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The eight Senators who voted against the ‘fiscal cliff’ deal

While it’s rare in this day and age for legislation to pass with overwhelming bipartisan support, the fiscal cliff deal passed the Senate Monday night by a 89-8 vote. So who were the eight Senators that voted no?


Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO)

Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE)

“Unfortunately, the deal the Senate passed this morning is not the grand bargain that I, and many of us, had hoped for, and that’s why I ultimately voted against it,” Sen. Carper said in a statement.


Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA)

“It’d be one thing to raise taxes to reduce the deficit, but that’s not what this deal does,” said Sen. Grassley in a press release. “It’s a fiscal farce to raise taxes and hurt economic growth only to fuel more government spending with record deficits and debt.”


Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA)

“Tonight, at the 11th hour, we find ourselves considering legislation to address a manufactured ‘fiscal cliff,’ said Sen. Harkin. “Instead, we find ourselves voting on an agreement that fails to address our number one priority – creating good, middle class jobs in Iowa and throughout the country.


Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)


“While Washington is preoccupied with the so-called fiscal cliff, little attention has been given to the fiscal avalanche that will occur if we continue down an unsustainable, long-term path, causing markets to turn sour on U.S. debt and leading to a spike in interest rates,” Sen. Lee wrote in a recent Washington Times op-ed.


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)

“It’s impossible to get to any deal on the fiscal cliff when Majority Leader Reid and President Obama refuse to consider meaningful cuts in spending,” Sen. Paul said in a statement. “Sending more taxpayer dollars to Washington isn’t the solution to this situation; cutting wasteful government spending and enabling Americans to keep more of their own money is.”


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)

“I appreciate all the hard work that went into avoiding the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’. I especially commend Senator McConnell’s efforts to make the best out of a bad situation. Nevertheless, I cannot support the arrangement they have arrived at,” Sen. Rubio said. “Thousands of small businesses, not just the wealthy, will now be forced to decide how they’ll pay this new tax and, chances are, they’ll do it by firing employees, cutting back their hours and benefits, or postponing the new hire they were looking to make.


Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL)

“I do not support this agreement. Our economy needs spending restraint by the federal government and fundamental tax reform that eliminates corporate welfare and lowers individuals’ rates,” said Sen. Shelby in a statement. “Instead, this package raises taxes, increases spending, and will lead to more borrowing. This deal is certainly no cure-all; rather, it falls far short of the measures necessary to promote job creation, economic growth, and fiscal stability.”




  1. Royce allen says:

    Put politicians on minimum wage and MAKE THEM pay THEY”RE taxes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jerry O'Neal says:

      I like the 8 who stood up and did not collapse for political reasons. I agree with the 8, now watch taxes go up and business go under or away.

    2. Noni77 says:

      I agree, their pay should indeed be adversely affected when they show gross negligence, incompetence of perfidy.

      1. Noni77 says:

        “Or” not “if”… Correction.

    3. Mike says:

      “They are taxes”?

  2. Frances says:

    Thank you!!! You are the men I will support!! I hope you can get many others to follow your lead! Honor, honesty, & backbone!! I’m from Alabama, so special thanks to Sen Shelby. Names are being posted all over my pages & groups, so everyone knows who you are!! Thank you for standing up or the people! There’s more work to do, force cuts, stop sending weapons to Egypt, and for sure, stop gun control! The Mercian people are here to help, just let us know how. Mr. Paul, thank you very much for keeping us informed… You sir, have my respect & support…

    1. Cheryl says:

      Well put, Frances! These men had the courage to make a stand and vote ‘no’ on this misguided bill that does nothing to address the true problem: runaway govt spending. Until Congress and the president tackles those issues, NOTHING will be accomplished, but much can be lost.

  3. Karen says:

    Republicans jousting for their next election aside, congratulations to the the Dems who voted against this because it does nothing for jobs. If you concentrate on JOBS, the other problems are easier to fix. This is the first step towards AUSTERITY which is working oh so well in Greece. Stimulate the economy!

    1. Karen says:

      Are you really serious in stating that the Republicans that didn’t vote for this bill did so solely out of consideration for their next election? Really? And of course because they are Democrats – you did note there were 3 out of the eight? – didn’t vote on it because of the same reason? Shame on you! All of these men care about this country and I personally would say the rest of Congress members do not. Rand Paul 2016.

      1. Karen says:

        So another comment site that decides if your comment is ok to print. Wow, this should still be America with 1st Amendment rights intact. I see on your site that it leans to the non American tactic of deciding for us what is okay to say. You suck.

  4. Truggy says:

    And they will be gifted in 2014 for the mid term elections . Looks like there the only ones who are working with the people !

  5. Denog says:

    Good for them not voting on something they didn’t read, even if they might agree with the core ideas of it.

  6. Carol says:

    Make all the Democrats in this administration pay their taxes…. Geithner, Daschle, Sebelius (sp??)… and all the others who were given a position in the administration and all owed income taxes…. Their motto is obviously… register as a Democrat or progressive liberal and pay no taxes, register as a Republican or conservatist and pay the wages of these tax frauds…..

  7. John Nixon says:

    These are indeed hard times. Comments refer to the need to concintrate on jobs. I do not understand how jobs are created except by spending. The wealthy supposedly were given tax breaks under George W Bush so that more jobs could be crated by these folks. It didn’t happen. Obviosly few were created but the wealthy became even wealthier. Banks were given tarp money to provide loans to small businesses. However it appears that the Banks used the money to shore up their bottom line and provide bonuses for the upper levels. Wall Streeters also paid themselves bonuses with tax payer money. Now, certain of our law makers wish to balence the budget by cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Thus the burden of budget reform will fall on those least able to bare it. It appears that a significant number of our law makers are more than financially secure. These individuals can’t possibly identfy with the average American have a “Let them eat cake” attitude to those Americans that just are able to get by ( the 47%). These lawmakers say that we (the lawmakers) have hard choices to make. Really? Not when those choices would not affect their life style or self voted financial and medicl benefits. Our law makers will never have to depend on Social Security, Medicare, and certainly not Medicaid.

    1. Jeff J says:

      Spending doesn’t create jobs. Spending creates taxes. Government subsidized jobs are governmental growth. The free market creates jobs. All of the wealth in this nation comes from the free market. I find it amazing that Socialism which fails world wide including Cuba lately is some kind of ideal solution to the entitled ” I’m owed ” crowd.

  8. Josh Patterson says:

    Seems the percentage of Senators doing their job is similar to the percentage of government employees who do their job also…4% working for the people is better than none but not nearly enough when the pay the other 96% to be a pain in the butt

  9. Iris Gerkens says:

    I thank all of those eight Senators who voted honorably and were willing to stand up for what is right. I was very disappointed that my Senator did not do the same

  10. Ed says:

    Im proud of these senators, unlike the ones from GA who I will no longer support! One thing to vote for what you believe in to be good but to vote on a bill without even reading it shows me you do not really care about your job. They are paid to read and understand what they are about to throw on the American public! We all want congress to work but without senators doing the hard work that is needed to get these tough laws passed with care we are destined for weakness in the future.

  11. Bonnie says:

    The Fiscal Cliff has just about already happened and continues to go over the cliff because this administration gets $1 tax in and spends $40. He immediately takes off on another vacation. It appears life in the White House is either campaigning or vacations and never time to attend meetings or work with Congress but good at passing the buck blaming others. It is all dictatorship and all about me, me, me and them. He never makes a speech without blaming someone else for his mistakes. He proposed raised income for Congress and himself, extended unemployment for another year, and another vacation. Poor man didn’t have enough rest last year with all the campaigning. Where should he be? In D.C. working to help cutting all these regulations that are taking away jobs because of all the new regulations he has passed on energy, Obamacare, etc. He would get a lot more income from people working and not handing out food stamps and unemployment for people that have gone 3 years without jobs. Yet people have become asleep and hopeless and go along with lies and not the truth of what is happening to our country!!! We will soon be owned by China or the mideastern countries with all the money and equipment left behind in Iraq, Libyia and Egypt, given to them to fight to bring down their leaderships so the rebels can take over. We have started it in U.S. with OWS and all the riots throughout U.S. As Van Jones said “top down, bottom up”. The administration starts it and then get all the rebels on the streets fighting and destruction comes. Wake up, America!

  12. Janice JuVette says:

    At least there are eight Senators who have principles and stand be them. Somehow the definition of morality has been lost in Washington..they think taking money by force from people who have made it and giving it to people who need it is moral. IT’S NOT. Now, if your successful your the bad guy and you must give everyone their fair share (by force). WE ARE NOT EQUAL? LIFE IS NOT FAIR BUT YESTERDAY! INTHIS COUNTRY YOU HAD A CHANCE. And you don’t get it by spreading the wealth and taking away from those who have earned it or inherited it. That is not “fair”.

    1. Janice JuVette says:

      What do you mean ” moderation”.

      1. Karen says:

        What they mean is that they will decide if you have the right to say whatever you just tried to post. 1st amendment is truly dead in this country.

  13. Let’s see, Taxation without representation; sounds familiar. These are the type people we need in Washington. Elect like minded people at every opportunity. Representatives to speak for “The People”, with strength, and backbone to stand up to the tyranny we are faced with. A day of reckoning will come…

  14. ladyswiss says:

    Good for those 8 !!!!! They have backbone!
    Obama hates America, and it shows more and more. He is a fraud.
    Why can’t he be impeached? He was never vetted. I just don’t get it.
    How can this happen in America? He is a dictator.

  15. grossyi says:

    Who are the three that couldn’t be troubled with represnting their constituients? What will become of the Republic when Obama issues an executive order declaring himself Supreme Ruler? When do patriots who stand up for the Constitution become domestic terrorist on the Kings’ kill list? When do Americans stop believing in the illusiion of safety and demand the freedom of their forefathers? When words mean today what they did not yesterday, chaos reigns. It is my dream to enjoy the freedoms of my grandfathers’ youth. Remember freedom???

  16. tom says:

    Bravo…to these 8 leaders! What a blessing it would be to have these 8 as the leaders of our once-great Nation. They would lead us back to our days of glory…and would start by cutting expenses, creating jobs…and saving the middle class which is what has sustained the USA all these years until the blitzkreig of socialism and marxism took over….and we all know what happened then. Maybe in 2016 we can get Rubio in there as Prez…but by then the government workers will have been increased many-fold hence aborting our once-balancing two-party system. What a shame. Tom

  17. squeak says:

    Thank all you Nay voters… you stood for what is right… we will take care of the yea voters at the voting booth ! God bless America !

  18. Kaiser says:

    I’m disappointed that Paul Ryan voted for the tax increase. I thought he was a conservative.

  19. S. Markert says:

    Lets stop the cliff by demanding that all government employees put in 50% of the cost of their benefits! We all have to pay for our benefits. Congress and the Senate should not get raises, unless the American people vote them one. So many people are out of work and these politicians get away with their entitlement! Term limits need to be set so some of these old bastards can’t buy their way into their agendas!

  20. Bobby Woosley says:

    I, being from Alabama, am very proud of Sen. Shelby’s opposition to this devastation. However, I am highly disappointed in Sen. Jeff Sessions. I have voted for him every time he has run. But I promise you it will never happen agin. He is a turncoat and showed his true colors!!!

  21. Brad Gill says:

    These eight men stood with integrity and in good conscience to do the right thing. “Evil only prevails when good men do nothing”. We don’t need tax reform or spending reform. We do need Government Reform. Most of Washington has forgotten who they work for.

  22. VIVIAN TOSCANO says:


  23. Eileen says:

    I am so disgusted in these, and I mean ALL political whores who don’t have a clue how to run a government. They are ALL a pack of wolves! I know how to start things off in a great way on how to stop them. I don’t believe this will make it through this site, but I believe that if ALL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE would stop buying in the months of June and July things would really scare the HELL out of the Idiots in Washington. The only thing we should be buying in those months are just food and water. The government would go off the cliff! And if it doesn’t work in the months of June and July then we should do it in the months of November and December of this year too! YES!!! It is the most radical thing that the American people can do but it would scare the hell out of those idiots and besides…it wouldn’t HURT any one of us in this country to go without all the bells and whistles for one year out of our lives if it meant that the jerks in Washington woke up and realized that we have the power to destroy them if we need to! They thrive on the people purchasing products and fancy crap throughout the year and that’s how they figure out how to spend their money. If the American people stopped purchasing “STUFF” things we really don’t need….seriously!!! We would have them by the eggs and would destroy them. They cannot live by us not spending. Now….I love to spend money and I’ll be the first to say I love a great sale but I will be doing this myself in June and July this year. WHO IS WITH ME??? PLEASE POST YOUR HONEST COMMENTS AND JUST DON’T SWEAR. I BELIEVE I’M COMPLETELY RIGHT ABOUT THIS. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM THE REST OF YOU. I WILL RESPECT YOUR OPINIONS…PLEASE RESPECT MINE. THANK YOU! Eileen

  24. Mark says:

    I was actually surprised to see that some of the senators who voted no are democrats. Too bad they couldn’t convince other democrats to vote the same way. All is lost. Goodbye America.

  25. Lady Patriot says:

    I called each Senator and said THANK YOU for standing firm on fiscal responsibility and principles.

  26. AL, Orange Park, FL says:

    I email my Senator Mr. Rubio to thank him for his NO vote.
    Sure wish there’d been many more men of character and strength to do what is right.

  27. I looked at the list of Eight,I was not surprised when I didn’t find my Senator Durbin name.He votes the way the Pres tells him.He also votes the way he wants,not what his voters want him to.I can hardly wait til the next election…MY VOTE WILL NOT BE FOR HIM…All of them are a disgrace and are not protecting our country

  28. Derek says:

    I hope one of these guys runs for President in the next election!! They have my vote!

  29. 7papa7 says:

    It is a shame that so few senators and congressman put America first. We are obviously it is still business as usual. It is time for we the people to start firing those politicians that choose not to put America first. We have the power and it is time we wake up and use it. What a sad commentary when out of 100 senators only 8 put America first. This bill raised the debt by $4T and they didn’t care. Obama and his contributors are getting paid back for all they have done for him.

  30. BillK says:

    Until the Republican Party stands for something other than ‘cave and get along’. I’m not giving a penny or support to the the spineless cowards. Only to the TEA Parties. America is still worth fighting for!

  31. Richard Matthews says:

    You will see Grassley and Lindsey Graham in the news pretending to be Conservative because they are up for re-election in 2014. Ashley keeps voting for farm subsidies, welfare to the Midwest.


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