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Reverend Jesse Jackson claims assault weapons can “shoot down airplanes”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Hear that? It’s the sound of an assault weapon in the hands of a rogue individual, taking down an airplane flying overhead.

At least, that’s what the Reverend Jesse Jackson thinks assault weapons can do. The Reverend’s misinformed assertion that assault weapons are capable of shooting down airplanes came during a Fox News appearance yesterday.

“These semi-automatic weapons, these assault weapons, can only kill people, and in fact, they are threats to national security … the young man who did the killing in Aurora, Colorado … he could shoot down airplanes, so this is a matter of homeland security as well,” he said while speaking about gun control with anchor Martha MacCallum on ‘America’s Newsroom.’ The debate about gun control has permeated the national dialogue ever since the tragic massacre of 26 innocent victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month involved a gun.

An assault weapon is a loose term not easily defined, often brought up in discussions about gun control, and commonly refers to the high-powered rifles and other guns that are used in tragic shootings, such as the AR-15. And according to Jason Hanson, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer who spoke to The Blaze, using a rifle similar to the one Aurora shooter James Holmes used, “it would be impossible to shoot down a plane. (Okay, nothing is impossible, but it would be as likely as aliens knocking on my front door tomorrow.) I’ve never heard of a rifle shooting down civilians plane outside of a war zone either.”

Even Michael Knox, a criminology consultant with a specialty in firearms and ballistics, said the AR-15, “is no more capable than any other firearm of shooting down a plane–less capable than most hunting rifles–so, Jesse Jackson’s claim would mean that all firearms are a threat to national security.” He went on to say, “Clearly, Jackson is reaching for gun control rhetoric and he would be well-served to do some research on firearms before making such absurd public statements.

We await comment from the White House and its liberal parrots on whether or not the Reverend’s comedic comments are a welcome distraction from the President of the United States and his recently issued controversial executive actions.

(h/t to The Blaze for catching the glaring flaw in Reverend Jackson’s statement.)



  1. Ross says:

    If Jesse Jackson wants the manufacturers more responsible for their product, then the alcohol companies had better e more responsible. Nothing will get done with that part since all of Congress drink.Tobacco companies have been working some but need to do more. Vehicle companies will have to be more responsible so no recall happen in the future.

    1. Sherman says:

      Well, you’ve hit on one very important topic….Automobiles. Automobiles are probably the best example of a “weapon of mass destruction”!! No one talks about the mass killings that go on year after year with vehicle accidents! Between 30,000 and 40,000 people die on the highways every year….YES, EVERY YEAR!! And nobody talks about these deaths. They want to talk about a few isolated incidents where some nut-case shoots up a theater or school. Sure that’s bad, but why are the deaths that are a result of vehicle accidents NEVER brought up???? Sounds like the “media” at work again! The media also played up the deaths in Iraq where roughly 5,000 died in the years that we fought there….they played that for all it was worth and yet we were still killing our own on our highways back then to the tune of 30,000 to 40,000 deaths a year! Once the Liberals get rolling on a subject like “Gun Control”, watch out…..there’s another objective there!!

      1. Winston says:

        The government is responsible for the number of deaths in vehicle collisions because of the bogus environmental dogma. The weight of cars is insufficient to protect many in collisions. The EPA wants better gas mileage which can only be achieve by reducing weight of vehicles. I believe modifications to combustion engines has been maximized so you can expect the weight of cars to be further reduced leading to even more deaths because cars won’t be able to withstand collisions.

        1. RW says:

          I agree, anyone who can afford it should buy a truck or a motorhome to gain real highway survivability.

          1. jimmypete says:

            Really people should be able to buy a tank, with at least a 50 caliber machine gun. That way they can defend their families from the UN troops and Zombies trying to take over America at Obama’s order, and be safe from having a Toyota Prius smashing into them because they couldn’t hear the electric motor. Thus protecting their Second Amendment rights and the right to drive a tank on the highway.

    2. Maynard Merrell says:

      Rev. Jackson, you’re a clown. You really are. I might shoot down a palne if it’s about 200 yards or less above ground level. And I might shoot down a plane at 30,000 ft. high from a passenger seat, but in either case I wouldn’t necessaerily need what you call an assault weapon. I could do it with a .22 Cal. single shot rifle. An old soldier like me was taught to fire automatice weapons in three round burst to conserve ammo, but that isn’t always the case. As I understand it the Newtown shooter only used pistole or revolvers and the rifle was left behind in his car. You’re problem is that you don’t want we the people to be able to defend ourselves against enemies foreign or domestic. Enemy communists from within who wish to overthrow our Republic and establish commuinism; or if be ourselves must rise up to overthrow the perverts of our Constitution and Republic. For a reverend you don’t want to know the truth or face the truth. To you it is easier and more benificial to follow a false god…Obama. If you were a trfue reverend you would be lome concerned about the killings, the murders of millions of babies in abortion clinics. Thats where your so called christian path should take you. For this reason aloned, you are a farce, a phony.

    3. Donna says:

      Maybe we need to do a vigorous background check on Rev. Jackson. Sounds like “funny farm” material to me. As a matter of fact, why don’t all gun owners offer to submit to a vigorous background check if Obama does? He has his finger on the nuclear trigger and should be checked thoroughly — including psychiatric testing before he is given access to such weapons.

      1. Bob Da Grouch says:

        What else would you expect from ole Jesse. He has never dealt a fair hand, that I know of. Has anyone ever known of this fool to speak about something from factual information. It still seems like James Earl Ray took out the wrong person. MLK wasn’t hurting anyone, whereas MrRev Jackson was always out there trying to stir the dookey, start riots and such. Hey, anyone contemplating such a heinous act, for petes sake, will you please use a cadillac or a hammer, and leave your guns at home.
        Oh, BTW, Happy J.E. Ray day! Only kiddin’ folks.

      2. Bob Da Grouch says:

        Miss Donna, that’s a very good point. Not just BHO, but every new Prez. and VP. That trigger has the potential of killing millions, needless to say. Even second & third opinions wouldn’t be out of reason.

    4. Parklitch212 says:

      Please go back to race-baiting power politics, Rev.
      At least people wouldn’t PITY you, and think you should be in a rest home, ranting about Racists under the bed and pining for the old days when young women didn’t GAG when you propositioned them.

  2. OldmanRick says:

    This old race baiting troll is dumber than a brick and about as honest as Al Sharpton.

    1. J Idell says:

      You’re giving the Reverend too much credit on both counts!

    2. Fred says:

      Jesse Jackson is like Barack Hussein Obama, if he is breathing, he is lying. I grow tired of the verbal idiocy he always spouts when he speaks out on any subject that will get him a few minutes on camera. Jackson may not carry a gun, but his bodyguards certainly do.

    3. Rodney Nars says:

      Al Sharpton is Lying sack of cow dung.

    4. deuce says:

      Why does the media continue to give space to jesse(shakedown)jackson and
      al(tawana brawley)sharpton?

      1. Winston says:

        Because the media are their disciples. They sing praises even when these a$$hat$ are patently wrong. Must read Ann Coulter’s “Mugged.” It is very eyeopening concerning the deceptive build-up of racism since the 70s. The media has been a complicit partner to many, many false claims of white attacks on blacks. It is absolutely appalling!! The lies are too numerous to mention here. The book is good. Share it with a braindead liberal sycophant, if they can read.

  3. Titus Oates says:

    There is a reason the late Mike Royko used to refer to the Rev as “Jesse Jetmouth.”

    As far back as WWI Eddie Richenbacker was scoffing at ground soldiers trying to bring down his wood and canvas bi-plane with their full power battle rifles (using a round much more powerful than a typical assault rifle round). He pointed out only a very skilled, or very lucky shot, could hit a moving plane in a place likely to do harm – fuel tank, engine, pilot. It would be even more difficult today, given the increased speed of airplanes, and the reduced power and range of “assault rifles.” Unless the shooter wants to race out onto the runway to blaze away at landing or departing planes…..

  4. hitthedeck says:

    Jesse and his soul brother that thinks Guam is going to turn over have always got the right answers. Jesse’s eyes lit up when he mentions that gun companys should be more responsable. Thats right down his alley! He loves to shakedown corporations. Jesse is the President of the Obama Carpetbagers and Al Sharpton is his Vice President. His son was flying high on other peoples money and got shot down and not a shot was fired.

  5. Terry says:

    A bird can take down a jet. Jesse gonna outlaw them too. That’s it, let’s make a law prohibiting birds from flying through jet engines.

  6. WildBill2225 says:

    Well, you know what they always say . . . “Stupid is, as Stupid does!”

  7. JonZ says:

    Maybe the manufacturers of Doctors tools ought to be targeted as well. They produced tool that sucked the brains and crushed the skulls of the unborn….1,200,000 last year alone. Jesse wouldn’t know the difference between a .50BMG and a .22 rim fire. But don’t disturb him with the facts, his mind is set.

  8. Gary says:

    How about we make political leaders, i.e., the President, Congress, Jessie Jackson, more accountable for THEIR product or more accurately, unproductiveness? This is right up there with the video of the Congressman Hank Johnson, who was afraid that Guam would tip over!

  9. williemcd says:

    Perhaps he’s been hanging with Odumbo and chooming!

  10. Randolph Rivers says:

    Not only is he a racist he is stupid. Why does Fox give this phony reverend the time of day. Let us start with some questions. Where did you go to school to become a reverand? Did you graduate? Are you a true reverend in the eyes of the law? No. No. No. Stop listening to this lying old fool. The only thing he has done well is stir up the troubles with blacks being able to work within our society. Please stop listening to him about anything. He has had his fifteen minutes and then some.

  11. maziel says:

    Shut up, sit down, fold your hands in your lap. You can count your money later.

  12. Peter Pan says:

    Why do any of the media outlets give this racial bigot, and obvious gun ignoramous, any air time at all???? It just boggles my mind.

  13. Fred G.Cazares says:

    Ask Mr.Jackson what kind of firearms the Black Panthers had when he gave his speech in So.Chicago. I was there and I remember,we were locked in and the Panthers well armed.

  14. Lee Payment says:

    This is a genuine WALK’N TALK’N DUMB A$$ why anyone listens to what this MORON has to say is beyond me.

  15. AlwaysRIGHT says:

    Good article – glad someone pointed out that stupid comment Jesse Jackass made.

    But I also have a beef with a line in this article “An assault weapon …commonly refers to the high-powered rifles and other guns that are used in tragic shootings, such as the AR-15.”

    I have a beef with the description “high-powered” – that is wrong. WRONG. it shoots a smaller, less powerful round than most handguns. It shoots a .223. A 38 special shoots .38. A 357 shoots a .357. And if you really want to get accurate, even within those calibers of ammo, each can have a varying amount of gun powder, which gives it the power.

    Next, “high-powered” implies to naive people that it can shoot farther, faster, or be more dangerous – when that’s not true. It fires the same way as the deer hunter’s rifle, at the same speed, the same ammo, and same trigger action. The truth is, the definition of what constitutes an “assault” rifle is entirely cosmetic things – seriously – not a single criteria to be considered an assault weapon has anything at all to do with performance! I’m not making this up! A few of the criteria that would make a gun an “assault” weapon is the grip, the adjustable stock to accommodate the length of one’s arm to shoulder distance, the guard on the barrel to protect yourself from burning yourself, the deflector on the end of the barrel to deflect the smoke to the side for people who are target shooting and the smoke can obstruct the view. Sure, you might say “well, that would help a madman too” – actually you’re wrong there, as a maniac shooting at people isn’t looking through the site, he’s typically shooting from the hip. And he’s rarely positioned in a stationery position like a target shooter is, with gun secured on a pillow or tripod. So – c’mon, don’t be as dumb as the democrats and media. Learn about the subjects you are writing/talking. I have.

    Do you need a lesson in what a semi-automatic is? It doesn’t shoot any faster or more powerfully. It is easier/faster to reload, admittedly. But EVERY gun, with the exception of a revolver, is a semi-automatic. Except maybe a single shot shotgun – correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure of this. Semi-auto simply refers to having a magazine (which is basically a cartridge filled with ammo) that you can slide into the gun.

    1. Steve says:

      Your stupidity almost rivals JJ’s…

      1. AlwaysRIGHT says:

        Tell me what I’ve said that in your feeble clueless mind could be considered “stupid”? Or are you too glued to your television today watching your dumbass illegal illegitimate savior Oblama’s inauguration? A million people attended, and no one missed work!

        1. Steve says:

          .223/5.56 shoots a smaller diameter bullet, but is has way more velocity than a .38 or .357. 2800-3000+ FPS for 5.56 vs 800-1300 FPS for 38/357.

          “the deflector on the end of the barrel to deflect the smoke to the side for people who are target shooting and the smoke can obstruct the view.”

          Wrong again, nimrod. A Flash Hider dissipates the muzzle flash, has nothing to do with “smoke”, and was designed to make it so enemy soldiers can’t pinpoint your position via said muzzle flash.

          “actually you’re wrong there, as a maniac shooting at people isn’t looking through the site, he’s typically shooting from the hip. And he’s rarely positioned in a stationery position like a target shooter is, with gun secured on a pillow or tripod.”

          That’s the way they do it on TV, anyway…. Tripods are generally used for crew-served weapons. Bipods are used by most benchrest shooters. Shooting off a pillow?? Yeah, right.

          “But EVERY gun, with the exception of a revolver, is a semi-automatic.”

          Wrong again. There are single shot pistols, bolt action rifles, pump-action shotguns, etc, that are NOT semi-auto.

          Oh, and as to your ASSumption that I was glued to TV today? Wrong, again, I was working at a shooting range. I’m an NRA Instructor and former police officer. Your knowledge of firearms is pathetic, as is your ability to formulate an intelligent insult.

  16. Frank says:

    Again, a liberal, moronic statement from someone who really doesn’t know anything about what weapons/rifles are capable of doing. He is constantly spouting off in order to get back into the news. Never ceases to amaze me how certain individuals will say anything just to hear themselves talk.

  17. John Malott says:

    Yo Jesse can you spell idiot?

  18. Jesse Jackson you are as dumb as a rock. Assault weapon will not shoot down a aircraft.

  19. Louis Klar says:

    During the viet nam war one of the most damaging weapons that took down dozens of planes was the hand thrown rock. As far as weapons these guns can take down planes as well, 306,308 556,762, 38, 357, 9mm, 45 and the insideous crossbow. So much stupidity, so much insanity, so little time.

  20. kim wade says:

    An ambush question for Jesse.
    Are you now or were you ever for the US gov’t?
    Did u spy on Dr.King for the US Gov’?
    Just ask this question out of the sky blue. while interviewing this for this story.
    Get the camera zoomed in on his face as you pose the question.
    This man is a Judas goat who set Dr. King up to be killed.
    Kim Wade

  21. kim wade says:

    An ambush question for Jesse.
    Are you now or were you ever a spy for the US gov’t?
    Did u spy on Dr.King for the US Gov’?
    Just ask this question out of the sky blue. while interviewing this for this story.
    Get the camera zoomed in on his face as you pose the question.
    This man is a Judas goat who set Dr. King up to be killed.
    Kim Wade

  22. pearl says:

    What a buffoon! This comment reminds me of the Congressional hearings in which Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson actually asked Admiral Willard whether the island of Guam might capsize from the weight of a military buildup on one side! It is truly amazing that the American people will abide such ignorance and not laugh these fools off the national stage.

  23. BMW Metro says:

    Let’s give it up for Jesse Jackson, folks!
    He’ll be here all week!
    Don’t forget to try the veal!
    Goodnight everybody!

  24. Elvenia says:

    sharpton and jackson have lied and used their people for years. they have done everything to keep them ignorant and helpless. the two of them should be in jail along with obama.

  25. Chris Robinette says:

    What drugs is Jessie taking??? It seems that every time he opens his mouth out pours alot of stupid rhetoric from one of the dumbest men i have ever heard talk. I’m sorry but every time he speaks anywhere he ends putting his feet in his mouth and i mean feet as in both of them.

  26. rycsailor says:

    Jesse Jackson’s opinion is about as valuable as Obama’s claim that he’s pro 2nd amendment.. If Jesse wants to do something useful, he should tell us why blacks are the predominant gun-slingers and of all things mostly commit black on black crimes.

  27. Skip says:

    Jessie Jackson,a mouth without a brain running it!

  28. aremid says:

    I always thought he was an idiot, now I know for sure.

  29. RPW says:

    LOL, I had to laugh when I read that whooper from old Jesse. Yes a 5.56 or .223 bullet might be able to hit an airplane flying very low and slow but even than it would have to be a very lucky shot or unlucky shot depending on your point of view, Even if one hit it would be very unlikely to take down the airplane. Jesse it’s time for you to retire on all the money you have accumulated from your soon to be judged nefarious activities.

  30. James says:

    And, OOOOO MMMMM GGGGG !!!! Birds, too !! Those darn things parked a plane in the Hudson a while back. There’s another crisis the government should take advantage of. And, oh yeah Jessee, rivers too. They get in my way. You can’t drive over ’em. You can’t walk over ’em… Well, YOU can I guess, but the rest of us can’t, so rivers should be outlawed. Too !!

  31. Herbetnet says:

    Mr. Jackson is confusing commercial rifles with NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s personal rocket launchers that he brags he can use to take out commercial airliners–

  32. BDS says:

    Jesse Jackson does more damage with his mouth and personal life style than these guns have. Cars driven by crazy people kill others, better remove all cars!

  33. Rodney Nars says:

    Mr. Jackson is so full of it he stinks on this topic.. A rifle of any type will not shoot down an airplane. You can’t pop off enough rounds quick enough to harm a modern plane. Especially a jet. He is a Reverend and no one knows where his church is at. He probably never shot an assault weapon and wouldn’t know how if his life depended on it. The Reverend Mr. Jackson should keep himself in the civil rights area where he knows a lot about. Like operation Push in Chicago. He should attempt to get the gang-bangers to give up their weapons. He don’t have chutzpah to do that. All he does is cry how bad African Americans are treated in this country. However as far as I know African Americans who have a job and that is most African Americans they have a problem with the reverend. He stands up for the people who don’t have the gumption to get a job and support themselves. He is for all the welfare programs that keep paying people to stay unemployed. I do not like Reverend Jackson because he wants the people who work to support the people who do not want to work . No one seems to know what church he is affiliated with and where his church is at. His family does own a Budweiser distributorship in Chicago. Reverend Jackson is a phoney and a BS artist. You don’t like what I say too bad.

  34. Co-opted derate says:

    Jessie Jackson is and always has been a crybaby puppet of the Socialist democerat (commie, pinko boogewr flickin, bed wettin, ne’re do wells who will do or say anything to get his “followers to jump on the new world order band wagon. His apparent goal in life seems to be the first Secratary general for thological absurdity for the new world order.

  35. Paul Donovan says:

    Uou know what else assault rifles can do ? They can keep tyrannical government in check. That’s why our founding fathers wanted the second amendment in place first and foremost. We do not want the Fox guarding the hen house. The second amendment is a right given to us by our creator , Nit by government. The second amendment shall not be infringed , was put in place exactly for times as these. So stay out if our freedoms. Our second protects all other rights. Never let the government alter our God given rights to arms. We already gave in too much in the past. When the Second amendment was enacted we all had muskets , meaning government and citizens now we just have rifles, and government had jets, tanks, missiles , bombs , drones, helicopters, satellites , you name it they have it. Now they want the small arms left that we hold dearly? Never will we give up one more step. We already gave most rights up over the past years. ENOUGH.

  36. Tejanojack says:

    That is one dumb man!

  37. kygator says:

    Poor simpleton! The comments clearly show what total disgust people have for this punk!
    He should stay out of sight with his whore secretary and their bastard offspring!!

    (It would confuse his peanut brain if people started referring to this weapon as
    a “PROTECTION” rifle!)

  38. Tim Richards says:

    Jesse Jackal needs to put the damn crack pipe down.

  39. greg schmidt says:

    Jesse Jackson bores me to death. Can we please have “Jackson Control”?

  40. Scat says:

    Jesse Jackson, the Reverend Jesse Jackson is a ‘has been’ trying to make waves about something he has little or no information about. He needs to clean up his act with the ‘Rainbow Coalition’ fiasco he used to make money for himself!! Jesse goes where the money is. Wonder if he found a new money sponsor to push these comments!!! Could it be George Soros?? It would not surprise me one bit!!!!

  41. Rooster says:

    Let’s back up a bit a think how liberals define “semiauto”. A round is fired with each pull of the trigger. So by extension my double action 22 cal is a semiauto. Once it’s on the books they’ll want to take everything away. Since there’s a differnce between being stupid & ignorant, maybe stupid Jesse should just shut up go home.

  42. Guest says:

    He’s right. The army even has an FM with how to do it!

  43. Phil C. says:

    Liberal kooks can take down entire republics, and that’s thousands of times worse than one airplane crash.

  44. Jim28thReg says:

    Will you people paaleeeeas stop refering to this parasie as reverend. he has never earnd this title. It was honoray and this peice of blood sucking crap has no honor. So please don’t give it to him.

    1. parklitch212 says:

      I sorry to see that his self-appointed title leaves the same fecid taste in your mouth as it leaves in mine.
      But until his neighborhood and his supporters accept the facts that he and “The Reverend” Al Sharpton are just opportunistic, race-baiting frauds and agents, preaching from their self-built pulpits, hoping to keep their brothers and sisters as pawns, in virtual SLAVERY to their Democratic Masters. Until the people they influence rise up on their own and remove these monsters from influencing their societies, they will remain.

  45. Eric Coddington says:

    So can 20,000 hand held heat seeking surface to air missiles stolen from a Army ware house
    that we are trying hard to get back. Mention things that attack our Constitution such as assault
    weapons used only by a few nut cases in the improper fashion. When American Citizens have heat seeking missiles out there much more dangerous. Attack our second amendment ? By the way continue spending money like it has no end driving our Country into the Dirt and destroying our reputation !
    Leadership that has no balance and constantly attacks American freedoms instead of so many
    other issues that need unaddressed are neglected instead do more harm to our selves than a enemy from with out ! The only safe way to protect Americans from people who miss use guns rifles any harmful weapon etc is good people with the same willing to protect enemy with in our shores, and without ! Enemy crazy enough to come unto our shores. Just try to harm one Citizen and or visitor of America unless good people by N.A.T.O. with laws by enemy with in America take away our collective ability to together to defend our Nation by methods Hitler used. A crazy person with any type of weapon does not give justification to take rights a way from 99.99% of law abiding Citizens, but this is what is happening this very day. Is this sane to ignore Our Nations budget and threaten Citizens who have done nothing but support their Country- Love their Country ! Love their Country America ! Is it sane to say you will work through issues and by actions yet display hate and disrespect to those in office, put their by the very Citizens -who never voted second amendment attackers into office- instead voted people who do not to attack Our Constitution and laws and ways of life and founding fathers religious freedoms, and turn to US Citizens on T.V. and lie about evil attempts to destroy OUR NATION. All people deserve equal attention all People in this Country. The attacks on our freedoms and lack of attention on spending and accountability for actions against men and women such as Ambassador Chris Stevens send a message enemy with out is supported by enemy with in ! We must as a Nation help elected men and women fight any efforts to divide US as a people. Do not judge based on skin color, judge based on actions not words. Saying one thing and really meaning another is the business of the day. Integrity is needed and honest need for every Citizen to get involved and work out issues with one another should be our Business !
    Attacks against religious Freedom and those who demand accountability in public office should be honestly addressed and not covered up and taken out of context ! Nor the subject changed over
    and over again !

  46. Roger Mitchell says:

    O.K I have guns and have hunted and shot for sport since I was 6 I had my 1st .22 L/R a winchester my Father had back in 1936 when he was 10. I have 25 to 30 weapons now of all Cal. and sizes I still want to know what make on particular weapon a assault weapon ?
    I have seen people be assaulted with Bricks and bats and sticks hatchets and fist I’ve never had the pleasure of being assaulted myself but once and there where three of them wanted in 2 other states and then there was 2 I shot the one who wanted to beat me and the others ran.. .45 long colt against his assault knife !
    When you strap on a big pistole you’d be surprised how people leave you alone But in Va. you have that right to buy and walk called O.C open Carry no permit required its legal there.. where the adults live

    1. RW says:

      It’s legal everywhere as long as your not a convicted felon, the 2nd amendment makes it legal for every law abiding American.

  47. Jeff Greenbaum says:

    Jesse Jackson, the “homeland” (I like Fatherland better but…) security expert. He will gladly pop-up anytime his masters call. I have to wonder, though, does ANYONE listen to him? He has always been feeding off of the blood of MLK like a drunken vampire. . King wasn’t killed with a semi-automatic or an “assault rifle”. The assassin used a pump-action rifle. Does he want to ban those?

    To succeed in their horrible plans to drain the middle-class dry they MUST GET OUR GUNS. The problem is that no matter what “laws” the Washington Redcoats try to pass, it will be null, void and ILLEGAL since the right to bear arms is not granted by our Government. Being free gives one the right and duty to have the means to resist tyranny. Inalienable means just that.

    Columbine and Sandy Hook could have been stopped fast with a few teachers or administrators with guns available. Israel learned how to stop this kind of thing but American power-holders don’t WANT it to stop. THEY MUST GET OUR GUN TO COMPLETE THIER AGENDA.

    As to what that agenda is, I leave it to you to discover as there are many and intertwine in ways that only an amount of research can begin to untangle. It is time to shake-off the sleepy daze we have been in for decades and take back the USA. Both sides are short on time and we do NOT want to let fascist goons to decide the question. Awake!

    1. parklitch212 says:

      The tired old phrase, it’s not about the guns it’s about CONTROL, makes the long story short.
      The MSM, so ready to step up and assist any effort to push the agenda, has spun so many different versions about how, why and with what Lanza did, that the old Rev, desperate for any attention that doesn’t reflect on his extorting corporations for personal gain, his ever growing number of illegimate offspring, or his schizo congressman son, allows us another reason to understand just HOW out of touch with reality anyone like him can be, and how much we, as Americans, do NOT miss his comments on anything.
      Why anybody lets him anywhere near a microphone or camera is beyond me. Why nobody should is evident , once again. Somebody PLEASE keep an eye on Grampa, he’s doin’ it, again.

  48. jimmypete says:

    We should really all buy tanks or at least Bradley Fighting vehicles with a minimum armament of 50 Caliber Machine gun. Then we can travel the roads safely and not worry about Socialist GM cars crashing into us and shoot Zombies who are under Obama’s orders to make us salute the UN flag and become atheist Muslims.

  49. Niyah crayon says:

    What was so exceptional about Jesse Jackson