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Michael Moore alleges that the Tea Party was behind the Boston Massacre bombings

Michael MooreWhile so many others have been sending their thoughts and prayers to those affected by the Boston Marathon Massacre Monday, filmmaker Michael Moore instead decided to place the blame for the bombings on his favorite target – the Tea Party.

This is despite the fact that local officials and the FBI still aren’t sure who was behind the Boston bombings.

Moore tweeted the following around 5:40pm Eastern time:

Shortly afterwards, he sent this tweet:

The filmmaker was not giving us a math lesson, but rather insinuating to his 1.5 million followers that they should put two and two together to figure out who was behind the bombings. According to the liberal documentarian, having Tax Day and Patriot’s Day both falling on April 15 is motive enough for the Tea Party to detonate two bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Who needs due process of the law when you can just use Moore’s logic?

Sadly, Moore wasn’t alone in his assumptions. MSNBC host Chris Matthews pinned the blame for the bombings on right-wing extremists.

It just goes to show that while tragedies often bring out the best in people, some continue to turn it into a publicity stunt for themselves instead.

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  1. Merriel says:

    Michael Moore needs to get his head examined. They need to find out if there is a brain in there.

    1. Teller123 says:

      The liberals ALWAYS try to connect a tragedy to conservatives. Every single time something happens they start pointing fingers and they are ALWAYS wrong. Liberals lie so much and they use the ‘keep repeating it’ tactic even though it’s a complete lie and eventually people just believe it. Just like the second hand smoke thing. There was never a single shred of evidence that second hand smoke harms anything but I would bet you the majority of people think its fact just because they said it so often. I don’t believe anything they say. Liars.

    2. Crewmax42 says:

      He’d have to go to a proctologist to have his head examined.

      1. sjangers says:

        I’m sure any competent proctologist could easily diagnose the problem: He’s full of sh*t.

  2. Roger Mitchell says:

    I I should ever run up on that fat bastard on a public street or building I’d pay the fines go to jail to bust his head to the point there would be little to examine . This resembles the work more of his left wing buddies like Bill Ayers and his followers in the under ground weathermen ..

    1. Carol McIntosh says:

      That’s a threat, Roger, and you should be charged for making such a threat! How uncivilized can you be, man?

  3. Bo says:

    No, the only bad thing they ever did was to throw all the tea in the harbor to protest the high taxes from England. Try again. Why don’t you blame legal, law abiding citizen gun owners too. Everything else is thier fault.

    1. Linds says:

      Okay liberal!
      Why is the whole gun thing bein brought into this dumb azz! Liberals are nothing but ignorant mental cases!

      1. really? says:

        seriously? he’s being sarcastic. grow a brain.

  4. The Painful Truth says:

    My thoughts and parays go out to all those effected by this tragic event i Boston. — I agree that Mr. Moore should have simply offered simiar words in the aftewrmath of this terrible crime. However, while I will admit that i am not a follower of his (or anyone else’s) tweaks –i do not see how his math problem equals a direct attack on ayone person or group –Tea party or what ever. I realize that Mr. Noorse “pushes some folks buttons” — and that he has a way of “stiring the pot” sometimes — but on the other hand, prehaps some here are way too eager to find ” a monster under every bed and a Red in every pot” — I just hope that the authories are able to quicky find the person or persons who committed this evil and tragic deed and bring said party (or paries) to justice. Whaty Micheal Moore or any one else — of any poltical stripe saids has little bearing of that..

  5. faye says:

    His caps is on too tight.

  6. FusionGuy says:

    Mr. Moore lives in a world created out of his ideology that socialism, even communism, is the solution to living a life of equality and universal bliss. I suppose if you believe in it hard enough it will be true in your own mind. Everyone has their opinions and political doctrines they align themselves with, but personally I think he should just move to Cuba. After-all, don’t they have a world-class medical care system for its blissful society, full of parity and happiness. Good riddance; you are anything but a credit to American society.

    1. Jo Hargis says:

      @FusionGuy: Geez, do you have a clue how ignorant you sound with all the “socialism” and “communism” crap? Could you at least find out what they are before you blindly spew your right wing crap?

      I don’t follow Moore’s stuff either, but like another commenter, i think this assumption is a little over the top. Moore hasn’t really said anything that a whole lot of folks haven’t said also in the last 2 days….remarking on the coincidences of tax day, patriot’s day, same week as Waco and Oklahoma City, etc. There is more to make one lean to right wing militia than there is to make one lean to an international terrorist action. It’s just that simple. Sure, everyone has their opinion, but I don’t think it’s like Moore to make an outright accusation such as he is accused of, without seeing the facts first. Everyone is speculating, while waiting for the facts to come out.

  7. Chuck Provonchee says:

    I’ve been saying the same thing. It makes perfect sense that those stupid tea baggers would figure they would start their revolution where the American Revolution started. And what better time to show their supposed patriotism than on Patriot’s Day. Moore hasn’t said it’s an absolute that they did it, just that they might have and I think it’s likely some of them did. They aren’t known for their intelligence or patriotism.

    1. Bill says:

      So it’s not patriotic to want a constitutional government?
      So why is it that all the democrats want everything handed to them? Are they too stupid to earn a decent living? You will never see a Tea Party member commit a crime, can’t say the same for your occupy cretins.

      1. Chuck says:

        Who’s famous for their misspelled signs and horrible grammar and total lack of understanding of almost everything? You and others keep saying Obama is a communist, etc. The stock market is higher now than it has been in many years. If he is a communist he is doing a pretty poor job of it. If you want to check out the intelligence of most tea baggers, just look at pictures of them on the internet. They seem to be very proud of their ignorance. Since when do Democrats not want a constitutional government? Democrats do not want everything handed to them but they do want to give people who are down on their luck a helping hand. Remember, the liberals that you seem to dislike so much are the ones who gave you the 40-hour week, weekends, overtime pay, benefits, even this very country. I think you would be well advised to look around you with an open mind and see what is really going on.

    2. Kris says:

      Hey, here is an idea, maybe those responsible planned it on
      Patroit Day in Boston, to make it look like a tea party patriot so the idiots like Michael Moore would blame those mean and terrible tea party people. After all, they are so dangerous, protesting against government waste and high taxes. Run and hide, flee from those scary people. Follow the yellow brick road.

  8. Monica says:

    Douchebag Moore

  9. J R says:

    U R Stupid. Your only one person with an opinion. So what! Your opinion is meaningless

    1. Chuck says:

      Yes, and you are just one person with an opinion.

  10. Leonard Dixon says:

    I don’t see how those tweets add up to blaming the Tea Party! He’s just pointing out the coincidence; and it might have inspired someone – anyone – to act on that day.

  11. 1776 says:

    2 + 2 = THE GOVERNMENT, you fat smelly blimp!

  12. Donnaas says:

    If you’re looking for an example of a politician cloaking his cowardice in principle, look no further than Rep. Steve King (R-IA).
    On Tuesday, less than 24 hours after the Boston Marathon bombing that left three dead and more than 150 injured, King gave an interview to National Review Online where he used the attack to justify his opposition to immigration reform.
    From the interview:
    Representative Steve King of Iowa, a prominent House conservative, says Congress should be cautious about rushing immigration reform, especially after Monday’s bombing in Boston, where three people were killed.
    “Some of the speculation that has come out is that yes, it was a foreign national and, speculating here, that it was potentially a person on a student visa,” King says. “If that’s the case, then we need to take a look at the big picture.”
    On immigration, King says national security should be the focus now, and any talk about a path to legalization should be put on hold. “We need to be ever vigilant,” he says. “We need to go far deeper into our border crossings. . . .We need to take a look at the visa-waiver program and wonder what we’re doing. If we can’t background check people that are coming from Saudi Arabia, how do we think we are going to background check the 11 to 20 million people that are here from who knows where.”
    To be clear, investigators still do not know who perpetrated the attack. The “speculation” King is referring to involves an apparent case of racial profiling, whereby a college student of Saudi nationality was tackled by bystanders because he was fleeing the blast. He “appears to have no connection to the case,” according to the Christian Science Monitor.
    The five-term Iowa congressman has a long history of bombastically opposing immigration reform. He has compared immigrants to dogs and proposed an electric border fence to keep them out. He thinks hospitals should ask patients their immigration status before providing care, and even asked a publicly questioned a veteran in a congressional hearing about his immigration status. He’s also promised to sue the Obama administration over its deferred action directive to protect undocumented youth and has said undocumented immigrants will use voter fraud to take over America.

  13. John says:

    I blame Michael Moore and Obama for the bombing, due to their the ones that want the communist dreamland. They must hate freedom so much that they want to be on a chain.

    1. ernie1241 says:

      John, Can you give us the names of two well known individuals whose views you totally disagree with – but whom you would NOT describe as “hating freedom” or wanting a “communist dreamland” ??


      Is it your position that EVERYONE who has views different from yours is hateful and wants a communist society?

  14. Grosero says:

    All Mr. Moore did was but a Bulls-eye on the Tea Party – what’s the big deal – feeeeeeeling guilty?

  15. Chuck says:

    Boy, there are some VERY strange people on this page.

  16. Bill says:

    He is a poor excuse for a human. The only possible way there will ever be anyone associated with the Tea Party involved in such an event, will be as a victim. They and I simply want the freedom and liberty our founding fathers intended us to have. Liberals want communism, they think that a government that answers to no one is better than businesses that has to answer to everyone. Most of the democrats have been reprogrammed to hate freedom and none of them want to take responsibility for anything in life. They refute the fact that we have the best most prosperous country on the planet, because they would have to acknowledge they are wrong.

  17. Roger Mitchell says:

    well have read through all of these liberal troll feelings and thoughts here I would only say had the mind set of my forefathers who fought in the revolutionary war and few survived it intact I would say we as a colony still be kissing the Crowns ass and sending them all of everything they wanted .. People today are sheep and weak minded and weaker spines afraid to stand and fight if need be . This country all the weak take for granted did nit just happen it was built out of wilderness by force and blood .
    Before the liberal all cry about the Indians well to bad they had it they and felt much like liberals to day lay back smoke a peace pipe and let it happen they lost.. Whitey won and built the most generous and powerful nation this world has ever known But History always repeats itself . Either you fight or you give up.. I damn near lost my life did loose a few body parts fighting in a jungle for others freedoms bet your liberal asses I’ll fight much harder to protect my home and my children you stand for something or you fall for anything . Freedom is never for free bitches best learn to fight bleed or die if need be I am.. and there are millions more like me .
    If I’m assaulted by a towel head I look for a towel head if I’m assaulted by a white I look for a white if Its a Black I look for a black the I don’t now what race you’d call them but Towel heads have been the main killing force of Americans in the last 15 yrs so I look for a towel head matters not what country he is from in that arm pit of the world.. And if you think if they will not try to take this country over hide and watch and whats funny the ones here preaching peace love and under standing the new hippies will be the first that get stoned or hung from bridges go to any Muslim country and ask about were can I find a Homosexual bar ?? Or were are the groups I can join that disagree with the Governmental powers running this country !

    You have to remember all the millions of men who died to give the liberals this system to allow them the right and freedom to talk as stupid as that want and to do what they want . I myself damn near went down fighting for some weak spine cowardly Vietnamese who ran when it came to them fighting for their freedom But make no mistake about it and bet your ass I’ll go down much harder in my back yard.. NOW my spelling may not be perfect as I find the liberals with some education always like to jump on that and I’m not highly educated I was drafted and I went in like Bill Clinton John Kerry Bill Ayers and all of the Hippies spawn that are now taking this country over. As for education I can show what I have and what I’ve done and been through Much more then what I can find about Obama past.. and unlike Kerry I did throw all my military shit in a trash can in San Francisco air port after a group of hippie bitches threw cups of piss on about 6 of us in the airport screaming baby killers No Sic Semper Tyrannius is on the flag I grew up under and I’ll die for it as well. I say bring it you weak pussyfied bitches .. I said it and you liberial’s all can kiss my ass say what you want but never try to get forceful with me or mine.. This nation is in deep trouble I fear.. Oh Nuff said by me now I’ll set back and laugh (:

    1. ernie1241 says:

      Your comments are typical of those made by persons who are totally ignorant about our history. Obviously, your intent is to disparage “liberals” — which (according to you) is a class of people who have no genuine interest in preserving our liberties.

      Significantly, you refer to “our forefathers” — but apparently you do not know that the MAJORITY of adults living in our country after our Revolution were NOT eligible to vote. It was only because of the efforts of successive generations of “liberals” that people like yourself ever got the right to vote.

      1. Chuck says:

        You are right on the button, ernie1241. Liberals gave us our country! The conservative were running around wanting to stay part of England. Liberals also gave these tea baggers many things they would not want to do without, such as 40-hour weeks, overtime pay, benefits, public schools, libraries, health care, and much more. It is sad that a hallmark of tea baggers is that most of them can’t spell at a seventh grade level and they love to call others names and make all sorts of unfounded, nonsense claims against others.

  18. Roger Mitchell says:

    Ernie again I’d suggest you read some history before speaking about which you obviously know little about ( but apparently you do not know that the MAJORITY of adults living in our country after our Revolution were NOT eligible to vote ) Slave Population was then a little higher then Blacks number now then it was about 16% 18% of the population now its like 13 %
    But you’ve missed the point totally I say with all the set asides and advantages and lowering of standards that have taken place in the country since 1965 its just gotten worse for those of any Race Creed or color to get a good education or JOB! We’ve been on a down hill slide since . And again when I see Minorities that do apply themselves and study and work hard they get ahead they are ridiculed and ran down for being successful by their own people.. Just like that Dr. a few weeks Back Obama figured because he was another Black man he’d have Obamas back ! Did you notice the look of total disdain on Obams face while that man spoke ???
    Dr Ben Carson I think his name was or how about the other Black guy who ran this last time Mr. Herman Cain I’d voted for him he worked his way up his self as did the Dr Guy and then they are called shit by other blacks that I’d never call a black person..
    I have a guy I grew up with an NFL Hall of Fame member He told me many times he’d never allow his children to run like most do and he sent all of his to 98% white private schools he did well and the locals call him everything but a human. Sometimes you have to apply yourself and get to work to achieve respect..
    I’ll not apologize for my race we as a race are builder conquerers and nation builders and keepers of the less fortunate Caucasians as a rule are well were winners and today being a winner or successful is a bad thing.. Like I learned as a child best to remain quiet and look dumb then to open your mouth and remove all doubt I just want to know how much more can be given with no return on the investment ? I’ve watched white children being bussed miles from home to slum schools while the buses were full of the less fortunate was being hauled to the schools in neighborhoods were people worked their asses off to get to the better schools for their children only to have the schools torn up and teachers assaulted like the NFL player friend of mine he saw it and knew it and was more us[est then many Caucasians I ever knew..

    Anything given to anyone for free garners no respect or pride of ownership . Liberals always want to get racial get over it .. Facts are facts history is history I’ve known many to come here from Indai and Pakastain Chinia Japan and all over the world and get educated go to work and buoild themselves up .. On their own time and dime I respect that I did it myself .. I just paid the bills never got a damn thing back and never will if needed

    1. ernie1241 says:

      Well, Roger, if you really believe what you have written, the move to another country where your sentiments are predominant.

      Just to be clear — had YOU been living in the United States circa 1789 and for a considerable time thereafter — you probably would NOT have been eligible to vote unless you were a propertied white Protestant male. Asians, blacks, women, native Americans, working class males, and (in some cases, Catholics) were not eligible.

      So much for your “builders, conquerers, and nation builders” — who owed ALL of their success, wealth, and influence to exploiting the majority of their countrymen. “Liberals” are not our problem. “Conservatives” are not our problem. Our problem is everyone (like yourself) that is intolerant or who wants to pretend than one group is superior to another.

  19. Teller123 says:

    Michael Moore is a stupid, fat, loudmouth. It’s never the Tea Party or any other right wing group behind this kind of thing. We have more class than to stoop to these kind of sick tactics. Sure am tired of being blamed or watching the liberals scramble to try and connect any of these nuts to Conservatives every single time something like this happens in America. They always start pointing fingers. You know the old saying when someone is constantly accusing you of something it’s because of their own guilty conscience? Liberals are always blaming others for their own faults. After all they were the group behind slavery and yet they are always calling conservatives racists. There is a lot of truth in that philosophy.

  20. Roger Mitchell says:

    And they never have real facts just accusations and he said she said crap like Joe shoot from the Lib Biden Or Jessie Jackson or Al sharpton and lately Obama he is becoming more and more desperate and its becoming more obvious he loosing his grip and power to dictate .. After his gun crap was shot down set back and wait for his next executive orders ! I wish he’d go after the illegal guns myself Micheal Moore is the master of skewing fiction into his facts with his half truths . After awhile even a blind hog finds the acorn and many Americans on both sides of the Ilse are wakening up and seeing the truth thats scares them most..

  21. Kevin Wolfer says:

    we all know that Michael Moore was really behind this attack, his ratings were falling and he needed something to get him back into the news.

  22. Herewe Goagain says:

    Michael Moore is a waste of space. A lot of space.

  23. Shaun says:

    Moore is spot on. You all are way too embarrasing. So brainwashed and sugared out you cannot find your fist if it hits you.

    1. Allen Smith says:

      So, Moore is spot on, eh? Funny how initial reports don’t show that the surviving bomber has said anything about being part of any right wing or right leaning organization. He apparently has mentioned going to radical Islam websites which caused him to become radicalized. So, Moore is full of it, but his intent wasn’t to be right in this case, it was to draw attention to himself.

      1. Chuck says:

        Well, many right-wingers are still saying the “gummint” was behind it and still believe it. I don’t believe Moore or anyone else of sense said that it was definitely a particular person or group behind the bombs, just that it might have been. This is in stark contrast to many teabaggers who are convinced that the “gummint” was behind it.

        1. Allen Smith says:

          Well, while I haven’t read about any right wingers accusing the government of being behind the bombings, I’m not surprised. Both the right and the left are too quick on the trigger to blame somebody for the bombings. The wiser thing to do is to simply wait and let the facts speak for themselves. I suspect that’s one thing we can agree on, Chuck. It’s time to quit automatically pointing fingers at groups we don’t like and accusing them of something before there’s any proof of it.

          1. Chuck says:

            Allen, some of the Fox journalists have been saying the government was behind the bombings, a “false flag” operation and many tea baggers have been saying it is the “gummint” and/or Obama personally. I would never say someone was doing something they weren’t.

          2. Merriel says:

            My question is: Why does anyone listen to Michael Moore? He is so glued to obama, he can’t see anything wrong with him. I just ignore fat Michael. Everyone should try the same strategy.

  24. William Bolderson says:

    2-2= Michael Moore’s Credibility.

  25. Roxana says: