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‘SNL’ ignores guns in Piers Morgan parody

Back from its winter hiatus, ‘Saturday Night Live’ launched its latest episode with a parody of the most controversial television host in America, Piers Morgan. The late-night variety show did not bring up Morgan’s obnoxious attacks on his pro-guns guests, however. Instead, Morgan was portrayed as a respectful talk show host with idiotic guests.

Impersonators of Lance Armstrong, Manti Te’o and Jodie Foster all appeared as guests on Morgan’s show in the parody, which served solely as a commentary on last week’s entertainment news rather than a rebuke on Morgan’s vexing show, ‘Piers Morgan Tonight.’

Armstrong is predictably painted as unremorseful for taking performance enhancing drugs over the last 20 years (“Is it cheating maybe. Am I sorry I did it? Yes-ish. P.S. no.”), Manti Te’o as a boneheaded football star who doesn’t realize his “girlfriend” Lennay Kekua was a hoax and never existed (“Man, Lennay is gonna be pissed [when she finds out]”) and Foster as washed up actress who gets terrible coming out advice from her “two most trusted advisors, the voice of reason” in her life, Robert Downey, Jr. and Mel Gibson.

The sketch garners a few laughs here and there, such as Armstrong’s snarky comment that he’s doing Morgan’s CNN show for everyone who couldn’t find OWN to watch his interview with Oprah, but overall the sketch was a bad start to the New Year for the increasingly irrelevant program.

SNL hit the nail on the head by leading with Piers Morgan, but was a missed opportunity to mock the British reality TV show star for his combative interviews with supporters of the Second Amendment that have served as the focus of Morgan’s show since the Newtown shooting last month. The show’s producers also ignored his complete lack of respect for the world’s foremost historical documents – the U.S. Constitution (which he recently reduced to a “little book”) and the Bible (which he said needed to be amended to take out language forbidding homosexuality.)

Also absent from the show were any skits about President Barack Obama, who begins his second term as President today. U.S. presidents and current events have often been the subject of SNL’s opening skit, but the show had nothing to say this week about the fiscal cliff, the debt showdown, the mass exodus from the President’s Cabinet or any of the other issues facing America, with the exception of a few gun control jokes during the Weekend Update that weren’t really about Obama or his administration.

Looks like the next four years really are going to be a lot like the last four.


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