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In Conn. speech Biden claims Americans are with him on gun control reforms

Taking his campaign for “common sense” gun control reform to its ground zero, Vice President Joe Biden announced yesterday that the American people are completely onboard with the administration’s proposed gun control policies.

“You should all know the American people are with us,” Biden announced. “They should know. You all should know. There is a moral price to be paid for inaction.”

Biden spoke at Western Connecticut State University, just miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, where 20 students and 6 educators were murdered in December. The shooter, Adam Lanza, had been previously enrolled at Western Connecticut State, and several of the family members of those who were slain were present at yesterday’s speech.

The Vice President went on to attack his political opponents, including Congressional Republicans and the National Rifle Association, urging Americans to take action against them if they continue dragging their feet in the mud on gun control.

“I can’t imagine how we will be judged as a society if we do nothing,” he said. “If you’re concerned about your political survival, you should be concerned about the survival of our children. And guess what? I believe the price to be paid politically should go to those who refuse to act.”

Unlike his boss, who recently embellished how much Americans support specific gun control policies, Biden’s statement actually has some truth to it. A Gallup study conducted last month found that a majority of Americans are in favor several of the administration’s gun control priorities.

The same study also revealed, however, that Americans overwhelmingly believe Congress should prioritize improving the nation’s mental health system before enacting any major gun control laws, and only half of all Americans support limiting the number of rounds of ammunition a magazine can hold.



  1. SgtH_USMC says:

    I’m not on board. Not even a little.

    1. Connie says:

      I am not on board either.

    2. larry says:

      Im not on board.not at all ……..

      1. Dewey says:

        Biden has no idea as to what the American people want. He only knows what Obama wants him to know. What would be interesting to know is how we got so many misfits in Washington at one time. Since we have most of them in Washington we should put a fence around it and not let them out.

        1. dave says:

          I don’t know what that old man is smoking with madam president obummer, the girly boy, but it shows that liberalism in a mental disorder

    3. ASchark says:

      Sarge, I’m with you on this, but I think we should take care of the mental health problems first: remove those idiots from the WH!

      1. ASchark says:

        Oh, another thought: this gun control issue seems to be the talk of the Country. Let’s throw Benghazi in there, too. There’s too much CYA’s in that issue, and it starts from the POTUS, trickeling down to the SoS, and the SoD. Somehow, I think the WH is counting on the short retention of the US citizens, or maybe a distraction to divert the 4 murders in Benghazi.

        1. chamuiel says:

          More than likely, if you asked the obama faithful what Benghazi was, they would reply it was the party obama threw for himself after his second crowning,

      2. col says:

        I totally agree with you about health care for the WH idiots. I have to include the Congress as well. If the American people are agreeing with Obama’s desire to ban all guns, someone please explain why practically every company that produces guns and ammunition are having problems keeping up with production because so many are being sold. Some of the companies can’t even get the parts necessary to build guns. If people agree with Obama, why are they spending their money to buy guns? With the economy down the tube and so many people losing their jobs, why would they buy a gun when they know there’s a possibility that they might be forced by Obama’s secret militia to turn them in. After all, things like that are the reason Obama wants a civilian military that are trained and programed to obey his orders regardless of what they are. There are places in this country right now where groups of teenagers are being trained to do whatever it takes to uphold his orders. There is a word one might use to describe parts of that special training. That word is brainwashing. If Biden actually believes that most American’s agree with Obama on any issue, what little brain he had BO (before Obama) has been washed so many times, it has schriveled up to the size of a raisen. A non functional raisen I might add.

        1. aschark says:

          col, did you know that at his inaugration, the marching Marines had the bolts removed from their rifles? Why is that? Paranoia?
          Here’s something that never hit our MSM:
          Three days after the 4 murders in Benghazi, September 14, 2012, Taliban warriors attacked Camp Bastion in Afganistan, leaving 2 dead Marines, 9 wounded, and the destruction of 8 aircraft. It’s described as “arguably the worst day in USMC aviation history since the Tet Offensive of 1968” by John Gresham of the Defense Media Network (just to let you know what Camp Bastion is, it’s one of the largest airports in the WORLD). Maybe Camp Bastion was too small for MSM to report it. Or.maybe the MSM ran out of ink or Broadcast time to report it.

        2. PO1 says:

          DHS has already graduated it “Civilian Police Academy” of 18-25 year olds with a total graduating class of 283 if I remember right. They also have armored personnel carriers.

    4. Joe says:

      I’m on board. It is time to disarm the DHS, along with all other unconstitutional agencies of the federal government.

    5. Judy says:

      Biden is such a nut case. Who believe a word he says? Sick sick man,

    6. Wild Bill says:

      Sad to say that the United States has a complete moron for Vice President!

    7. Kevin says:

      I am not on board either. Where does he get his idea that we are all on board?

    8. Roger says:

      I will never be on board, I agree we need to disarm the idiots at DHS, and slap mthe truth onto Biden and his boss

    9. upchuck47 says:

      I am not on board! I actually believe in the Constitution and understand why the second amendment was written!

      Look in the mirror Joe! You will either see why the “inalienable” Right to bear arms” is an inalienable right or you will see Nothing at all!

      I saw Rasmussen on the Kudlow Show last night! Rasmussen conducts one of the most accurate polls in a country where most lie through their teeth. His polling is at odds with the drivel that comes out of your mouth and the tyrant and tyranny you support!

    10. Johnny Geetar says:

      If they come for the guns, America will burn. And you know what? Maybe it’s time it did. Our system is irreparably ruined and past the point of no return. It’s well past time to take out this progressive, communist trash. Let em come…… Obama had best hire a lot more bagpipers……

    11. PatMM says:

      I am not in favor of this or any restrictions on the second amendment and further, this is not the way you change the second amendment and that is the most bothersome aspect of this. The second amendment clearly states “shall not be infringed” and those words were not added lightly and without great thought. There is very good reason why our founders wanted the right to bear arms to NOT BE INFRINGED. What this bunch of liberal wack jobs is doing (in all their infinite ignorance of guns and terminology………………actually any weapon used to cause harm to another is an “assault” weapon and the term was coined by Hitler in reference to a weapon used by his army). If these folks want to infringe on the second amendment, then, they need to change the second amendment, and that takes more than Ms Feinstein (a california liberal nutjob) writing up a piece of legislation otherwise friends and neighbors this will be in the courts and ruled as unconstitutional.

    12. SweetOlBo says:

      If the audience didn’t hoot down this obviously false and self serving lie by our idiot uncle Joe. they weren’t paying attention. They were probably waiting for the punch line. If Gallup, who is usually fair reported this as fact, their sample wasn’t taken anywhere near a place that I frequent. Was it perhaps some place like Harvard ?

  2. swampsniper says:

    If Joe repeats that lie often enough he can start believing it himself. Any other politician who believes it might soon be looking for a job.

    1. Starbrander says:

      Saul Alinsky Said “They have the guns and therefore we are for peace and for reformation through the ballot. When we have the guns then it will be through the bullet.” And it was.”

      1. swampsniper says:

        Actually, he was quoting Lenin.

        1. NancyJ says:

          This just has to be tied to the remark that Obama made before the election to the Russian when he said that after the election, he would have more power to do the job.
          If the American people allow this gun grab to happen, we will have totally lost our country.

    2. June9245 says:

      If that were true, Obama would not be president!

      1. Mike E says:

        He did say that Moron

    3. Mike Taylor says:

      What planet is the dumb cluck living on? On board? In a pigs eye…He’s the most stupid VP this country has had the unfortunate case of nausea to listen to….jerk

      1. Robert S says:

        Kudos on that Mike. Uncle Joe is just another puppet along for the ride. He reminds me of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of OZ. Just plain old straw for brains.

    4. Ginger says:

      I am not with biden on ANY issue…it boggles the mind that in all this great country , we have such idiots and traitors in our government….one wonders if anyone in the country is aware, awake or has half a brain to let idiots like these run around spewing their garbage.

      1. upchuck47 says:

        There was Nixon;s V.P. who was fored out of office in shame!

        Biden is worse! He has been lying to America longer than anyone in Congress because he has been living off the taxpayer longer than anyone else. “Crime now “Does” pay in America”.

        Of course L.B.J. was V.P. before Kennedy was assassinated and America began it’s decent into hell! 65,000 of our best and brightest were killed in a war that was never approved by Congress which,is another crime that began what America has become today!

    5. The Patriot says:

      Biden stated, “There is a moral price to be paid for inaction.” Can anyone mention anything “moral” that the Kenyan-born muslim and his idiot sidekick have ever done, morally, since they have been in office?

      And, another thing, why do they continue to mention “childrens safety” when they are literally killing thousands of foreign children in other countries that they invaded and the millions they murder in the abortion killing fields.

      This has nothing to do with “childrens safety” it is all about control and making sure Americans cannot shoot back at them when they try to arrest citizens for speaking out against them…Period!

      With a shotgun they know you can only shoot at them several times before having to reload… and that’s when they will “storm” you… but, with a semi-automatic or AR-15 type weapon there is a good chance more of them will be wounded or killed in the process of trying to take our rights away!

      1. TheEST1959 says:

        Very well stated, Patriot! Two quick comments: [1] You are right on the issue of children. The extent of this administrations care for the well-being of children is equivalent to the extent of this administrations care to perpetuate the DNC’s power in government. They see this gun-control thing as a way to play on the sympathies of many very good people, who unfortunately, are also non-thinking bleeding hearts, and who will continue to be easily deluded and enslaved by liars and continue to cast their vote for the DNC. If the Obama administration really cared for the well-being of children, they would throw all their energies into a repeal of Roe v. Wade which currently manifests itself at the rate of 4,000 pre-born children a day being slaughtered. From a numerical perspective, as terrible and tragic as Sandy Hook was and is, the abortion massacre is by far the most terrible and tragic — and ongoing — murderous event in the history of the world. And [2], I really think that Joe Biden has consumed so much of the DNC koolade that he actually believes the absurd things that he says about guns and gun control (and most everything else of which he comments. Ordinarily, I would simply laugh at his ignorant diatribes and then let it go; however, these days the demonstrated gullibility of the “51%” makes anything he and Obama say an actual threat to the well-being of this country.) From a logical perspective, Biden keeps harping on shotguns: if a shotgun was such an effective defensive weapon (and they can be, but in a very limited way), the military would make them, and not AR platforms, standard issue. Maybe Biden should present that idea to the military and check the response of the rank-and-file. Personally, I prefer to have my Sig Sauer P250 semi-auto handgun (with 15 round magazines) and my Sig Sauer 556 (with 30 round magazines) available for any invasive contingency that might occur on my property. And besides, I just enjoy firing those particular guns as a responsible pastime.

  3. Chuck says:

    You know Biden I think if you could hear yourself talk I think you should crawl under a rock because you sound so stupid! JUST GO OUT ON YOUR PORCH AND SHOOT TWO ROUNDS OFF FROM YOUR SHOTGUN IN THE CITY AND FIND OUT WHAT THE COPS WILL DO TO YOU!!! STUPID!!!

  4. Ronald says:

    The oath of office
    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.
    The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    I do not think the democtats and republicans or senators can read or judges can read when it says shall not be infringed.
    That is what it means
    We need to start bring charges against these people for treason for violating their oath of office
    I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
    They have no defence for not doing this or are they just dumb and stupid and are committing treason against the American People and consitution and should be called traders and treated like so what they are.
    You know them by what they are doing and voting for making laws that take our rights away and they are openly say these things
    violating our rights and making laws to change the Constitution

    We need to inforce the oath of office and make it law and make them responsible to it.

    All that have violated this oath of office should loose all money and power they got while in office
    past/ present/ and future.

    To pay for the conviction of these people that are committing treason against the american people and the Constitution.

    Judges / congressmen / senators and other Goverment officials.

    also people that work in the news for not telling the truth and covering up what goverment is doing all the money that they make shall be use to put these people in jail and get rid of all corrupt goverment.

    They are not fit for office.

    So help me God.

    1. John W says:

      Some thoughts on the 2nd Amendment discussion.

      There are those that ignore all the written evidence by our founding fathers on what they meant by “a well armed militia” etc. My thoughts are:

      In the 1st Amendment, the key word is “PEOPLE’ and in the right of the people to assemble, meaning the individual citizens.

      In the 3rd Amendment, the key word is SOLDIER , as in no soldier shall be quartered without consent, meaning a member of the armed forces.

      In the 4th Amendment, the key word is PEOPLE as in the right of the people (meaning the individual citizens) to be free from unlawful search and seizure.

      In the 9th Amendment, the key word is PEOPLE as in this shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people (meaning the individual citizens).

      In the 10th Amendment, the key word is PEOPLE as in ” The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people (meaning the individual citizens)..”

      AND in the SECOND AMENDMENT, the key word again is PEOPLE, as in “the right of the people (meaning the individual citizens) to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

      Following the founding fathers words throughout the amendments, it is clear they intended the 2nd amendment to mean the INDIVIDUAL person and not the “National Guard, The Reserves, The police , or any other organized unit of soldiers.

      1. It is my concerned belief that the Constitution and all 27 Amendments mean just what they say, nothing more and for D***n sure nothing less. The Constitution and all Amendments are to be read as written, not as some wish that they had been written. To understand the real intent of the founding fathers read the Federalist Papers, all 85 of them, and then read James Madison’s Original Proposed Amendments submitted to Congress on June 8, 1789, once you have done that then you will have a clear understanding of the Bill of Rights, and the other 17 Amendments as well as the Constitution its self.

    2. Gus says:

      The politicians (state and fed) must be embarrassed in public about whether they believe in the oath they took and whether it means anything to them and if so why are they not safeguarding the rights of the American people,we need to really smoke them out and find out who is really on our side. This must be a concerted effort,not just a letter or two,we have to get organized start locally and move nation wide. We need to start recalls on the politicians who don`t hold their oath sacred,we need to do it yesterday.

    3. FMacleide says:

      traders ??? s/b traitors…The way that “conservatives” abuse the language can be used as evidence of their ignorance…which translates to an argument that if they are that ignorant, how can they have legitimate credibility in any debate or dialog requiring intelligence.

      1. Jason B says:

        Is that really all you have to say? Is that the best you can come up with? I see plenty of commies, no I wont call em liberals or progressives, because frankly that is a lie and we all know it, that cant spell, or who use a word inappropriately. Does it bother me when people do it? Yeah it does, but, I tend to look at what they are trying to convey rather than how they spell or punctuate. The fact that all you can do is pick on people who differ from you politically based on how they spell lends credence to your lack of thought and or intelligence and negates any credibilty you you may have had in that same debate or dialogue.

        Facts are facts. Our government is FULL of traitors on both sides of the isle. Anyone not fullfillling the oath they took fit in that category.

      2. D. flowers says:

        Hey F Macleide; I try to be a kin d person so allow me to make this offer to you. If and If our countries ever has a collaps of our internal services and banks you have an invatation to move quickly near me and most of my friends. I don’t like your attitude. However I’m a giving person so myself and many other will stand up to the parties attemting to over throw our system and see that you and your family are taken care of. At least until and if you show yourself to be a subverseive or traitor to America and as far as I’m concerned at that time you will be tried and delt with accordingly.

      3. Tim says:

        Oh Yes! And Leftists are so-o-o-o universally literate when it comes to basic rights and the Constitution! I will be glad to debate You in any forum You choose and I will not make spelling errors. I’m sure You will be out of Your depth since the only Leftist that has had a capacity for logic was Lenin ~ and HE was the father of Your tyrannous train of thought!

      4. Rob Holland says:

        Conservatives and everyone else can and do mispell a word occasionally. Mr. Mcleide, how many conservatives campaigned in all “57” states? And what about the asthmatic kid that needed a “breathalyzer”?

    4. Robert S says:

      Excellent point Ronald. I find it absolutely incredible to hear those in office … starting with Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosie, and all the rest of the liberal elite, say those words and have no clue as to what they mean. More so, they say them because of the tradition. Don’t think for one minute, that those sacred words will be replaced by some more fitting liberal garbage. And of course done so … with the full support of most Americans. Feed the masses enough lies over and over and over … and they will begin to believe them. Let us all take notice of these liars in office. The only way we can change it is to make sure in the next elections. We need to get our country back to conservative values and morals. I cannot take anymore of this garbage being dished out from the Democrats in the Senate and most of all the BS, lack of so-called transparency, and out and out lies from the White House.

  5. azgirl says:

    Biden is fully qualified to be president. If one of the requirements is that you be living in Fantasyland.

  6. LastBastionOfBalance says:

    Huh? WHAT?!!? No I am *not* with ‘them’. I have never been a sheep and I certainly do not agree with having my 2nd Amendment protection infringed upon by some weasel and his lying boss.

    1. ASchark says:

      I noticed your name with ” Bastion” in it. I know that you probably didn’t read this in any MSM paper, so let me, well, run it by you.
      Three days after the 4 murders in Benghazi, 9/14/12, Camp Bastion (one of the largest airports in the world!) was attacked by 15 Talibans. They killed 2 Marines and destroyed 8 Harriers (2 are repairable)
      .On September 20, John Gresham of the Defense Media Network wrote a scathing detailed breakdown of this little-noticed terrorist attack on our troops. He called it “arguably the worst day in USMC aviation history since the Tet Offensive of 1968.” Eight irreplaceable aircraft were destroyed or put out of action by Taliban warriors dressed in U.S. combat fatigues — amounting to “approximately 7 percent of the total flying USMC Harrier fleet,” Gresham reported.
      The MSM wouldn’t report that before the election, and hey, why report it at all?
      One of the Marines that was killed was a commander on one of the Harriers. When they were brought home in their flag drapped caskets, it was done quietly, but regardless, the USMC won’t forget.

  7. Arnold says:

    This idiot must be a special kind of stupid.

    1. Bill says:

      He needs to get his head out of his a_s. Maybe he can think clearer.

  8. gene custance says:

    why are you talking stupid like a democrat, AKE UP help america eliminate democrats

  9. ERIN says:


  10. sofiesVoice says:

    Biden is just a delusional old man with dementia….poor guy, Don’t let him out in public….pleeeeeze!!

  11. John Mullinex says:

    Hey lying joe bite me.. I an American am not with you. I believe in the 2nd amendment as a right to protect myself from the likes of you

  12. TW says:

    Joe “President-of-Vice” Biden is apparently slipping ever more quickly into syphilitic-induced dementia caused, no doubt, by years of partying with the late (thank God) Senator Teddy of Mass! Statements like this, along with myriad other of his imbecilic utterances, make it clear that his brain stem has long since been disengaged from his vocal chords. You can be sure that whenever he opens his mouth, it’s the other end of his alimentary canal that is producing what you hear!

  13. Hubert says:

    Joe, it’s obvious that you and your boss haven’t talked to the majority of people I know.

  14. joe says:

    I believe biden really supports gun rights but he is scared of his boss.

    1. Lochlyn Grendelsson says:

      Joe Biden …….. Is that you?

  15. Richard says:

    Someone’s daydreaming here. Don’t mess with gun owners.

  16. George Parker says:

    They will tell any lie to support their unconstitutional stand. (Example Women can handle combat the same as men,but according to Biden they can not handle an AR-15.

  17. whisperatnight says:

    The Polls they are talking about are the ones up their own arses. VP states: And guess what? I believe the price to be paid politically should go to those who refuse to act.” Sounds like a threat to me. I am wondering what kind of horrific plan they have on the board if Americans DON’T disarm.

  18. Curtis says:

    Biden… are an immoral liar. The American people are not on your side. If you were to tell them the full intent of your rhetoric, they would lynch you.

  19. Doug says:

    Ole Joe is Just stuck on Stupid, and can’t help himself.

  20. Ron says:

    “Plugs” Biden has had too many hair plugs pushed too far into the shriveled up thing he calls a brain! He is the second biggest liar in the lying party and has already been proven to be a plagerist and therefore, dishonest! It is amazing what a politician will do for their beloved party and it’s agenda! We need fewer like him in DC!

  21. Frappe mom says:

    Not with ya Joe!! Not now or EVER!!

  22. This is just the beginning of the end for Ovomit and his administration.Since last week there has been a 700% rise of weapon manufacturing that have said they will not sell to any state that passes
    a ban on what We The People can and have a duty to do for our country,buy and own guns for
    ourselves. Time for Ovomit to vacate our White House.Time for the cowards we have in the Senate
    and Congress to bid farewell also. God Bless America.

  23. I’m not on board at all either. GUN CONTROL isn’t about Guns, it’s about CONTROL. No measures that they have mentioned has ever done one thing to stop criminals and there guns. If they won’t listen to the facts, then it is obvious they just want to take our guns so there would be no possibility of resistance when they turn into a DICTATORSHIP COMPLETELY.

  24. Jerry Z says:

    Horse Hockey! Joe is full of cow droppins. He needs to get his head outof his funky poopshoot and start to breath some regular air!!

  25. freedomringsforall says:

    Oh Lord help us

    The last thing we need is a commie, socialist, psychotic, propagandizing, megalomaniacal, dictatorial Uncle Joe.

    Wasn’t one for Russia who slaughtered 20 to 100+ million of his own people creating the great USSR enough.

  26. freedomringsforall says:

    And how will you be judged Mr. Biden

    You are obviously proud of your support for the genocide of hundreds of thousands of poor little innocent children per year while braying at the top of your lungs for the taking away our rights and freedoms because some of your buddy liberal psychopaths murdered a couple dozen children per year.
    Oh if you get power, fame, and riches poured on you by bleating for your masters about a few child deaths then oh aren’t you just something, but you wouldn’t want to help save hundreds of thousands of poor little innocent children just because it is the right thing to do and it might piss off your masters.

    Oh Joe, maybe you aught to look in the mirror at how you may be judged before pointing your fingers at others.

    We are just one step away from a total dictatorship.
    The second amendment.

  27. ASchark says:

    Biden said, “I can’t imagine how we will be judged as a society if we do nothing,” he said. “If you’re concerned about your political survival, you should be concerned about the survival of our children. And guess what? I believe the price to be paid politically should go to those who refuse to act.”
    He’s talking about Benghazi, isn’t he?

  28. jerimiah69 says:

    Remember, 51% of the country voted for Obama…This same bunch of followers will support him regardless of what he wants. He also has the media and the hollywood supporting him..If Obama says his ass is a goldmine, The media will substantiate this and the guy who gets a tingle up his leg and the rest of the liberals will start digging for gold…

  29. Gustoff Obamadoff says:

    Obama is a fraud !! The birth certificate that he posted on the official White House website is a forgery.. His selective service registration is a forgery.. His social security number failed e-verify..
    Obama/Soetoro/Bounel is a usuper, an interloper and an imposter… You can’t hide forever, Barry..
    One of these days.. Sooner or later… Eventually.. The truth will come out about you, Barry, you low-life sack-o-dog squeeze.. And when it does, you will stretch a rope !!

  30. Disgusted Patriot says:

    Joe Biden is as delusional as his boss! I’m not on board, not now, not ever. How about we start enforcing the laws already on the books?? No, that would too much sense. They don’t want gun control what they really want is people control. Disarm honest, hard working, God fearing American citizens and make all of us subjects of tyranny.

  31. Harbinger says:

    It’s obvious Biden is becoming a consuetudinary liar just like Emperor Osh*t, his lover. I wasn’t asked whether I was on this boat of fools demanding guns to be taken off from American citizens, or not. I oppose and dislike anybody who tries to encroach God given liberties stated in the Constitution. I would never join this troop of clowns, manipulated by bankers and globalists, whose only goal is to destroy the greatest nation on ever.

  32. wminaz says:

    This made up gun control issue serves simply as a distraction from the economy. And by the way Joe, out here in Az nobody is with you. Just wanted you to know.

  33. Shera McQueen says:

    None of our constitutional rights are to be acted against. Including the 2nd amendment. The second amendment is the one that garantees all our other rights. NO! Keep your hands off …you freaking Ass Hole!!
    Shera McQueen.

  34. Marathon Woman says:

    I am not on board with this sexist fraud! What I find so ridiculous is that Biden was behind the Violence Against Women Act, yet he talks down to women telling them that they don’t need an AR-15. Who does he think he is? I equate putting limits on the second amendment to infringement! I’ll be damned if any politician tells me how I can and can’t defend myself. What burns me is that Obama & Biden have secret service protection and you KNOW that the SS team is armed with AR-15s and the like, so why is it that those of us average citizens can’t have those type of weapons???? They are making life hell for law-abiding citizens and enabling the criminals! Biden and that Salazar from CO are the ones waging the war on women!

  35. Noni77 says:

    Delusional or pathological liar. Reminds me of the struggle between the communists trying to take over Russia and the people trying to turn Russia into a Democracy. The commies named themselves the Bolsheviks (“majority”) and their Democratic foes as the Mensheviks (“minority”) despite the fact the Bolsheviks were the minority. This served to fool the population into going along with what they THOUGHT was the majority… To the detriment of their country and several generations of Russians. Propaganda can be powerful if people don’t use common sense and ask questions.

  36. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA. says:

    According to the polls I’ve seen, the population of the U.S.A. is not in favor of gun control. I’m not in favor of gun control either.

  37. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA. says:

    According to the polls I’ve seen, the population of the U.S.A. is not in favor of gun control. I’m not in favor of gun control either. Hopefully, the weather is nice on the planet that Joe Biden lives on. This administration’s number one priority ought to be jobs.

  38. josephg says:

    I can’t believe anyone in their right mind can believe a word this reprobate says. This lowlife pos lied on national television during the debate. In addition when he was asked about his view on abortion considering he calls himself a “catholic”. His answer was ” I don’t want to force my views on anyone else”. Come on biden you low life piece of whale manure. How do you look in the mirror and shave. I guess you heart gets seared after a while. No one I know is with you. Iam not with you. I will never be with you. That goes for your other low life scumbag pals like barry, pelosi, reid, durbin, feinstein, boxer and the rest of the garbage. You shed innocent blood thru barry care. Now you want to stop people from protecting themselves. You can rest assured unless you repent you will be with your other buddy (ed kennedy) and the rest of you who defy God’s word.

  39. PENMAN says:


  40. james f tibbs says:

    Your a liar Biden, you where a liar the whole time you BSed the people of my neighboring state of Delaware, and you haven’t changed. Hell no the country is not with you on gun control, no way, no how, not at all. And by the way, If Jill goes out on the balcony and shoots that shotgun into the air, she is breaking the law, unless she is 300″ from an inhabited residence, or outside the city limits. Check the law, unless you think she is above the law.

  41. Connor says:

    No the media is on board.

  42. Skip says:

    Just more lies from the administration of LIES and the so called news media goes right along with every thing they say!!!

  43. dumvet says:

    Biden also thinks smart weapons are a goo idea! What a Bozo!

  44. dumvet says:

    Biden also thinks smart weapons are a good idea! What a Bozo!

  45. terry says:

    Joe Biden is dumber than dirt. It scares me to think he would be president should something happen to that other POS. Our only hope is they go out together

  46. Markie Mark says:

    Joe Biden is a douche bag. Probably the douchiest of douches.

  47. Robert S says:

    There is a massive deception being orchestrated in America today. Vice President Joe Biden announced yesterday that the American people are completely onboard with the administration’s proposed gun control policies. I find it amazing that this current administration can just say something as if it was fact … and get away with it. The media makes sure that their message and ONLY theirs is put out. Biden openly goes on and says to attack his political opponents, including Congressional Republicans and the National Rifle Association, urging Americans to take action against them if they continue dragging their feet in the mud on gun control. The lies MUST end my fellow citizens. Reforms are needed … but NOT the way they are proposing them.

    There have been for quite some time now current regulations in place to address guns. Unfortunately, our government does not want the true story to get out that they have miserably failed in enforcing the laws on the books. They choose to capitalize on the tragic loss of those innocent children in Newtown, CT to spin their lies and deceptions to the American public. Adam Lanza tried to get guns on his own and did not want to wait for the background check. The system worked. He later stole guns that his mother had in her possession but unfortunately not properly secured. Our forefathers created and put together the remarkable system of government that we have in place today. Our U.S. Constitution is second to none.

    The current administration is looking to dismantle what has made America great and replace it with a NEW transformed America. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like tyranny running amuck. With our citizenry being armed and insuring that our Second Amendment rights are not infringed upon will protect us from those who would otherwise try to dominate us. We are in serious times my fellow citizens. Do not be led astray. There have been cultures where guns have been taken away from their citizens. Mao Tse-tung in China, Hitler in Austria, and many other countries in Europe did this. What happened there … I ask you? STOP believing the lies being systematically told to you. Use your common sense to see what is happening. You are being conditioned and manipulated like puppets.

    Wake up and see the truth before it’s too late! Please, I implore you, use your common sense. Do not let rash judgments take the place of a process of solving our gun issues in an intelligent and thoughtful manner. Our Second Amendment gun rights do not need to be compromised.

  48. Carlos says:

    If Bite Me thinks the American people are with him, let him try some draconian gun grab and see what happens. Plugs needs to keep his own house in order, like his crackhead daughter whose crack video he managed to scrub from the internet, and leave our 2nd amendment alone.

  49. rg says:

    Biden is as out of touch and clueless as Obama is as far as what the citizens of this country want or he’s a liar.

  50. oldgringo says:

    “American’s are with Joe Biden”…Not amongst my friends they aren’t…My friends are responsible gun owners and patriots which is more than Joe Biden and his commie brand of keynesian Democrats will ever be!

  51. Chuck says:

    I just think biden should get bent!

  52. Robert S says:

    I have commented on the outrageous rhetoric from Uncle Joe as well as the Obumbla administration, I cannot let this opportunity to go by without mention of one more idiot. The illustrious governor of New York has rammed through his rampant gun control regulations and has inherently left many state residents defenseless with the new gun laws. It will be on his head if any individual is killed as a result of his irresponsible gun regulations. All this … in the name of safety. Safety for our children. How absolutely unbelievable!

    He recently went all out for the rights of women and their freedom of choice … the choice over their bodies. The choice to have late term abortions. The life of the innocent mean NOTHING to this man. Grandstanding and taking the lead in gun regulations for political agendas was his only concern. He says he’s for rights … you’ve got to be kidding! 50 millions abortions to date in our country … and where is the outcry from the idiots like Cuomo. NONE! His audacity has no bounds.

    I hope that GOD judges this man and those like him as they need be.

  53. Chuck says:

    Biden is so full of himself I bet he smells like oBama!

  54. Wrightclick says:

    “Bite Me” Biden can take a long walk off a short dock.

  55. Leslie says:

    Anyone with a brain, Knows that gun controls just don’t work, for one the criminals will never give up guns, Two criminals do not register the guns they have because they buy them throught the black market or from gun runners, Biden is just one of those some kind of stupid people that have their nosies up Obama @$$, I myself will never comply with anything those two morons come up with, I am not on board with Biden or Obama. So Biden you better check the numbers, I beleive more people are aganist your controls. Even a Father from Sandycook is aganist you.

  56. Tom Hall says:

    Today there are those among us who say our Constitution is a relic of the past, and completely outmoded in the 21st Century; however, if you are familiar with the Constitution and its foundation, found in the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, and the Federalist Papers, you would understand that the Founding Fathers were far more insightful than given credit for by the enemies of freedom who occupy our government today.

    The Obama regime, and its minions in Congress, are most acutely aware of the dictates of the Communist Manifesto and the necessity to control communication (Marx and Engels), education (Marx and Engels), health (Lenin and Hitler), and to disarm the public (Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler), in order to establish a totalitarian state and a dictatorship. At this time, we should all now know that communication, the means of communication, and education are tightly controlled by the Obama regime; and now, health care is virtually within their total control. The last item of control, perhaps the most important, is elimination of an armed resistance. We are on the very threshold of elimination of private ownership of firearms by the citizens of the United States. The Obama regime continues to undermine the Constitution and has vowed to completely destroy the rights and freedoms conveyed by the Bill of Rights to all citizens of the United States. Their immediate focus is to eliminate the rights of private ownership of firearms under the 2nd Amendment.

    In the eyes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and the rest of our founders, ALL citizens had the right to have guns because the founders knew that one day their great experiment in establishing a government that would be a beacon of light in a dark world… that would preserve God-given liberty and human freedom… would one day be threatened again.

    Here’s what they said:

    “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined… their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.” – George Washington

    “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” –Thomas Jefferson

    “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.” –Thomas Jefferson

    “Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who didn’t.” –Benjamin Franklin

    Our Founders were labeled traitors… hunted down by evil agents of a fat, mad and tyrannical king from across the ocean.

    Today no king threatens our liberties. Today our liberties are threatened by something far more sinister, our own government, and the warnings by the Founding Fathers to this clear and now imminent danger have become stark reality. The major ingredient to the rise of totalitarianism is complacency and history is replete with that evidence.

    There are no redcoats today, we now must fight radical legislators, tyrannical judges and the idle pretender to America’s legacy who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and believes that he has the right to decide which of our constitutional rights should be shredded next.

  57. Tom Hall says:

    The Obama regime, and its minions in Congress, are most acutely aware of the dictates of the Communist Manifesto and the necessity to control communication (Marx and Engels), education (Marx and Engels), health (Lenin and Hitler), and to disarm the public (Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler), in order to establish a totalitarian state and a dictatorship. At this time, we should all now know that communication, the means of communication, and education are tightly controlled by the Obama regime; and now, health care is virtually within their total control. The last item of control, perhaps the most important, is elimination of an armed resistance. We are on the very threshold of elimination of private ownership of firearms by the citizens of the United States. The Obama regime continues to undermine the Constitution and has vowed to completely destroy the rights and freedoms conveyed by the Bill of Rights to all citizens of the United States. Their immediate focus is to eliminate the rights of private ownership of firearms under the 2nd Amendment.

    In the eyes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and the rest of our founders, ALL citizens had the right to have guns because the founders knew that one day their great experiment in establishing a government that would be a beacon of light in a dark world… that would preserve God-given liberty and human freedom… would one day be threatened again.

  58. America747 says:

    Joe, you must either be stupid or just a moron. WE the people are not behind you. What we all know is that you and the puppet master are trying to bury the real issues in America. What you and the puppet man should be doing is fixing the economy, telling the truth about the Benghazi Massasacre, prosecuting Holder and all others involved in the Fast and Furious gun running scandal. fixing the national debt, getting the illegals out of America and the biggest thing you need to fix is your false lies and the lies of the POTUS. Instead this country is once again spending millions of our hard erned dollars on another cover up to keep Americans in the dark. Shame on you and the POTUS for even thinking that you are Americans.

  59. Bob W says:

    The American people are not “on board with the administrations plan, just portions of it that address the real issue, mental health. Why does anyone think that making it where a shooter can only shoot 7 rounds before reloading is “fixing” the problem?

    Here is what some prominent Americans had to say on why they felt the 2nd Amendment had to be there:
    “The whole of the Bill (of Rights) is a declaration of the right of the people at large or considered as individuals…. It establishes some rights of the individual as unalienable and which consequently, no majority has a right to deprive them of.” (Albert Gallatin of the New York Historical Society, October 7, 1789).

    “A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves…and include all men capable of bearing arms.” (Richard Henry Lee, Additional Letters from the Federal Farmer (1788) at 169)

    “…but if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude, that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people, while there is a large body of citizens, little if at all inferior to them in discipline and use of arms, who stand ready to defend their rights…” (Alexander Hamilton speaking of standing armies in Federalist 29.)

    “The Constitution shall never be construed….to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms” (Samuel Adams, Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 86-87)

    “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike especially when young, how to use them.” (Richard Henry Lee, 1788, Initiator of the Declaration of Independence, and member of the first Senate, which passed the Bill of Rights)

    “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence … From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable . . . the very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that is good” (George Washington).

  60. rich says:

    Biden and Obama are a two socialist looking to disarm the people and throw out the constitution they were sworn to uphold . for this alone they both should be impeached and thrown out of office , and then into prison ,never to hold a public office position again . also others who go along with those who were sworn to uphold the constitution should also lose their job and all benefits . when the hell is the American public going to wake up ? remember Biden saying we got this f_ cker thru on Obama care !

  61. Ellis W. Moses says:

    Like all polls, the Gallup one that suggests most Americans favor some new gun rights restrictions was dependent on the sampling audience and the way the questions were posed. I for one think this poll is erroneous by a substantial margin. Just sayin’.

  62. Bud says:

    Joe Biden is talking out of his Ass Hole because he is so stupid and stupid is stupid and this is the kind of people that vote stupid people in office because they r stupid and this is the reason our country is going down the drain to Nothing may God have mercy on there stupid soules. America wake up this is the kind of people in the Obama Regime idiots that hate what the founding fathers set the Democrat Party wants a Soviet Socialist Communist Regime an that is what we have today with this Obama Regime!!!

  63. Linda Burkhead says:

    I so agree, with all the people who spoke before me. Hey, Gang you said it all well…….Amen…

  64. Richard Holmes says:

    Polls? really?! is that what we go by now? you might want to check arms and ammunition sales or maybe back ground checks in the past 5 years. you might have a different opinion as to who is on board…

  65. linb says:

    You can’t use the words ‘common sense’ and Joe Biden in the same sentence – it’s an oxymoron! Or should I just say ‘moron.’ This man gets more stupid every day – what must the rest of the world think of our nation having him as V.P? He’s the guy who is telling his wife to get her shotgun and shoot off a couple of rounds from their balcony to ward off intruders when it’s a felony to do so in his state! And we’re supposed to take anything he says seriously? Oh, come on. He gets to look more like one of the 3 stooges every day. Biden, Pelosi, Reid are the EPITOME of the 3 stooges! God help us all and our great nation because He is the only one who can.

  66. MelK says:

    If you want to get a feel for what the future really holds in terms of the plan check the info the NRA has about a leaked Justice Dept memo on the subject of gun control.
    The regime isn’t stupid. And they are patient. They know that the way to eat an elephant (gun control, gov’t health care?) is one bite at a time. And tell the same lie over and over and pretty soon it becomes truth.

  67. Mike11C says:

    Joe Biden is a fool if he thinks Americans are with him on gun control but, even if he was right, we have a Constitution that guarantees our rights. America is NOT a “democracy”, we are a “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC”. The Obama/Biden crew didn’t grant us our rights and they have no authority to take them away. There are many people who will not comply and are ready and willing to rise up and fight if they try to take away our right to bear arms. I met some of them yesterday at the “Day of Resistance” rally in Dallas. They are current or former military, first responders, teachers, lawyers, doctors, and all around freedom loving Americans.

  68. Mike says:

    Joe has a problem with reality. It is frightfull to think that Joe Biden is second in line for the presidency. I wonder what his IQ is?

  69. Fuzzy says:

    Biden is such an Idiot, he’s as out of touch with reality as his boss(Obama) and maybe alittle more. They are both out there trying their hand at instilling what they want into people’s minds. They are both so full of B.S. that it is hard to tell at times which one of them lies to the American people more. They would like nothing better than the American people to be defenseless and them to be the only one’s left with the guns. This is Obama’s Socialist charge. Don’t let us become another Germany! Semper Fi!

  70. charles says:

    I’m not on board with this. Did Biden forget to take his medication before he made this utterly mindless
    comment? This isn’t my government, it might be in a banana republic.

  71. truer says:

    I’m not on board and haven’t been.

  72. Bob says:

    I have yet to find one peron on board………. who did he survey…… Fienstein?

  73. Patriot1776 says:

    I don’t own a gun, I don’t really like guns, I resent the need to have to own a gun. But since this POS has taken possession of the Oval Office, as much as I detest guns and even if I am in my twilight years, I will join a training group, learn how to shoot and purchase not only a hand-gun but whatever else I can. I resent the fact that I have to defend myself against my government, but by the Holy, I will do so and heaven help any government agent who steps on my property without my permission. Once I own a gun, God himself will not take it away from me. And that Vice POS thinks that the American People are with him. What planet is he on?

  74. Dave says:

    Where did all of this gun violence start to happen.
    Destruction of the family values.
    Removal of the 10 commandments from the education program.
    The removal of the 10 commandments from the judicial system.
    Teaching about JESUS being outlawed.
    Since when did following the teachings of JESUS become more deadly than guns?

  75. wmagg says:

    This is just further proof that this administration is incapable of being honest with the American people
    Biden and the turd in chef know that We The People will not stand for their continued violation of OUR Constitutional Rights and they know that the people of this nation are able willing and more than ready to take an armed stance against their Tyranny and corruption.
    This nation will shout freedom from every roof top in the nation when Obuthead and hi whore are hanging in front of the white house deposed and dead just like the Italians did to Mussolini. Then we can begin rounding up all the other lying criminals in DC like polosi finstine and shummer and shoultz .

  76. Jc says:

    Biden is a lackey. His comments about shotguns and blasting two rounds from your deck to scare off intruders is unbelievable! Should his wife fire the two rounds before or after the secret service surround the place with their automatic weapons?

  77. Don says:

    Bringing back prayer in the schools and promoting the highest moral standards, family, is doing something about the matter.

  78. Dermomt says:

    If guns cause crime.Then pencil misspels werds

  79. Line In The Sand says:

    This hair-plugged idiot and his Kenyan boss can go screw themselves. I won’t be handing in any guns to either of them, ever.

  80. Line In The Sand says:

    Just so you know, Joe, I’m going to go out back, point by AR-15 toward Washington, D.C., and let off a 30 round mag. How do ya like them apples, moron??