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Sharon Day: GOP works to prove itself to women

Sharon DayORLANDO SUN SENTINEL – Women’s History Month in March was a chance to honor the pioneering suffragettes and leaders who blazed a trail for today’s women. We have much to be proud of, but we also have to continue their work, ensuring that opportunities and freedoms available to women continue to grow.

Today, the expansion of the old, outdated federal government poses perhaps the greatest threat to our ability to thrive in today’s global economy.

We deserve better than a one-size-fits-all government that tells us what health care to buy, where to send our children to school and how to spend our hard-earned money. A bloated bureaucracy shouldn’t stand in our way any more than a glass ceiling. We deserve more opportunities.

Whether you’re a wife balancing a checkbook, a businesswoman running a company or a recent graduate trying to make ends meet, you can recognize that money is tight in this economy.

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