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Comcast cable company bans all firearms ads

Comcast Corporation, the largest cable operator in the world, is now refusing to run any advertising for firearms or fireworks, as of Feb. 8.

After picking up the majority interest in NBC Universal, Comcast decided to uphold the NBC’s policy banning firearms ads.

Because Comcast has a monopoly on two-thirds of the market, that means every major network and cable channel won’t be running anymore gun ads, according to John Kupiec, president of the advertising agency Canadian American Corp.

Kupiec was first alerted to the policy change after Comcast told him he couldn’t place an ad for Williams Gun Sight and Outfitters in Davison, Mich.

“The next step is we want to get the lawmakers on Capitol Hill to review the monopolistic rights this company [Comcast] currently enjoys as the largest cable provider in the United States,” Kupiec told CBS Detroit.

“Comcast Spotlight has decided it will not accept new advertising for firearms or weapons moving forward,” the company said in a press statement. “This policy aligns us with the guidelines in place at many media organizations.”

Comcast may no longer accept commercials advertising for guns, but the cable company doesn’t seem to have any problem showing advertisements for films with guns. On the top of the website for Comcast Demand, is an advertisement for the film ‘End of Watch’ which lo and behold depicts a gun.

Beyond advertising, Comcast features a slew of movies and television series that depict gun violence.

Williams’ chief operating officer Dan Compeau reportedly argued, “We’re a perfectly legal company selling a perfectly legal product and they have chosen us out of all the industries out there to make a stand on what’s right or wrong.”

This is not the first time a major network has enforced a ban on firearms advertising. EPSN announced in January that it would no longer run an ads that include handguns or ammunition.

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