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In Conn. speech Biden claims Americans are with him on gun control reforms

Taking his campaign for “common sense” gun control reform to its ground zero, Vice President Joe Biden announced yesterday that the American people are completely onboard with the administration’s proposed gun control policies.

“You should all know the American people are with us,” Biden announced. “They should know. You all should know. There is a moral price to be paid for inaction.”

Biden spoke at Western Connecticut State University, just miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, where 20 students and 6 educators were murdered in December. The shooter, Adam Lanza, had been previously enrolled at Western Connecticut State, and several of the family members of those who were slain were present at yesterday’s speech.

The Vice President went on to attack his political opponents, including Congressional Republicans and the National Rifle Association, urging Americans to take action against them if they continue dragging their feet in the mud on gun control.

“I can’t imagine how we will be judged as a society if we do nothing,” he said. “If you’re concerned about your political survival, you should be concerned about the survival of our children. And guess what? I believe the price to be paid politically should go to those who refuse to act.”

Unlike his boss, who recently embellished how much Americans support specific gun control policies, Biden’s statement actually has some truth to it. A Gallup study conducted last month found that a majority of Americans are in favor several of the administration’s gun control priorities.

The same study also revealed, however, that Americans overwhelmingly believe Congress should prioritize improving the nation’s mental health system before enacting any major gun control laws, and only half of all Americans support limiting the number of rounds of ammunition a magazine can hold.

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