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Steven Seagal will show Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s posse how to handle school shootings

Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” has enlisted Steven Seagal, America’s leatheriest direct-to-video badass, to lead a training event designed to show 40 armed volunteers how to respond properly to a school shooting.

Six instructors and 40 armed volunteers from Arpaio’s substantial, unpaid posse will participate in the exercise. It’s scheduled for Saturday, on a school campus in suburban Phoenix, reports Reuters.

Seagal will oversee the training. Among the skills the volunteers will learn from the B-movie colossus are “entry room tactics and hand-to-hand tactics,” Arpaio’s office said in a statement. A bunch of teenagers will play the parts of students.

Participants will use semi-automatic weapons and handguns during the various exercises, Reuters reports. Marking rounds — plastic, low-power projectiles that splatter on impact — will be used as ammunition.

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