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New study shows Americans flocking to more free “red” states

Freedom in the Fifty States U.S.Inherent in humans is a desire to be free and that’s exactly what a comprehensive new study has shown regarding the migration patterns of Americans within the United States. More and more Americans are moving to those Republican, “red” states that espouse more personal and economic freedom for individuals.

George Mason University’s Mercatus Center published a study titled “Freedom in the 50 States” which found that traditionally more conservative-leaning states with attractive economies are growing their numbers. “The study also compared its measures of economic and personal freedom to population shifts and income growth, and found that freer states tend to do better on both scores than those less free,” reports Investor’s Business Daily. The study covered personal and economic freedom variables including regulatory burdens, tax rates, land use, education choice and gun control among others.

The most free state was North Dakota, with South Dakota and Tennessee rounding out the top three.

Not surprisingly, New York, home of the 17 ounce soda ban, was the least free state followed by California and New Jersey.

This is important information for college graduates because these red states have better job growth and lower unemployment, which should make them attractive to educated Millennials looking to sink their teeth into the work force.

North Dakota may not be a flashy state on the East or West Coast, but less intrusive government and a strong economy is pretty dang sexy.

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