that confused with Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife. Now they are serving time for all the money they stole from the tax payers to live a lavish life style. Very typical of many liberals, progressives and Democrats serving in Congress and the Senate as well as the White House. I am glad Jessy Jackson Jr. and his wife are serving time, to bad he gets to keep his pension, not that is getting away with a crime. Bo, you should get some anger management and mental health evaluation, ok…

      1. Bo says:

        Yes I should because I’m sick of all the lies and corruption in government and no one does anything.

    13. Kevin says:

      You are an ignorant moron and your second to last sentence just demonstrates it. He is a former Congressman you turd, now go back to under your liberal rock with the rest of the vermin.

      1. Bo says:

        I don’t give a shit! They all are corrupt in my eyes. That’s why this country is the way it is.

    14. Steve says:

      Hey, Bo! He is already out of office. Low information voter alert!

      We also have a victim of the “their, there, they’re” problem. Proofreading 101. Mondays at 9AM.

    15. Keith says:

      You do understand that Mr West is no longer a sitting congressman, correct?

      1. Bo says:

        No I don’t. And to me it doesn’t matter. Thanks.

    16. KT says:

      I suspect neither BO nor Wallace are veterans like Col. West. I do not agree with everything Col. West says but he is simply doing what he thinks is right. I further suspect that neither BO nor Wallace have much education in civics, current events or history. They are CERTAINLY uneducated in the ways of gentlemanly behavior. I suspect these 2 punks think that hassling a politicians wife that works at a university is justified in some sense. Pusillanimous, misinformed BOYS, that is the way I perceive you BO and Wallace.

    17. Facts says:

      Prove it. You slander without the proof. If you’ve got the proof bring it out, but badgering somebody like they have done to his wife is a sad way to get some TV/Internet blog fame. If you have proof he is corrupt, and his wife is corrupt let’s see it. Put a link in here when you come up with it.

      1. Bo says:

        Why do I need facts. None of the rest of our politicians tell the truth. Even the president is a liar. I’m entitled to my opinions wether you like or agree. Have a nice day.

    18. Joe says:

      He isn’t a congressman anymore , he’s defending his wife from jackass rich kids who think the first amendment gives them the right to harass a woman, just because her husband’s politics are different from theirs.

    19. Kelly says:

      Wallace and Bo, you both are a joke. You not have the slightest what you are talking about. I believe that is what indoctrination does to a no-mind.

    20. Linda says:

      Many construction projects for public facilities receive donations. Without them, the project would be scrapped. And you really should do some research before you post. West was voted out, in my opinion, by all the liberals double voting and questionable polling equipment.

      She does NOT deserve to be harassed and stalked by students involved in radical causes. Period.

    21. Chris says:

      Congressman who is above the law? Vote him out? He isn’t holding any office, he is a FORMER congressman. Good thing you have your facts straight before giving an opinion.

    22. Pierre Paul says:

      I agree with sending them to jail. Let’s start with oblamer! The sooner that sob is gone, the better off the country.

    23. joe says:

      I am a former FAU grad and I think Allen West is a true American hero who served our country proud. He was a great congressman, and he would make an even better president.

    24. Pete says:

      BO, sounds like another liberal story to shut down something they (Libs) disagree with. I’ve seen the way Libs in a group setting get, unruly is the preferred method. If she is on a board of trustees for the school who were working on the construction of a new stadium, which by the way happens all the time, then how is it you get to label her as taking a bribe? Companies and individuals have always donated to campus projects, be it libraries, stadiums or dorms. Pull your head out and figure it out. If your going to try to strong arm a mans wife or a man himself, you’d better be ready to have pushback! That is what the Libs are trying to stop in this country, any manly pushback so they can feminize the population and run things the way they want, socially through the government.

    25. Jeremy says:

      Bo, you are a fool. If you knew the facts, a company was going to give the school money to build a football stadium. Certain groups didn’t want the prison company owning the naming rights. Learn the facts before you comment.

    26. Ham says:

      Vote him out? Maybe you should do some research before you open your mouth. West lost the last election to Patrick Murphy, he’s no longer a Congressman. Why don’t you tell us all the facts behind your assertion that Mr. West is corrupt? I don’t think you can.

      No respect for these fools? Mr. West is a true Patriot and loves his country. You, sir, are the fool with no respect.

    27. notyouraveragemom says:

      @Bo, you are a clearly a low information voter. Allan West did lose his seat, thanks to democrats in Florida liberally gaming the system. He’s an honorable veteran who believes in the Constitution and free-market principles. He’s also a gentleman. I would guess that he and his wife are targeted everyday for harassment.

      1. Bo says:

        If that’s the case maybe you should share more information than you did. However, I don’t believe there are any honest congressman, senators, or government officials. I’m sick of them getting away with everything with no punishment and most staying in office.

      2. Bo says:

        Yes in this situation I am a low information voter. All I know I don’t believe there is an honest official in government today. All are in for thier own personal gains. Just like the government, one crazy goes off with a gun and all gun owners are bad. So I have the right to feel same about congressman.

  5. Chris says:

    Bo, you’re an idiot.

    1. Bo says:

      Chris, thanks for your opinion. I do believe your right on that issue. I am an idiot.

  6. Glenda says:

    Remember when the producers of “Designing Women” were giving Delta Burke hell about her weight. Her husband, also an actor, when to the studio to see the man personally. Unsurprisingly the producer ran when he heard McRaney was on set. McRaney was asked about it by Johnny Carson. He basically said he married her because he loves her and that doesn’t change just because they’re famous. He did what any loving, protective husband would do.

  7. Dan says:


    I have no doubts that there is significant corruption on both sides of the aisle, and I also don’t buy into the military hero-worship that occurs regularly (it makes me uncomfortable at times as a military officer myself). But without taking the liberty of making the same assumptions you’re making, I’ll default to not accusing someone without real evidence, and presume that the retired Lt. Colonel is likely a good deal more honorable than you give him credit for.

    I *could* be wrong about him, and I do not agree with all of his politics, but most military officers (and there are always exceptions) are drilled from the age of 18 and on with how critical it is to make integrity and honor a cornerstone of life as a citizen and military leader. I wouldn’t so wantonly assert that he should be “jailed for (his) corruption”.

    1. Bo says:

      He may have been a honorable military officer. However, once they become congressman they are quickly corrupted by lobbiest and others. All the money and power go to thier heads. Like Charlie wrangle and on and on. I know this from several close friends that are or was in congress.

      1. Abby says:

        Geez, Bo…I would think that you would at least look for the correct spelling of Congresspersons before commenting on them. It’s Charlie RANGEL dear, not wrangle. You’re so funny. Evidently, your “several close friends that are or was in congress” also didn’t know how to spell their comrades name in Congress?

        That just goes to show that your not exactly telling the truth here and are just a liberal Demonrat that spouts crap. Why you think you’ll get ahead of posters on this site is beyond me.

        BTW, I do concur with you that most, not all, people in Congress let money and power go to their heads…Case in point: Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Wasserman-Schultz, Rangel, Jackson-Lee, Waters, Hoyer, Durbin…who did I miss? Those like Barney Fife and Chris Dodo retired from Congress because they were on the verge of being caught taking bribes from Fed Reserve Chairman Raines back then.

        Do your homework before you spout off. Have a nice day.

        1. Bo says:

          What about Obama giving Egypt millions of dollars to purchase aircraft from one of Obama’s biggest donors. How about Polosi getting a bigger aircraft at tax payers expense to fly her non stop back home because she didn’t like making any stops. And if all u care about is my spelling of some jackass congressman that was caught red handed accepting gratituties and gifts from large firms and lobbiest with no actions taken. Just forgotten. Why do most all of them come out richer than they go in. It’s not the salary. Why do some spend millions of thier own dollars to get elected. Obama partying his ass off while other gov employees are being laced off. Sitting on his ass while our embassy in Benghazi is being attacked as special ops watch on satellite. All the democrats lies and bullshit. Biden and Finestien are the most ignorant of them all. America is going to hell unless your in government or in the percent. I can care less about this congressman or his wife. In my eyes all democrats and some republicans are just crocks. Politics should be listed in the dictionary as legalized crime.

    2. Bo says:

      You are 100% correct. I should not rush to judgement, I was wrong. My sons and I all served in the army. After twenty seven years sometimes I wonder why the way this country is becoming today. I should not judge them the same as they do legalized gun owners. I know how that feels. My apology sir.

  8. atlas says:

    West has not been in congress since this congress was sworn in. He was voted out of office in the last election. You ignorant dumbass.

  9. Scott says:

    To my understanding, the 1st Amendment doesn’t allow us to storm in people’s offices and make demands. That’s harassment. They can say whatever they want, but not ANYWHERE they want.

  10. Erma Readnower says:

    If the student is not harassing his wife she shouldn’t feel anything. What if someone was harassing her parents or theem personally.

  11. Bo is it? Well Bo, you sure have a lot to say without a shred of evidence, but I have a newsflash for you Bo, we have all read the Rules of Radical’s, know all your scripts, America is not buying them any longer, Change America Back…

  12. Tomj says:

    Really Bo…. He is not a slimy liberal. This Man served our country for twenty plus years in uniform and now is being attacked by the left because he is not only a conservative but he is black, and for the sheep that blindly follow Obama they just hate that.

  13. Dean says:

    Bo, you say corruption and waste of government funds, the donation is from a private contractor so how is that a waste of government funds. CLUELESS

  14. Classic_Brian says:

    There is certainly two sides to every story though with Leftists history of ebellishing to try and gain a sense of unearned moral validity I’d say the students are full of it. With the respondant Bo making some rather libelous unsubstatiated accusations I’d have to say the weight of credibility falls to the Wests version. I’d also have to say the Mr. West is well within his legal standing to point out that further examples of harassment by these out of control and an obviously mentally unstable group of students (see how it can go both ways?). The West’s I would say have more grounds for a restraining order if it came down to it. Barging into Mrs. West’s office was out of bounds in my opinion. Further, coming in as a group bespeaks of a “mob” mentality and not one of well reasoned opposition to a pending construction project. I think the appropriate response would be expelling the students.

    1. David Clark says:

      Brian, I find it thoroughly refreshing and inspiring that a man in this day and age of utter wimpyness(?) and so many people getting themselves in such a snit and running to a lawyer or a judge, for someone to step up and say what was on his mind. He didn’t threaten anyone, he just made a statement of fact. He follow that with a promise of a result. No yelling, no boo-hoo, no baloney, just the facts, ma’am! Anyone who is not providing offence should have no worries, as he wasn’t speaking to them! The fact that someone went to the authorities and complained tells me they are suffering from a guilty conscience! That, and the fact that college age people in todays world may well have never been confronted by a person of honor and the courage of his convictions, and gonads enough to back it up!!!!

  15. NYnature says:

    Hey Bo, get a grip. He is already out and no longer a congressman. Because of that, the “students” need to find another target. Sorry, he’s right. These students need to stop their crap.

  16. Mark says:

    Wallace and Bo:

    Do you have any actual proof of your ridiculous and racist allegations, or are you–as is the liberal standard–making up slanderous nonsense to defame and bully those with whom you disagree?

    You both need to stop drinking the kool-aid fed to you by Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, and try thinking for yourselves for a change.

  17. Pete Rod says:

    She sounds like a racist to me.

  18. Lilu Kanine says:

    Sounds to me like the threats and harassment of his wife have moved West to issue a “cease and desist.” Maybe it’s just me, but personally I would NOT want to incur the wrath of a man bent on the defense of his family. Arrogant, ridiculous, and disrespectful students should be dismissed from this institute of learning, since clearly they are only interested in annoying, bullying, and seeing how far they can push people. Some people, especially men of valor, do not stand for pushing.

  19. cassie says:

    I absolutely love that he has stood up for his wife instead of hiding her away from the world. He supports her in her career and rightly does not think her career should suffer do to his! What a wonderful stance in a conservative Republican. How modern and TOLERANT. I think most of us believe family should stick together, but if a politician stands up for the RIGHTS and SAFETY of their family it is wrong???!!! Not so! How typical that the “offending” group of tormenters would accuse him of “making them feel unsafe”! Almost never is their a concequence to their actions! For once, the victim of their antics is not backing down and they can only accuse him based on how the “feel’, please!!!!

  20. patience kates says:

    You have some real issues here, one of you can’t get him/her mind off of sexual acts and the other has jumped the hurdle and assumed you knew what was taking place in a business deal.
    If the deal was under the table how did the students hear about it? and What they do in the privacy of their homes is their business.
    And when truth speaks to power, power must pay attention. Otherwise power looks foolish.
    You look as though you would charge, try, and execute judgment with out all the facts.
    That’s not power it foolishness and unless you have not been paying attention, these people are not intimidated. Which is what the students are trying to do, very childish and also foolish. It will come back to haunt them

  21. patience kates says:

    BTW Good for Mr. West, I hope the people that matter are adults and can see through the BS of children

  22. McGov says:

    Liberal educators will stop at nothing, huh? Get ’em Allen.

  23. Suzy Lou says:

    I’ve read the The Stop Owlcatraz Coalition’s web page and it sounds like the most racist, one sided, bunch of junk I’ve ever read. Do you homework folks. Just because a big corporation makes a contribution doesn’t mean the own the staduim – they just want the tax write off.

  24. AMB says:

    Mr. and Mrs. West are being vicitmized by the bully libretards at this school and I should hope that they do not back down to their ridiculous cowardous antics. File a law suit quickly and get these students expelled for harrassment ASAP. They are certainly not they shy little innocent victims that they are trying to pull off, OH NO, they are wolves in sheeps clothing trying to intimidate and control for thier own asinine agendas full of pussy political correctedness and libretard foolishness. GET EM MR. WEST and do what it takes to protect your wife. God forbid they physically attack her in anyway. I would call them terrorists at that point in time.

  25. J says:

    are you kidding me? waste of government funds??? you are clearly a liberal. Waste of funds? are you kidding me?????? Above the law for standing up for his spouse? oh yea, never mind, you sick ass liberals don’t believe in marriage, or anything else moral for that matter. You people are the best at accusing people of crimes without evidence, unless of course the accused is killing a baby. then you run to their defense. just shut up. go away, please. you have succeeded. this country has effectively been ruined. thanks.

    1. Bo says:

      I’m no f@&$$king liberal you jackass!

  26. vivarto says:

    Allen West is the best.
    How I wish we had him for president instead of that Muslim communist traitor.

  27. JoMama says:

    Looks like two from the whimpering socialists club posted already. It is really hard to take anything you say seriously, you’re such complete and utter morons your sentences don’t even make sense; from now just scrawl your disparaging remarks across your monitors in crayon because that’s about the level you are on.


  28. Chris says:

    @Bo or Chris…Harass my wife and see what happens. I dare ya.

    1. Bo says:

      I wouldn’t dare harass you or your wife. I commented on a store I did not fully read. Take a freaking chill pill and move on.

  29. Eric Wolford says:

    I think it’s refreshing to see a Politician who stands up for something…and sometimes, that may require things to get physical. I would do the exact same thing, ESPECIALLY for my family. Y’all get your big boy pants on. We live in a world of pansies, sissies, and lawsuit crazy tree hugging idiots…I believe that from time to time, you just have to call somebody out into the parking lot when in times such as these.

  30. RichGSr says:

    What is the difference between a Communist, a Progressive,a Liberal, Socialist or… I guess they all fit the same criteria.
    They are trying to bring America down.
    You people are so ; foul; in mouth, thought, actions and every other way.

  31. Bo says:

    If this congressman is so true and honest and a credit to this country, why would you all let him be voted out of office. Something’s wrong here. Shame on you all.

  32. Jeff B says:

    More than half this country has Allen West’s back. They want to mess with that? Let them try.

  33. Jeff B says:

    Bo, educate yourself before you make a bigger fool out of yourself. I’ll help you a little, assuming you are literate:

    *The socialists redrew the lines of his district intentionally unfavorably.
    *They were caught cheating, but Mr. West took the high road. If you had watched the election results that night, it was mysteriously neck and neck. ALL the other polls were in except THAT one. Mysteriously, in the dark of night, 5,000 votes for the socialist party’s stoog, just ‘showed up’.

    You may want to go back to the Huffington Post. They will NOT argue factless rants that try to attack a conservative’s integrity. In fact, they will cheerlead your efforts.

    1. Bo says:

      I’m glad you are so well versed on this issue. I’m sure you are 100% correct and are sure of all the facts. Your are so lucky to all the knowledge available to you. Have a nice day.

  34. Micky says:

    What is scary is that they actually let people like that into college. They probably didn’t really earn the high school diploma.

  35. Mahakala says:

    Boo Hoo. Poor Stephanie Rosendorf. Cry me a river. She needs a good b@tch slapping.

  36. Pat C says:

    Wallace…I think you have the wrong man…go check your facts, son. Allen West is an honorable family man who loves his country…and his wife.

  37. Perrianne Bates says:

    Hummmmmm. Doesn’t that mean that she thinks SHE should have HER First Amendment Rights to peacefully assemble and express her grievances when she STORMED Ms. West’s office, but Senator West does NOT have HIS First Amendment Rights when he warned the students to stop harassing his wife. If I were him, I would SLAM those students with harassment lawsuits. A complaint to the police about something so mindless IS HARASSMENT. These students are NOT funny. (Someone needs to explain “peaceful assembly” to her one more time) PLEASE move to Georgia, Senator West, we need to replace a Senator or two and you would be just PERFECT!

  38. easyD says:

    These young “tail-wing” whiners need to stop thinking that the world must conform to their self-manifested fears. Do they even have a clue as to what’s going on in the real world? They’ll probably consider a frivolous lawsuit so they can sleep at night. Aw, poor college brat.

  39. Jerry Coley says:

    The students most likely are borrowing Government money for school,so now they have so much time on their hands,to sit around and think. It is a shame that this country will be govern by some of these young people.And Mr West was right to say what he did. Attack anyone in my family,you will be answering to me,if you are man/or woman enough to stand up for your self. People who have ne facts of what is being share in here,cause some to get off base,that is how Socialist Obama and his gang does it. it seem that the left,far left I mean are much more bitter then what they was. And since Obama and his gang got in office,they have spend untruth,misunderstanding,class warfare and just down right hate,they can not get anything pass for the people. No jobs,obama does not want to create jobs for American people,that would just take people off of the government programs.Mr West is the kind of leader we need in office,to save our country,before it becomes a 100% Socialist country like the EU is.