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Marco Rubio says “We still need plumbers,” not everyone needs college

Marco Rubio at CPAC 2013

Courtesy of the American Conservative Union

“Not everyone has to go to a four-year liberal arts college. We still need plumbers,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) told the audience during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday.

“Why aren’t we graduating more kids not just with a high school diploma but with an industry certification degree?” he asked the auditorium full of conservatives.

According to Rubio,there are 3 million jobs that aren’t being filled because Americans don’t have the right skills for these jobs.

“They need skills for these jobs,” he continued.”So, instead of being a receptionist, she can be an ultra-sound tech.”

Rubio also argued that not only are not enough Americans acquiring useful skills, but so many of these same Americans are graduating from four-year universities swamped in student debt.

“You should be very concerned about student loan debt,” the Florida senator warned the crowd.

He also remarked that he himself just paid off his own student debt last year with the proceeds from his new book.

“If you look at our government, you have a right to be pessimistic,” he added.

Despite this grim reality, Rubio still seems confident that America can still realize its “destiny” as the “single, greatest nation in the world.”

The senator said China is currently working toward taking the spot away from America, and asked “do we want that [China] to be the leading country of the world?”

A resounding “NO” filled the arena.

“They may hate us, but they sure would like to be us,” he added. “We don’t need a new idea. There is an idea. That idea is called America and it still works!”

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