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Michael Moore: Americans want guns because they are frightened by minorities

Americans’ craving for guns is . .  wait for it . . . racially charged, progressive producer Michael Moore said in an interview released Thursday. Racism is the reason the Founding Fathers wrote that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Moore told the liberal-leaning television network Current TV in an interview that throughout history, Americans have been “frightened of the native people” and that same fear is why they want to own guns.

“I think we’re a very frightened people,” Moore explained. “I think we’ve been frightened ever since we landed on these shores. We were frightened of the native people. We were frightened of the slaves we brought over, as we should have been. And those in power have known how to manipulate us with fear.”

The filmmaker argues that this fear is the reason why “everybody feels like they’ve got to have a gun in the house.” In the interview Moore repeatedly asks the question, “What are they really afraid of?” While he never explicitly states who he actually thinks these gun owners are afraid of, he does assert that it’s probably not “little freckled-face Jimmy down the street.”

Moore also claims that this issue “cuts down to the heart of our race problem that we still haven’t resolved.”

His support for this blanket statement that people generally own guns for racial reasons? Most guns owners live “in suburbs and rural areas where there is virtually no crime and no murder.” Because rural Americans owning guns for hunting purposes just could not be a plausible explanation of why they have so many firearms.

The Newtown Massacre has launched a nationwide debate over gun control and Moore is just one of the latest liberals to weigh in on this hot topic.

Current TV interviewed Moore as an update to his “Bowling for Columbine,” which the TV station will air tonight, just a week after the Sandy Hook shooting.

The good news? No one watches Current TV anyway.

Watch the full interview below.



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