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Chris Matthews blames radical right for Boston Marathon bombings

Chris MatthewsLeave it to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to make the most ridiculous comments about who was behind Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings.

While Boston police, city officials and the FBI were just beginning their investigation into the cause of the bombings – which killed at least three people and injured at least 150 – Matthews was busy adding his own two cents as to whom the perpetrator may have been.

“Normally, domestic terrorist people tend to be on the far right, although that’s not a good category,” Matthews said on Monday’s show. “Extremists, let’s call them that. Do they advertise after they do something like that? Do they try to get credit as a group or do they just hate America so much, or its politics, or its government, that they just want to do the damage – that they don’t care if they get public credit if you will.”

Fortunately, his guest – NBC terrorism analyst Michael Leiter – quickly shifted the focus of his answer away from Matthews’ outlandish assertions. He rightly said that that while many groups, including al-Queda, will likely take credit for the bombing, it is the job of the FBI and the Boston police to determine if the claims are actually real.

As if that wasn’t enough, Matthews then goes on to blame those who have a vendetta against the Kennedy family for the bombings, as it was thought at one point Monday that a fire at the JFK Presidential Library just outside downtown Boston may have been related as well.

“Again, it’s an early situation, but looking at the Kennedy library, not something at Bunker Hill, not something from the freedom trail or anything that kind of historic, but a modern political figure of the Democratic party,” Matthews asked Leiter. “Does that tell you anything?”

Truthfully, we’re shocked that he didn’t attribute the bombings to racism as well!

You can watch Matthews’ ridiculous allegations in the video below:


h/t Mediaite

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