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Ted Nugent couldn’t give real reaction to SOTU because he had to ‘keep his pants on’

Musician Ted Nugent’s “favorite part” about attending the State of the Union on Tuesday was that he “couldn’t hear clearly.”

“I didn’t have to get angry,” he reportedly told a crowd of reporters outside the House chamber last night.

But Nugent, a gun advocate, still heard enough to know that “nothing he [Obama] proposed, or nothing that has been proposed, would have stopped any of the shootings.”

“Who doesn’t know this?” he continued, “Who doesn’t know that registration and limitation on magazine capacity and the color of guns has anything to do with saving lives or reducing crime?”

Nugent also called Obama’s speech “predictable” and “flowery.”

The rock star said he couldn’t give his real reaction to reporters because he “was supposed to keep [his] pants on.”

“It pains me to give you my reaction,” he told CBS while giving an interview safe enough for TV. “I just don’t believe a word the man says.”

Nugent also took to his Twitter late Tuesday night to express his disapproval of the President and his State of the Union.

He said he took pride in the fact that he made people “squirm” during the address.

After Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.) pressured other Congressmen to invite gun violence victims to the State of the Union, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) decided he would bring the pro-gun guest instead.

When Langevin criticized Stockman for taking “someone who threatened the life of the President” at a gun safety press conference on Tuesday, Nugent had a few words to say back to the Democratic Congressman.

“I threatened the President? “he reportedly asked reporters. “Are you kidding me? Why don’t you just say that I’m a gay pirate? You’ve got to be kidding me. Why don’t you talk to the Secret Service guys who visited me and concluded nothing even hinted a threat against the President?”

“He [Langevin] probably has s**t for brains,” he added.

Stockman told reporters he was “proud” Nugent was his guest.

Watch Nugent’s critique of the State of the Union below.



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