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Californians wake up: Students detect liberal bias at public universities

California public colleges, mired in liberal bias, can no longer hoodwink voters. The people have realized they do not get the “fair and balanced” education they paid for.

A recent Reason-Rupe survey found that a majority (53 percent) of Californians believe their state’s public university professors teach with a bias, and two-thirds of college-age respondents (ages 18-24) reported biased instruction.

While these numbers do not prove that public universities in California actually teach from a liberal perspective, they do hint in that direction.

Of those detecting bias, a little more than half said they see liberal overtones, while only 5 percent decry a conservative slant. More than a third (39 percent) couldn’t identify the source of the bias but agreed that there was one.

Nearly a third of self-identified liberals (31 percent) reported a political slant in instruction. Even with the bias likely falling on the liberal side, many liberals in deep blue California – remarkably – detected it, showing that even liberals recognize that there’s an ideological weakness in higher education.

Of course many self-identified liberals (43 percent) also said they do not perceive bias, while a vast majority of self-identified conservatives (82 percent) detected a slant.

Californians with more education also tended to perceive less bias, which is not particularly surprisingly considering that Democrats greatly outnumber Republicans (59 percent to 37 precent) in post-graduate degrees in the state.

America stands on the brink of a fundamental change, and this awakening proves yet another fault-line in the coming revolution.

Witnessing the “birth pangs” of a new era, James Piereson, a Manhattan senior fellow at American University, still saw reason for hope. Although he anticipated a painful transition, he said recently that it will produce a “stronger, more prosperous America.”

With the burgeoning school choice movement and the wide realization of bias in higher education, the liberal stranglehold on public education may be drawing to an end.


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