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Comedian Jim Carrey says assault weapon owners souls aren’t “worth protecting”

Another day, another celebrity wades flippantly into controversial politics. The tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting brought out fierce opinions about gun control, but one Hollywood actor went so far as to say that certain gun owners’ lives weren’t “worth protecting.”

On Saturday, comedian Jim Carrey tweeted:

The “Ace Ventura” star’s comment comes almost two months after the horrific event in which a rogue gunman murdered twenty children and six adults in an elementary school in Newtown, CT.

His short-sighted tweet makes the assumption that any American wishing to exercise his Second Amendment right by purchasing an assault weapon is a crazed gun nut with very little to no redeeming value in society.

In reality, any American wishing to “run out and buy an assault rifle” could possess a very real fear of potential unconstitutional power grabs in which the Second Amendment rights of Americans are threatened. That same American may simply wish to protect his or her household from similar rogue intruders, and choose to do so with a weapon commonly viewed by the political Left as having only one purpose: the quick destruction of multiple human lives.

Carrey cannot know the motive of those Americans and therefore his careless remark is rooted in the shallow, parroted talking points so commonly espoused by liberal elites.

The actor has yet to issue another tweet since his controversial remark. Sadly, his divisive comment has received more than 3,400 retweets and more than 1,600 “favorites” as of this printing, proving once again that the power wielded by Hollywood celebrities carries a very real influence.

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