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New legislation would fire sheriffs who disobey federal gun restrictions


Move over – there might be a new sheriff in town if you don’t go along with federal gun control mandates, says new state legislation. The 380 sheriffs who have vowed to defend the constitutional right to bear arms may now be at risk to lose their jobs.

Many state legislatures are now pushing to passing measures that would remove any sheriff found defying federal law.

In the Texas state legislature, Dallas Democratic Representative Yvonne Davis introduced a measure that would fire any aw enforcement officer who disobeys state or federal orders.

And it gets worse.

The bill even calls for the removal of any  law enforcement officer who just promises — either on paper or just verbally — not to enforce any federal gun control mandates that the federal government passes.

“Beware because once something like this is introduced in one state, it will be followed very quickly in several other states,” one gun lobbyist told the Washington Examiner.

But while some state legislators are working with the federal government to push gun control, others are still fighting against it.The Senate gun bill is expected to be introduced when the Senate reconvenes after the Easter recess.

The Idaho state legislature is working toward passing legislation that would actually prohibit state and local police from enforcing any gun control mandates. State legislatures in Montana, Wyoming, Texas and Virginia are also proposing legislation that would block any new federal gun restrictions.

As for Texas, Gov. Rick Perry has been calling all gun owners and companies to move to the longhorn state, but if this new legislation passes he may have a problem.

If your guns aren’t even safe in Texas anymore, you might want to keep on going to Mexico.

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