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Comedian Jim Carrey says assault weapon owners souls aren’t “worth protecting”

Another day, another celebrity wades flippantly into controversial politics. The tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting brought out fierce opinions about gun control, but one Hollywood actor went so far as to say that certain gun owners’ lives weren’t “worth protecting.”

On Saturday, comedian Jim Carrey tweeted:

The “Ace Ventura” star’s comment comes almost two months after the horrific event in which a rogue gunman murdered twenty children and six adults in an elementary school in Newtown, CT.

His short-sighted tweet makes the assumption that any American wishing to exercise his Second Amendment right by purchasing an assault weapon is a crazed gun nut with very little to no redeeming value in society.

In reality, any American wishing to “run out and buy an assault rifle” could possess a very real fear of potential unconstitutional power grabs in which the Second Amendment rights of Americans are threatened. That same American may simply wish to protect his or her household from similar rogue intruders, and choose to do so with a weapon commonly viewed by the political Left as having only one purpose: the quick destruction of multiple human lives.

Carrey cannot know the motive of those Americans and therefore his careless remark is rooted in the shallow, parroted talking points so commonly espoused by liberal elites.

The actor has yet to issue another tweet since his controversial remark. Sadly, his divisive comment has received more than 3,400 retweets and more than 1,600 “favorites” as of this printing, proving once again that the power wielded by Hollywood celebrities carries a very real influence.



  1. Nan says:

    That’s offensive. Does he realize that publicizing his contempt for gun owners might have an effect on his income? Especially since he has shot guns in movies; in The Mask he shot a tommy gun. Oops. Totally illegal.

    I don’t like him so already refrain from seeing his movies but others may decide not to see his movies on the merits of his tweets and they hypocrisy of shooting guns in movies combined with vilifying those who purchase guns.

    1. Mark B. Morrow says:

      The Mask was essentially a cartoon. It wasn’t real.

      1. June Allen says:

        It dosent matter if the Mask was a cartoon or not, as a matter of fact it probably makes it worse. making the shooting of guns and the killing of people funny just makes kids think it is not a real thing, and that no one really gets hurt, etc. Puts ideas in their minds that might not have been there. Essentially, if he truly believed in something then he should back it up with his actions, not just his words.

        1. ckehoss says:

          Uhm, I am pretty sure he didn’t write the movie. I believe actors are hired as workers in most cases. Stallone is an exception.

    2. How*bout*some*morals says:

      Well, he didn’t express contempt for gun owners, if you actually take three seconds to read it and then a couple more seconds to think about it without reacting emotionally. He is saying that only a soulless person would be motivated to run out and buy more guns and ammo when they hear about 20 slaughtered first graders, and I agree.

  2. Jack says:

    Does he not watch the news?? An Assault Rifle was not used in the shooting.

    1. Jack says:

      The shooter wasn’t even a legal gun owner, they were his mothers’.
      Most shootings, like this one, is not done by legal gun owners, it is almost like deeming all people who drink alcohol as drunken idiots that are going to drink and drive and kill innocent people in a horrific car accident. Or, lets deem all German descendants as Jew hating Nazis. I hate it when an uninformed person, especially rich movie stars, open their mouths without knowing their asses from a hole in the ground.

      1. How*bout*some*morals says:

        Well, he questioned what kind of person would be motivated to immediately rush to the gun store when they hear that 20 first graders were shot up in their classroom. You know, when most folks are sickened, disgusted, shocked……all you can think about are the guns, like they were the victim. Go ahead and explain that thinking.

  3. Brandon Taylor says:

    I wouldn’t expect someone who pretends to talk out of his butthole to understand why anyone would buy an Assault weapon to protect themselves, especially when you have armed guards to do that for you. No assault weapons were used in that school or any school. It was 4 semi-automatic pistols. An assault weapon is an automatic/rapid firing until you take your finger off the trigger gun. Obama jt uses that term for all guns, not bolt action to broaden his fear of guns to simple minded puppets like Jim carrey. 98% of EVERYONE of these mass homicides are caused by a person who is mentally ill and were on heavy meds OR stopped taking their meds and went back to being nuts. Put the crazies where they belong and the gang members behind bars and mass murder crime all but disappears. Murder will always exist …has since the beginning of time. I use to teach history for many years and often kids would ask…”Coach why do we need to know this?” And i would always say because ppl who don’t learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them over and over. If w
    e let the government take our guns, why would any powerful nation hesitate to attack us when our ARMy has been cut into 1/100th? Hitler did this very same as Obama is, as did Stalin, etc. Surround theirselves with children and say its for our own good…shortly soon after killing millioms of innocent ppl. If you think it can’t happen here…you will be dead wrong. We are the most educated country in the world with ACCURATE facts of history. Guns are like parashoots(spelling?) , when you need them and you don’t have it, you don’t have another chance to be prepared.

    1. Pamela says:

      Oh come on, he’s referring to assault weapons not most gun owners. You guys always do the knee jerk response. Who cares if you don’t like him, he isn’t a dangerous weapon.
      And if you need protecting, why don’t you join the armed forces. And p.s. none of you seems to be able to write in English sentences, which is scary because you all own guns. I hate to think of the IQ levels here. I guess shooting is better than articulating your outrage.

      1. How*bout*some*morals says:

        In their special alternate universe it all makes sense, Pamela. How dare you hold them to the terms of this universe.

        1. So Right says:

          You are so right. Someone should hold these Elitist snobs to the terms of This Universe.
          Wayne LaPierre, who currently sits upon the executive vice president throne, pocketed about $950,000 in 2005. The parking lot at the association’s twin-glass-towered headquarters off Interstate 66 in Virginia is filled with shiny new BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes.

  4. Roger Mitchell says:

    Another washed up half funny has been is heard from amazing how bold a skinny wimp is when he is at a monitor and not anyones face.. Hum Dumb and Dumber

  5. ckehoss says:

    Sorry folks, I am going to side with him. I have had guns around me all my life, know how to shoot and have nothing against law abiding hunters and hand gun owners wanting to have some way of protecting themselves in their own homes. But here’s the thing, the fanatical attraction one might have to an assault weapon that has proven to be able to annihilate the tiny little bodies of first graders at a pace of 16 shots per second is a sick puppy. I have no feeling at all for someone that wants to purchase this type of weapon and will go so far as to say that I would love for them to figure out a way to take their own life before destroying any others.
    We have already decided that we are never ever going to be able to tell what is going on in another person’s mind so why do you want to give them easy access to that kind of weapon? Oh yeah, protection. Really? Oh no, hunting, that’s right, they want to hunt. Hunt what? Hunt a classroom of 20 first graders? Oh, no, it must be Tyranny. That is what is really is now isn’t it? Fear of the government taking your right to protect yourself from 20 little first graders?
    How about this goof in Alabama? How did he get his gun? Matters not, it is too hard to find out because there are so many of them out there.
    I got your back Mr. Carrey and I can shoot the nuts off Adam Lanza from 75 feet. I just gotta get the others to climb on freaking board!

    1. Mike says:

      An AR-15 is not an “assault weapon” you tool. Try shooting some facts into your brain before you go on a rant about something you and Jim Carrey know nothing about.

      1. ckehoss says:

        Hey Mike:

        Buy yourself some KY Jelly cause I am about to tell you that I can definitely assault your tinyness with an AR15 and then take your tighty cheeks and shove about 16 bullets per second up yours with one.

        1. GaLowCountry says:

          Gun owners do not brag about how well they shoot, what they own, or how they would take down another human being. Shooting is a matter of enjoyment, and to keep skills up to the level required to put food on the table. It is plain to all you are a left wing braggart attempting to persuade other of something you have very little knowledge of… except what you read on Huffington Post.

          1. ckehoss says:

            Gun owners do not brag?
            Someone asked me if I were brave enough to help confiscate these assault weapons and I happily replied:

            “Absolutely, just give me a blog and watch the little twerps come out. They can’t help themselves because they just love to talk about their weapons so much that they are easy pickings.”

        2. Kelsy says:

          Just because you can ‘assault’ someone with an AR-15, it does not mean it is an Assault Rifle. I can assault you with my hands, a pistol, a bat, or any other object. An assault rifle is a firearm that has the capability of select fire, meaning it can shoot both multiple rounds or a single bullet with each trigger pull. An AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that fires one bullet with each trigger pull. It has the same EXACT functionality of any regular semi-automatic hunting rifle, it is just made to cosmetically look like a military weapon. That is the ONLY similarity between an AR-15 and an actual military weapon. The fact that you think an AR-15 is an assault rifle because it is capable of ‘assaulting’ someone clearly shows your ignorance on the subject.

          1. ckehoss says:

            This young lady has delusions of adequacy

        3. Jim says:

          Unfortunately you’re wrong ckehoss. It looks like your heart is in the right place but unfortunately you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          A legal AR-15 generally shoots a .223 round which isn’t that much more dangerous than the 9 MM pistols you approve of.

          Here’s where you’re getting confused though honey, a legal AR-15 is SEMI-AUTOMATIC, as in not “16 rounds per second” but AS FAST AS A PISTOL CAN SHOOT.

          The Sandy Hook massacre would have been exactly the same with a pistol. If you support an semi-automatic AR-15 ban (Full automatic ARE ALREADY banned) then you might as well support a pistol ban while you’re at it.

    2. Bryan says:

      The problem is not the guns… its the people, thats what people dont understand. Guns are merely a tool, if he didnt have a gun that wouldnt have stopped him from doing what he did, if he didnt have a gun he could’ve easily ran them down with a stolen semi as they walk home from school, or he could have built a bomb out of supplies at a hardware store, or even worse he couldve locked in a classroom full of kids and set everyone and himself on fire… so should we ban driving or ban hardware stores, hell lets ban gasoline… that should solve the problem… right? No youre just an ignorant idiot.

      1. Mark B. Morrow says:

        Bryan, you have proved the silliness of the NRA’s call for armed guards at every school. If someone can just go after the kids on their way home (This just happened in the Georgia school bus kidnapping) we would need to have each child assigned an armed guard.

        The argument that we should not have laws since criminals will find another way to break them, is likewise silly. Just because you cannot stop every crime, doesn’t mean you don’t try to stop any crime.

        Lastly, Semi trucks have legitimate uses other than killing people.

        1. How*bout*some*morals says:

          Nicely done, Mark.

        2. Bryan says:

          I never said anything about not stopping crime, all I’m saying is that everyone is so focused on guns when the problem is the people

    3. Will says:

      Ummm people need to get their facts straight! adam lanza never even used the semi-auto 223 it was in his car when the cops found him dead they have video evidence. do some researching you”ll see.

    4. DDS says:

      “pace of 16 shots per second”

      A semi-auto AR-15 like we are told was used by the shooter at Sandy Hook fires once per trigger squeeze. It’s full-auto cousin, the military issue M16, only fires 600 shots per minute, or 10 rounds per second. So 16 shots per second from the slower firing semi-auto rifle just isn’t possible. Your claim to be familiar with firearms is starting to sound a bit thin here. Try squeezing your trigger finger 16 times in a second then come back and let us how well you did.

      1. ckehoss says:

        UPDATE: CT State Medical Examiner Says Bushmaster Rifle Did The Killing

        Bushmaster did the killing, folks! Stop defending the deadbeat NRA old folks from 1797 when the freaking constitution was written! Things are a wee bit different now, ya think?

        1. Mark B. Morrow says:

          Thank you ckehoss. The Facts of Sandy Hook are important.

        2. How*bout*some*morals says:

          Uh, those are facts…….they don’t do facts.

        3. GaLowCountry says:

          …and here is a link that says it wasn’t… again, you depend upon what you read on the left wing sites only…. With a bit of research, the real coroner’s report can be found… and you are wrong.

          1. GaLowCountry says:

            …and this was released two weeks AFTER the link you posted. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

          2. ckehoss says:

            So if the media changes their report again, will you apologize? This investigation is not complete. Don’t do any facts cause the fat lady hasn’t sung according to the Sandy Hook police. Your article is one of hundreds of thousands, yet to be published. All I know right now is the biggest mouths in the country are the ones bragging about their guns. After all these kids have been mangled, who the heck cares what gun did it?

  6. Julie says:

    Hey, Jimmy.. *color me one more person that won’t spend another dime on anything you do* finger*

    1. How*bout*some*morals says:

      So you sound like a perfect person to explain the mindset he is talking about. Why in the world would someone rush out to the gun store immediately upon hearing the news that 20 first graders were shot up in their classroom? Did you seriously think it would be closed the next day? Or are you worried your fellow gun-obsessed will snap up all the military grade stuff? But why would they? It appears that you are soulless, as Mr. Carrey pointed out.

  7. Jonathan says:

    Twitter is the toilet of our society. To be quite honest, I don’t pay any attention at all to anything that happens on Twitter.

  8. Douglas Phillips says:

    I would protect his ass if i had to. People need to know who they would and shouldn’t protect in a crisis. I hope i have a chance to not protect him. Good luck Jim almighty.
    ..and the rest of you celebrity shut birds.

    1. How*bout*some*morals says:

      So, just how much do you fantasize about “protecting” everyone else? You guys need to get over yourselves.

  9. Andy says:

    He is right semi automatic weapons should be banned and only available to authorities. Most people should not be allowed to drive yet alone use an assault rifle, ridiculous.

  10. paul says:

    Gee a few idiots with gun fetishes in America get offended by Jim Carrey exercising his first amendment right as a naturalized American citizen born in Canada. Dont suppose that all the infantile minds ,Mr Carrey refers to, actually fear that the pen is indeed mightier then the sword or a tweet can indeed disarm a gun crazed nation of 300 million plus firearms. The more Gun nuts protest a Jim Carrey for expressing something that is basically true the more you alienate yourself for the vast rational majority of the population that does not live with a single gun. There are only 48 million gun owners in America out of 320 million people and most of the gun owners make up a declining demographic of Angry Paranoid middle aged White Males. A demographic that is rapidly losing political power and was the only demographic that voted for the Republicans in a Majority. Democracy truly is beautiful as it culls the un-rational. Got some news for you the Republicans will abandon you because you are actually becoming an election liability as opposed to once being an asset via a demographic mass. 52 percent of the population is female and females overwhelmingly dont like weapons that can potentially kill them or their kids usually at the hands of abusive husbands. Blacks dont support gun ownership because it reminds them too much of the means that enslaved and oppressed them for a couple of centuries..Hispanics look at firearms as a a curse having experienced that in South and Central America. Central America especially being victims of American interference via contra rebels going as far as killing American Catholic nuns in El Salvador . Keep up the nutty talk of a tyrannical government taking away your guns and you will die for your self prophecy like David Koresh did at Waco. Unlike 1994 the government can now become tyrannical sitting in a chair and doing so with Drones never risking a life on their side. Who really wishes to die to hold on to your toys that can kill .

  11. mara says:

    Or rather – The power wielded by the truth and decency carries real influence.

    1. ckehoss says:

      You say it with such conviction and purpose and this Republican agrees 100%. I am saddened that I will have to abandon my Republican values over this particular issue but I am prepared and willing to do so before the next election. It is obvious to me that there are a few misguided souls that are holding onto an antiquated need for that type of protection! Well said, Paul and Mara, I do not have the same eloquence with regards to my statements but my thoughts are indeed the same.

  12. How*bout*some*morals says:

    Would any of you gun kooks care to actually address the point of Mr. Carrey’s tweet? You know, explain what kind of thought process goes into reaching the conclusion that you need to immediately rush to the gun store for military style guns and a ton of ammo when you hear about the kids murdered in their classrooms? It appears you are lacking a soul, as he pointed out. And while you’re at it, why did you need guns and ammo galore when the president was first elected? It appears you are nuts.

    1. Danny Hughes says:

      To stop that sort of thing from happening again if at all possible Sir.

    2. ckehoss says:

      My sentiments exactly. I have been trying to help these poor parents get their message out and the only response I hear is always some big mouth telling me he has his rights? Really? And what life did you gun save today?

  13. ISeeWhatYouDIdThere says:

    “…rooted in the shallow, parroted talking points so commonly espoused by liberal elites.”

    Well if that isnt the pot calling the kettle black.

  14. jack says:

    What, exactly, is an “Erin Brown”?

  15. MDL says:

    His tweet is no more stupid or offensive than a lot of the stuff [comedian] Ted Nugent says. And he says a lot of stupid stuff.

    1. Ricci says:

      Um, Ted Nugent is a musician.

      1. ckehoss says:

        Really? Wow, it is too bad that he is not known for his music.

  16. joanne says:

    I agree with Jim Carrey. I think Erin Brown’s analysis is distorted – she is attempting to normalize
    Somthing that is not normal. Reminds me of the book 1984 – if you say this is so, then it is.
    It is not normal to want to own assault weapons. Saying that they are used to protect the home
    Is irrational.

  17. Danny Hughes says:

    Jim…who? Oh yeah GOD, never cared much for him then could care less now! Go lie about some more crap….uh Jim.

  18. rockman2257 says:

    Which part of “shall not be infringed” do you leftists not understand?
    Had nothing to do with hunting either.

    1. ckehoss says:

      <— This Republican has been accused of being too conservative, I thank you for being an idiot. It makes me feel good all over.