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White House considers funding for cops in schools

In what seems like a surprise move, the White House working group on gun control is considering expanding federal funding for cops in schools.

It was the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre who, a week after the shooting in Newtown, recommended placing armed police officers in every school in America. The idea was ridiculed by the left but has been embraced by the school superintendent in Newtown at the behest of many parents. There are currently two officers present at each of the six schools in the Newtown district.

The White House has found that even many Democrats support the idea of cops in schools. Senator Barbara Boxer told the Post, “If a school district wants to have a community policing presence, I think it’s very important they have it.” Ninety percent of large, urban high schools already have SROs on duty; however, the majority of schools, especially at the elementary level, have no security at all.

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