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McCain and Schumer don’t like ‘Gang of Eight’ title

Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) don’t want to be part of a gang.

The two senators are part of the so-called ‘Gang of Eight,’ a bi-partisan group pushing an immigration reform proposal, but they don’t like the newly coined term to refer to their coalition.

“Now, yesterday was the sixth meeting of the gang,” said POLITICO‘s chief political correspondent Mike Allen when talking McCain and Schumer. “I guess you guys talk on your cell phones now and then.”

“Yes, but we hate the word gang,” McCain said.

“Group, group,” Schumer added.

McCain and Schumer were part of Wednesday’s POLITICO Playbook Breakfast, where they spoke about the ‘rebranding’ of their team.

“What would you rather have it be called?” Allen asked.

“Group,” McCain responded.

“Group, group of eight,” Schumer added.

“Great Americans,” McCain joked. “How about that?”

“Hopeful, prayerful Americans,” Schumer said with a chuckle.

During the breakfast, Robert Acosta, National Review’s Washington editor, tweeted that Sen. Marco Rubio — another member of the ‘Gang’ — used the term ‘work group’ when speaking about the eight.

While the ‘rebranding’ during the breakfast was humorous, it is a serious concern for the Senators involved in the immigration reform proposal. The phrase ‘gang’ has negative connotations in society and implies that the eight are bullies, instead of crusaders fighting to fix what is undeniably a broken system.

If the ‘Gang’ is going to reform immigration, reforming its name is a logical place to start.

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