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“Diversity” drive hits Asian-American students hard

We recently covered the story that Asian-American students are not answering race-based admissions application questions.

This new admissions tactic is the result of these applicants not getting into their preferred schools as some institutions follow byzantine rules to enhance their diversity goals. Minding the Campus writer Mark Bauerlein offers opinions on this matter from several impacted students.

Two recent stories from the Associated Press and the Chronicle of Higher Education report a disturbing consequence of race-oriented college admissions.  More and more Asian American high school students believe that the admissions process is geared against them, and as a result an increasing number do not record their race as “Asian” on the application form.

Both pieces begin with the simple fact that Asian students need much higher SAT scores than white students (and much, much more than African American and Hispanic applicants) to secure admission.  Asian American high school students respond rationally by concealing their racial identity.  If they are half-Asian and half-white, they choose white.  If they are 100% Asian, they simply leave the race box empty.  The irony is thick: being white or being nothing is better than being Asian.

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