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FAU student to police: Allen West making me “feel in danger at school”

Allen West in front of American flagA student at Florida Atlantic University filed a complaint with the local police, alleging that former Florida Congressman Allen West made her “feel in danger at school, ” after he pleaded with students to stop bothering his wife when she’s on campus.

“As students, we deserve to feel safe exercising our First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble and express our grievances with the University,” Stephanie Rosendorf of the Florida College Democrats wrote in the complaint obtained by The Raw Story. “These days you never know if a threat on social media is to be taken lightly, and in this case it certainly should not be. Allen West is making me feel in danger at school.”

West wrote a Facebook post directed towards students at the university who have allegedly harassed and stalked his wife, a FAU Board of Trustees member.  In his post, the former Congressman said that students “will face” him if they continue to harass his wife.

His wife, Angela, told the Palm Beach Post that last month some angry students stormed into her office demanding that she turn down a $6 million donation from a private prison contractor to build a new stadium. The company, GEO, eventually took back its offer after a student group called The Stop Owlcatraz Coalition protested the company.

According to the Post, it was when she asked them to leave her office that one student fired back “Oh, you think you’re as tough as your husband.” Another told West, who is black, to stop trying to “bring back Jim Crow.”

Unsurprisingly, the coalition’s side of the story is a little different.

“She agreed to a March 18 meeting at her Raymond James office in Fort Lauderdale,” the group’s statement read. “At that meeting, Angela became rude and aggressive and students walked out of the meeting as she began yelling at them.”

They also demanded that the school administration issue “Allen West a restraining order barring him from all FAU campuses.”

As of Thursday afternoon, the former Florida congressman’s warning to FAU students still stands.

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