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10 things you need to know about Rand Paul’s fiscal year 2014 budget

Sen. Rand PaulToday Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ken.) unveiled his FY2014 budget –  “A Clear Vision to Revitalize America” – becoming the first Republican Senator this year to put forth a federal budget.

“Washington has a serious and reckless spending problem that must be re-evaluated. American families across the country are required to live by a budget and Congress should be no different – every taxpayer dollar needs to be spent more wisely,” Paul said in a statement sent to the press.

Like last year’s budget, Paul’s new budget seeks to eliminate several major government agencies, reduce foreign aid and repeal expensive liberal legislation in order to balance the federal budget in the next five years. Here are 10 additional things you need to know about Rand Paul’s budget.

1. Eliminates the Department of Commerce


2. Requires that all regulations with an economic impact of more $100 million be approved by an up-or-down Congressional vote in or order to give Congress more authority over regulatory agencies.


3. It would lead to a $17 billion surplus in fiscal year 2018


4. Approves the Keystone XL pipeline


5. Gives all seniors the same health care plan as Members of Congress


6. Eliminates the Department of Education, but preserves Pell grants


7.  Freezes foreign aid spending at $5 billion per year


8. Privatizes TSA


9.  Eliminates the Department of Energy


10. Repeals Obamacare

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