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FireMe! Awesome Twitter app notifies users of inappropriate tweets

TwitterConstantly belittling your boss on Twitter? Well, there’s an app for that — or more specifically, an app that can save you from getting fired for your tweets.

FireMe!, created by developers in Germany, is a free application that monitors your personal Twitter feed and sends you a warning every time you post a tweet that could potentially get you fired.

It works by running the tweets through an algorithm that looks for suggestive words and phrases in tweets to see if someone has posted a negative tweet about their boss or job.

If your tweet warrants a warning, you then have the option to delete the tweet (although, as the website notes, nothing that is posted online is ever permanently deleted…). The tool also gives people their “FireMeter!” score, a rating about how likely you are to be fired for posting the tweet based on how negative the post is and how many curse words you use.

A tweet that says “My job is stressful,” for example, would probably receive a lower score than a tweet that says “my a**hole boss is a fugly slut.”

In a three-week period FireMe! sent out more than 4,000 warnings, resulting in the deletion of 249 tweets.

While it seems like common sense not to slam your boss on social media, the FireMe! team discovered that a whopping 22,000 people sent out negative tweets about their boss or their job during a single week last June.

Even some members of the Red Alert Politics staff are guilty of it.

On a positive note, the app’s developers also found that positive tweeters typically amass a larger following than negative tweeters. The program also features examples of positive tweets about work, like this one:

There is also a Leaderboard of the best inappropriate work-related tweets run through the program. Many of the leaders have since deleted their reckless posts after being featured on the page.

Unfortunately, not all tweeters featured on the Leaderboard have learned their lesson yet:

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