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Gawker says Steven Crowder deserved to get punched in the face

While covering the union protests over the “right to work” laws in Michigan, comedian Steven Crowder got punched in the face by a protester. And now Gawker has published an article telling Crowder to “stop whining, take your licks, and accept that getting hit in the face is a hazard” of inserting himself into the situation.

Gawker openly backed the union members in its article, defending the workers by saying they are simply “people whose livelihoods and stability are being threatened by the insatiable greed of the super-rich and the blind extremism of their wooden-headed political allies.”

And while Gawker is allowed to express its opinion on the “right to work” protests and debates, it is shameful that they accept physical violence as the natural and defensible outcome of this situation. In fact, they hold Crowder responsible, blaming the victim for what happened to him instead of condemning the actual wrongdoing.

Many of the commenters on the article don’t pull punches either, celebrating the union worker who hit Crowder. Warning, there is some NSFW language.

I’ve been wanting to punch that douchebag in the face since his ridiculous “my wife was a virgin BAWWW” post on Fox a few months ago. Kudos to the person who actually did it.

No, I can absolutely defend the protester. He was absolutely right.

F**k FOX News. That little prick should’ve been stomped within an inch of his life.

Americans for Prosperity is destroying America and the world. This comedian wanted to get punched so they could say see the violent union thugs? Never mind that the “union thug” was fighting for his LIFE and for his FAMILY.

Other commenters defended Crowder and seemed aghast that anyone would defend an assault.

I cannot believe that people are defending the right to punch other people in the face as a valid retort to someone else’s opinions.

Amen. It is disturbing when people can’t step out of their ideology and see things objectively.

Bill Galluccio
Seriously? I don’t care what your political beliefs are, you should never resort to violence against the other side. To condone the actions of this thug is disgusting and shows your true colors. You only believe in freedom of speech and opinion for those you agree with. I can only imagine your outrage had a Tea Party member gone to blows with a liberal reporter. You’d be writing articles demanding investigations and saying how this is proof the whole Tea Party movement is a bunch of racial thugs. But when people who you agree with do it, you blame the victim. Do you also blame women who were raped because they dressed slutty and were asking for it? Because the same logic applies here.

It is unsettling that the union worker felt the only way to disagree with Crowder was to punch him, but it is ever more alarming that Gawker would defend that man. It’s a good thing the whole world doesn’t subscribe to Gawker’s logic.

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