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Gun retailer moving from California to Texas

For one gun retailer, the Golden State wasn’t so golden.

Shield Tactical, a California retailer and firearms training provider, has decided to ‘get the heck out of Dodge’ — and move to Texas.

John W. Harrington founded Shield Tactical in 2008, but with California’s hard-line stance on gun control, he decided the state was no longer a good place for his business. Harrington, originally from Texas, said it was finally “time to go home.”

“The state of California treats all businesses as necessary evils,” he told Red Alert. “They treat those of us in the gun business as just evil. They make it very clear that they don’t want us there. It’s just that simple.”

Texas. Gov. Rick Perry recently took a trip to California to convince businesses that his state provided better opportunities for free-market success, and while Shield Tactical’s move isn’t a direct result of Perry’s visit, “it didn’t hurt,” Harrington said.

Harrington hasn’t calculated the total cost of the relocation — which will not include their training division — but he expects it to be “in the tens of thousands.” He considers the investment “well worth it,” if only for the attention it has brought to the cause of gun rights advocates.

The company announced the move on its Facebook page last week, and the post has received more than 1,000 likes. At the time of our conversation, Harrington said the page had received about 4,000 more likes, as well as plenty of welcoming posts and comments from Texans.

“I’m not surprised at all,” he said. “People of Texas — it’s hard to describe the spirit of Texans.”

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