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Rand Paul blows up the twitterverse: More than 1 million tweets sent during Paul’s #epic filibuster

Sen. Rand PaulSenator Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) near 13-hour filibuster Wednesday inspired more than 1 million tweets, the popular social media company reported on its blog Thursday.

As Paul fought for Americans’ right to not be fired on during a drone attack, Americans began to show their appreciation on Twitter sparking hashtags like #filibuster, #Rand Paul, #StandwithRand and the clever #paulnighter.

The #StandwithRand hashtag actually became a trend on Twitter worldwide. (Sadly, Paul’s own hashtag #filiblizzard was not as big of a hit on the Twitterverse.)

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) even took a few moments during the filibuster to read some of these tweets out loud.

“I think the technical term for what the Twitterverse is doing right now is ‘blowing up,’ ” Cruz told Paul on the Senate floor.

While the White House stayed silent during Paul’s filibuster, the Twitterverse clearly couldn’t wait to respond.

Here’s a small sample of encouraging tweets sent by Paul fans:


Putting it into perspective, the number of tweets sent during President Barack Obama’s hour long State of the Union address narrowly passed the number sent during Paul’s 13 hour speech, with 1.36 million tweets. However, twitter did not say it its blog how it determined which tweets were counted Wednesday as filibuster tweets. It’s likely that up to another million tweets were sent about Paul’s speech because that didn’t register with twitter’s filibuster algorithm because they didn’t expressly use the words “filibuster,” “Paul,” “Senate,” etc.



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