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Gun retailer moving from California to Texas

For one gun retailer, the Golden State wasn’t so golden.

Shield Tactical, a California retailer and firearms training provider, has decided to ‘get the heck out of Dodge’ — and move to Texas.

John W. Harrington founded Shield Tactical in 2008, but with California’s hard-line stance on gun control, he decided the state was no longer a good place for his business. Harrington, originally from Texas, said it was finally “time to go home.”

“The state of California treats all businesses as necessary evils,” he told Red Alert. “They treat those of us in the gun business as just evil. They make it very clear that they don’t want us there. It’s just that simple.”

Texas. Gov. Rick Perry recently took a trip to California to convince businesses that his state provided better opportunities for free-market success, and while Shield Tactical’s move isn’t a direct result of Perry’s visit, “it didn’t hurt,” Harrington said.

Harrington hasn’t calculated the total cost of the relocation — which will not include their training division — but he expects it to be “in the tens of thousands.” He considers the investment “well worth it,” if only for the attention it has brought to the cause of gun rights advocates.

The company announced the move on its Facebook page last week, and the post has received more than 1,000 likes. At the time of our conversation, Harrington said the page had received about 4,000 more likes, as well as plenty of welcoming posts and comments from Texans.

“I’m not surprised at all,” he said. “People of Texas — it’s hard to describe the spirit of Texans.”



  1. Roger Mitchell says:

    Go gun shops I love them .. Have a good supply when anyone walks in As for Ca. I never found much out there but nuts and what was not nuts was fruits .

    1. Jim D. says:

      The people of the state of California did not vote these gun laws into place. These laws were forced on us by Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer much the same way she is leading the charge in Federal legislature now. Regardless if the laws, there are still plenty of us out here who are responsible gun owners as well. My M&P15 works just fine with 10 rounds and my M1 can’t hold more than 8 anyways. You might think twice before putting down people who are fighting the same fight as you are and have one of the largest voting populations in the country. After all, we cold easily decide that our ways are better and everyone should have to suffer with them…

      1. halodoc says:

        Feinstein and Boxer are federal, not state. Your state legislature did this to you. There are more fruits and nuts there than there are of people like you, otherwise they wouldn’t be sitting in your federal seats or your state seats. Interesting you call them “our ways.” They got you and you don’t even realize it.

      2. Chris says:


        When people re-elect Feinstein and Boxer back into office when they are up for re-election, then yes – you are approving their policies and actions. If Californians didn’t want them in office, then vote them out. If your answer is you can’t, well – we’re back to the original issue.
        I’m sorry that you and other gun owners are being lumped in with the rest, but California is your state – take it back.

      3. Patti G. says:

        You may not have voted the gun laws into place, but you voted the people trying to pass them into place. This has nothing to do with gun types, or capacity. They’re using that as an excuse to start the process of their agenda of completely disarming citizens. Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors. This is the just the first phase. And never forget – the 2nd protects the rest.

      4. Jerry Kennedy says:

        Jim D,

        I understand your frustration and feel for you good people of California. Unfortunately the people of California did vote these gun laws in by voting for the likes of Feinstein and Boxer. I do realize folks like you are outnumbered in CA. I am facing the very same thing in Colorado as very draconian gun laws have passed the house and will be heard in the senate starting today. Much like the owner of Shield Tactical, I am a Texan and will be looking for a way to “go home” if these bills make it into law in Colorado.

      5. Trish S. says:

        Uh no. this was your California legislation that did this not the Federal Gov.

    2. Andrew says:

      In defense of California, there are some great parts of the state (ie, the Central Valley and parts of rural SoCal). The problem is that people like Feinstein and, at the local level, the Communist Chinese Leland Yee are elected in by the massive immigrant communities around the San Francisco Bay Area. A lot of these people vote with no idea of what our Constitution says, why it was written, or the circumstances under which it was written.

      Before everyone starts calling me a racist, I am a First Generation Asian American immigrant. I was raised in a rural town in New Hampshire. I’ve also served in the Army for eight years and fought twice in the war. I’m sick and tired of immigrants flooding into the US, not bothering to learn about American culture or values and giving those of us who work hard to become Americans a bad name. If you want to live in a cloistered area, with signs in all Chinese and speak only Chinese and see only Chinese people, then why the heck did you move to the USA?

      1. Carl says:

        Good thinking, from an ABC. I am so right of center Barry Goldwater used to look right to talk to me. They can have my guns after I give them my bullets, pointed end first. The Yees in SF and KA politics make me sick. I left decades ago just because it was esy to see where KA was headed.

      2. Dasarge says:

        Way to speak up Andrew. Only legal immigrants, such as yourself should be allowed to stay in this country. Those individuals that came here, live here and work here illegally should ALL be rounded up and sent right back to their country of origin…at that countries expense. Our borders must be completely secured with concrete and razor wire. Illegal immigrants in other freedom loving countries, which are getting fewer and fewer by the day, are caught, incarcerated and then deported. It seems that it is only our country that tolerates ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and soley on the basis of creating an expanding voting base. In every country I have ever traveled to, Gemany, Austria, France and Italy (while serving in our armed forces), Americans are looked down upon because we don’t know their countries language and culture and we get ridiculed for it. But here, in our country, we are forced to bend over backwards by adding new languages to our public school systems, do business here in accordance with how other cultures did business before they came to this country and accept legal precedence based on the cultural laws passed in other countries. We have neighborhoods that are muslim, Jewish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc…and in each one you see business signs, street signs and advertisements in foreign languages. This is America, if you want to be a citizen…be an American citizen and speak English. Don’t be an Italian American, Chinese American or some other type of American. You came here for a better life filled with freedom and opportunity, but you want to bring your oppressive cultures here. We already have our own government trying to oppress us, we don’t need to drive through a single state and be inundated by a dozen different languages, laws and oppressive cultures. Learn to be an American citizen if you want to be a citizen at all. If you don’t want to be a citizen of our country, but you just want the benefits of what our freedoms and constitution provide…then go back where you came from.

      3. Debbie says:

        Andrew, I love you!!! My great grandparents immigrated here legally (can be found on lists at Ellis Island). I believe in the 2nd Ammendment, secure borders, having to prove who you are in order to vote and that the government should stay out of my life as much as possible!!! I am a first generation Californian and don’t know anyone who supports Boxer or Feinstein!!! I think that San Francisco and Hollywood should be separate from the rational people of California!

  2. Shield Tactical welcome back to the big T. I hope you’re not the first. Maybe Feinstein will have to look for another job which she is somewhat qualified, like flipping burgers.

    1. Tim M says:

      Feinstein does need to be kick to the curb by the voters, but please flipping burgers is way above Feinstein’s skill set.

  3. Alan Pratt says:

    Texas is great – so is Arizona. All businesses and especially you gun dealers and manufacturers are welcome in Arizona, too. Leave California to the flakes.

  4. Bull57 says:

    Although I’m an okie I wish your company much success in your move to Texas. Texans know what the 2nd amendment means and they will protect it.

    1. David says:

      Oklahoma welcomes all those that want to move out of their anti-gun states and wants a place to be free.

  5. Michael says:

    I live in the democratic state of Colorado. We too are being destroyed by the LIBS. As a citizen of Denver, am I allowed to send the liberal Californians back?
    Is there a law or something that would aid in getting them out of MY state.

    Because in 15 months–I too am gone
    Thank you!

  6. lala says:

    welcome to texas you will enjoy it here and we will be very happy to have you. May I suggest you can stop selling to the feds lol

    1. Shield Tactical welcome to the big, friendly state of Texas. I don’t live in Shiner but I bet you gonna like its environs. And you’re landing right inside one of the greatest oil booms in history. Lot of these well heeled oil workers will have green stuff to spend on your products. Our state is not broke. In fact we have several billion in surplus. No state income tax. Good weather and close enough to San Antonio and Houston for shopping, etc. You gonna like us.

  7. Betty . says:

    Just want to say thank you to the gun manufacturers across the US. They seem to be the only ones standing up for the peoples rights. The politicians should be taking notes.

  8. Dean says:

    Good for Shield. I see that a company in Colorado is going to do the same thing if restrictive gun laws pass there today. Berretta may do the same thing if Maryland passes restrictive laws, Texas, Arizona and Mississippi are looking to attract gun companies from New York. “Head em up, Move em out.” The only way to get Democrat’s attention is to hit em in the pocketbook. People in general are already fleeing New York and California.

  9. skullman says:

    We’re leaving CA for the same reasons. Our state government is out of control, run by 60’s hippies and radicals. Now that the libtards have total control of the state, watch out for more taxes (it’s already begun), assaults on the 1st (already begun), the 2d (already begun), and the 4th Amendments (already begun). Now the dumbocrats are going after Prop 13. Just a matter of time. And that moron moonbeam wants high speed rail when the freeways suck. Don’t believe me, try driving down the Cajon Pass and I-15 without having to replace your false teeth. Prediction: Bankruptcy in less than five years. Give it back to the illegals.

  10. This is why I told my wife that we could move to any western state except relocate within California. So we moved to Oregon. Oregon is a shall issue state when it comes to CCW, they have no stupid reporting or registration rules for long guns. My Bushmaster Car-15, Springfield M1A, and M1 carbine and attendant 20 and 30 round magazines are no big deal. The only trouble with with Oregon is the complete political realm (governor,senate,representives) is dimcrat. I really like Oregon but will not tolerate stupidity and if I have to I will pack up and move again. I’m a retired not-so-old Vietnam vet (I’m only 67) and am prepared to up arms if the U.S. congress does anything to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights. May God have mercy on our souls if that came to pass.

  11. mare says:

    I visited Texas years ago and loved it and the people. I wish I could get my hubby to agree to move to Texas but he wants us to go to a colder climate. Right now it’s a stalemate.
    That gun manufacturer is making the best decision to move to Texas though and I wish him well.
    The only thing I’m at odds with Texas about is that it seems to have a fair amount of Muslims living there because they’ve apparently infiltrated the Texas schools and making students learn about Islam…. even reciting the pledge of allegiance in Arabic. I may be wrong on that but that’s what I heard and I was frankly shocked.

  12. AM says:

    I too live in Colorado, having escaped the Liberal LaLa Land of western Washington state, though I wonder how much longer I’ll be here because Colorado is definitely going blue. I’d be in Texas were it not for the weather (I do love the dry, snow and distinct four seasons of Colorado). It’s DEPRESSING how liberal Colorado is becoming … a state where men USED to be men and the women men too.

  13. BLH557 says:

    This line of discussion, in particular about Californians moving into Colorado and taking over the political voice of the state, brings to mind Governor Perry’s ill-conceived and little thought out jaunt to California recently. In Texas we really don’t need Californians who want to replace what we have here with “a better way”, which is what all Libs want to do.

    I lived in Colorado in the mid-80s and witnessed first hand the mass exodus of Californians into the Western Slope and the changes that were occurring even in my short nine months in Grand Junction.

    We already have “Weird Austin” which is full of Libs. We don’t need “Weird Anywhere Else”.

    As far as the gun manufacturers and retailers/wholesalers… Come on down! We’re happy to have your business and jobs for Texans. Just leave the fruit out West.

  14. GregoTX says:

    I was born & raised in CA and never lived anywhere else in the US for any significant length of time until I was 21. I moved to Mesa, AZ with my job, and it was culture shock. Society was different. People were friendly. The cost of living was much less. The culture was way more laid back, less judgmental, and reminiscent of the good old days in small town America. Then I moved to TX. Even more awesomeness awaited me. I have found my home in Texas and I will never go back to CA except maybe to visit. Why anyone of like mind voluntarily stays in CA is beyond me. Welcome, Shield Tactical! And hopefully we will soon be welcoming Magpul and Beretta also! Long live Texas!

  15. David Smith says:

    hii, i tried and satisfied with , so i’ll recommend you to visit this.

  16. John says:

    Like the law-abiding people of California, I am a hostage of the State of Illinois, and their left-wing gun-hating looney tunes. Illinois is actually two states, the State of Chicago, and the rest of us. The rest of us are actually law-abiding, conservative people. We are held hostage by the masses of poor Government serfs, patronage-pigs, and union thugs who pull that Democratic lever no matter whose on the ticket. Osama Bin Laden could have won an election in Chicago if he was a registered Daley-Democrat. .

    Unlike California, illinois has horrible weather, high unemployment, and the most corrupt Government in the country. As soon as possible, I will be joining the corporations and businesses exiting this state and heading South.

    So I am empathetic to Californians trapped in their state. Perhaps you should consider relocating to the gun-friendly states located right next door. California is lost to the left-wing public-trough sucking “takers”. Move somewhere were your upstanding morals and decency will add to the majority, and drive the liberals to bankrupt, collapsing California and Ill-inois!

  17. AM says:

    @John – Your writing errors notwithstanding (poor writing never helps one’s case), it’s imperative to remember that Californians are fleeing their state for many a good reason. Problem is, they only Californicate their states of relocation, polluting even the most sacred conservative states. Frankly, the California libs far outweigh the conservatives in number, the result being that invitations to even moderate Californians to move to gun-friendly states is akin to inviting a virus into the host body. Unless I knew whether a Californian was a true conservative, I’d tell them all to remain where they are. We don’t freakin’ need their kind, even in mitigated doses.

  18. AM says:

    @Micgael – I too am in Colorado and sympathize and fear for Colorado as she turns blue blue blue by the Libs. The guv is a waste of old Colorado spirit. Bye-bye guns and 2nd Amendment. I too am contemplating leaving before Libs suck the soul out of Colorado … and it’s comin’. Another five years and this state will be Gone. Question to you is: Where are YOU going?

  19. AM says:

    @Jim D. — Hell yes your state’s people voted in gun disownership!!!!!! — via Feinstein et al. Detest what CA has become. Can’t comprehnd living there for 10 seconds.

  20. RL says:

    Do not underestimate these liberal state governments…Remember what Obama used the NLRB to do to Boeing in South Carolina…prevented an airplane factory from opening in order to satisfy liberal Washington state and its union workers.

    These liberals will soon feel the bite of gun industry companies leaving….they want their cake and expect to eat it too…Soon, they will file lawsuits to prevent these companies from leaving their states….and Obama will use the federal government, i.e. Dept of Commerce, ATF, assist those liberal states in keeping these companies from moving to red states. It is inevitable. If any gun industry corporation is contemplating a move…and I can’t imagine they aren’t…they had better do in now, before the heavy hand of the government steps in and prevents them from operating their business as they wish. A simple court order signed by a liberal judge can halt a company’s move for years….

    This is Obama’s America, now…freedom is a frail and fragile existence.

  21. Jack says:

    Universal background checks just makes common sense!

  22. BM says:

    This article is so wrong. Shield Tactical never had firearm license before. John didn’t even know how to put an AR 6 months ago. John didn’t own any retail store nor training facility in California. He was just doing tactical training as a side job. Anybody can check FFL history at ATF easy check. I can’t believe what I am reading…. There are more important true matters journalist should write about gun control. Their job is so easy now. They copy the article somebody else wrote without confirming the truth.