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Arizona Sheriff at CPAC: gun control is illegal, calls federal government ‘Gestapo-like’

AR-15 gunSheriff Richard Mack of Graham County, Arizona took to the podium Thursday at CPAC with a message that you might not expect to hear from a police officer: gun control in America is illegal.

Mack, now retired, was at CPAC to address the growing concern of law-enforcement officials around the country regarding the White House’s push for stricter gun-control measures.

Mack did not hold back in his criticism of President Obama or the Department of Justice’s efforts to curb gun-ownership in the United States.

“Everything the President and the federal government is doing is so Gestapo-like”, Mack told the audience. “I have nothing but disdain for D.C. politics.”

“It’s time for a return to our constitution,” Mack continued. Referencing Obama, Mack said “There’s no way to keep your oath of office, if you’ve never followed the Constitution. We are the generation that will decide whether we continue as a constitutional republic, or become a socialist state. Gun control in America is against the law.”

After Mack retired, he founded the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, or C.S.P.O.A. where he joined with other law-enforcement officials from around the nation to fight back against the federal government’s policies.

Sheriff Mack is no stranger to fighting the federal government. In 1994, Mack successfully sued the Clinton administration, which was trying to get local sheriffs to enforce and pay for federal gun policy.

Mack also cited a case in Elkhart, Indiana, in which the local sheriff notified the federal government that he would arrest and remove any F.D.A. agents that harassed the citizens of his town without due process.

Mack’s criticism of the federal government is not limited to guns. Addressing the ‘War on Drugs,’ Mack called the entire effort “farcical,” and added that “there are a lot more important things than arresting people for smoking pot.”

While Mack’s sentiments may not have surprised most of the people attending CPAC today, it is surprising that the federal government is now facing resistance from officers of the law, a resistance that seems to be growing stronger each day.

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