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Trace Adkins to Piers Morgan: “I would have slapped the s*** out of you”

piers morganCountry star Trace Adkins is still a little bitter that CNN host Piers Morgan beat him out for the top spot on Donald Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ several years ago.

But now Adkins has the chance to redeem himself by competing on the show once again.

Unfortunately, his nemesis Morgan is also on the show — as a guest judge.

During Sunday night’s premier, Adkins pointed out that Trump never actually pointed his finger at the country star and told him “You’re fired” and Trump admitted he “never had the heart” to do that to Adkins.

But while the soulless Trump never had the heart to fire Adkins like that, Morgan claimed he was the one to fire him instead.

“I think I did, though, Trace,” Morgan boasted.

“Did you?” Adkins asked. “I don’t think so. I would’ve slapped the s**t out of you.”

“Whoa — calm down, cowboy,” Morgan fired back. “It’s not my fault I beat you.”

Watch Adkins explode on the CNN host below.

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